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17 Nov

I have been advised by my web site that I an getting a as they put it.   A ” BOOM ” in views of my Web-Site as I am an American  “BABY BOOMER”  (1953).

I can appreciate this.    A 26 view per 24 hour’s.   I do have an international viewing audience.

So, thank for the “BOOM” my most valued local friend’s and international audience.


Next week I will be Post Carding where I have been throughout the 12 years that I drove Class a freight across the United States.  I will be also including incident that befell me in those travels such as Snow bound in Oregon, Sand bound in Texas and racing trains through the flat land of America.  Traveling through the Great Lakes Waterway Lock.

Hoping, this will somehow shorten Winter 2017-2018 for you.



Word Salad; for 21 July 2017 – BINGO ! Collected “103” signatures in 2.5 day. A new record for me. I would like to thank the community for aiding me; and, also thank a number of new “Citizen” (My neighbors) for bringing a smile to this old man’s face. “NO” Consolidation of Lewiston-Auburn or Auburn-Lewiston. Hidden cost, you need new birth certificate for all family if born in Lewiston. New Drivers License ? What, is the exit strategy should something go wrong ?

18 Jul

Have, turned in my 100 qualified Registered Lewiston, Maine voter signature’s to qualify for the next “Mayoral” Election’s coming this 7 November 2017.

1. It will be my resolve to maintain a Zero (O) increase on property taxes, police fines, city parking, waste water runoff tax, sewer, h2o (water), teachers raises now at 3% percent for every year on a starting salary of over $34 thousand dollars they are with the Lewiston, Maine school system and all of the Lewiston School Budget for fiscal year 2019.

2. The only exception to the above will be the Lewiston, Maine Police Department and Recreation Department as through years of Lewiston, Maine budget’s they have lost patrol officer and recreational program revenues. With this I say also that I believe that the current Lewiston, Maine Police is also too administratively top heavy as stated to me by several of the Patrol Division officer’s.

It, is my intent to freeze the Lewiston, Maine Budget so as to give the citizen’s of Lewiston, Maine a break from what has been multiple years of rapid growth taxation contributed to the in creases of the Lewiston,Maine School Budget. It is also meant, to allow me to take a better look at the needs of other previously neglected Lewiston, Maine Department’s other than the Lewiston School Department.

I believe and hope you concur, that through this effort we as a City of Lewiston, Maine will continue our “Renaissance” as Lewiston, Maine for years to come as I do not believe that combining Auburn and Lewiston, Maine (A/L-M) will have the effected appreciable desire put forth by the group of business men that is being brought forth by the L / A Charter Commission member’s; Mr. Chip Morrison, Mr. Lucien Gosselin and Mr. Jean Geiger who elected task was not to sell the idea of “CONNECTS-IT! But, rather to advise the Communities of A /L -M and let the community people deliberate on the issue not encumbered by the intentions of the A / L Charter Commission and the monies afforded them through Maine governmental sources. ($60 thousand dollars or more.)

Lewiston, Maine has seen harder time and survived economic turn downs, wars and has become the second largest economic power house city in the state. And, we shall overcome all issue in today’s world, tomorrow world and future worlds that threaten our and it’s survival.