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Mr. CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE; speech of 11 / 19 /2015; to, the Lewiston, Maine City Council.

25 Feb

Who, am I to speak; I am not overly educated; overly successful; I am however; a Veteran of a Military Police Action gone by; a Citizen of Lewiston – Auburn; Maine and the United States of America.

Firstly, I would like to apologize to the Lewiston Community for bringing to light; the, Bates College influences on the Community.

Secondly, I would like also; to, thank the roughly 18 thousand voters who did not Vote; and, therefore; “Did not Vote against me.”  Thank – U.

I was called an “Eccentric” by the reporter scott taylor of the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal, Park Street, Lewiston, for exercising my rights to run for political office – Mayor for the last thirty (30) year’s.

But is it, not my right; in the definitions of the American electoral society we still know today.

And, was it not this Lewiston – Auburn circulated newspaper; that, on the Honorable Mayor Robert E. MacDonald’s first attempt in November of 2011 to be mayor; of, Lewiston, Maine?   Asked, you the Lewiston Voters to; “RESET THE CLOCK” and, vote for a deceased honorable candidate ?  The now deceased Candidate for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine; the Honorable Mr. Mark Paradis.

I was going to ask you to suspend your newspapers; but, now realize that this would only hurt the job situation in the area.



All the above bulling by a newspaper calling me “ECCENTRIC” and butting into print was accomplished after being handed a “NO TRESPASS AT THE LOCATION OF THE NEWSPAPER and a NON HARASSMENT OF THE WRITER OF THE ARTICLE” a day before the printing of the reporters article ? or



8 Dec


Auburn, Maine: Get your head out of your book. Half-day of classes draws “Criticism” Lets look @ “VOUCHERS.” “Press on anything red.”

13 Apr

As, Auburn School Committee discussed this would not occur until school year this fall 17-18 and would be 13 Wednesdays of the school year with early releases of  k7 – k 12 class grade at 11:30 AM.  And, thus having working parents would have to seek child care with an added burden a new once school cost.  Another teachers work development work shop was implied.

Thus, reducing school on “site” for child to a new all time low as teachers salaries continue to climb.

I had been advocating this Voucher idea for quite some years -2013.  And, was laughed at.  I sometimes think I am ahead of the curve.

Voucher; for, that portion of the Lewiston school year, Lewiston School Budget to allow Lewiston Students to opt out of the Lewiston Public School system with that portion of the Lewiston school budget that would have been allacated for your children for that school year and shall be utilized in the Satate of Maine.


Lengthen school year (currently 175 day’s). Teacher are pressing for $40 thousand dollars a year; plus, insurance and all their teacher work shops that seem to occur on a Friday and a Holiday on the following Monday leading to a 4 day weekend. ( Child sitting expense as we are at work ? )

Public school system has to many days off and fragmented school day calendar. Lengthen school day; alleviating cost associated with, need for child care / latch key children / prior to school or after school.

Creation of new teacher position; as, new teacher may be hired for less. (Lewiston teacher’s get a raise for every year they are teaching in the Lewiston, Maine system and this is called a step raise.)

Less vacation time and teacher workshops on Fridays and Mondays.

Thus, creation of more teaching positions in a recessive economy.

Spark facilities in local neighborhoods and communities.

Increase the school day and create less latch key children as their parent are at work. (Because, some children get out of present day schools at 1:45 pm.  Thus, having the parents pay for babysitting as not to have latch key children and increasing associated school cost to parents.

With the proposed new 1200 student Lewiston Mega School (Passed by voter of Lewiston, Maine and still pending in 2017.) with a small school atmosphere; according to the Lewiston Sun Journal Newspaper Article. (Aforementioned is a Oxymoron.)

The voucher new deal could alleviate the following as their will be 3000 estimated total students on the campus.  As, there will be another already established school; Lewiston High School, only 100 yards across from the K-8 Mega School.  Plus, Teacher / Ed TECH / Nurses / psychologist / Kitchen staff / Janitors / Police  and parking spaces (Bus and Cars) needed for the two schools

These student matriculating; will; be lost in an impersonal student atmosphere; become, a number rather than a pupil and in great danger from traffic flow.