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BLAST FROM THE PAST: “Big words from a small man!” YOU, WILL NEVER BE AMERICAN. BUT, BY IMMIGRATION or YOU ARE A NATIVE AMERICAN! Click, on anyone that is not an immigrant.

28 Oct

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Big words from an old small man; by, Mr.Charles Arthur Soule, second generation Franco – American Citizen.  But, my father worked everyday of his live and fought in World War 2 and Korean Police action.

And thus, I will represent all immigrants that are here legal; as, if they were my father ! (However, Lewiston is struggling with a tax burden placed on it because of this immigration and it is causing a problem to the elderly population and renters of the community.)

But, advocate for non immigration for now.

Thus, I say; I, will be attempting to hold down municipal and school budgets to allow the community to get some readjustment from these new burdens, licensing fee, water and sewerage increases and waste water run off fee’s (Different for apartments and houses.)

You  will never be accepted to any of these countries if you move there; France, Russia, China, Japan, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Finland and so on; because, they are dominated by a nation racial historic lineage.

But, the only way one becomes an American Citizen; is but by immigration.   As, like our own ancestry forebears did.

Think about it . . . . . we are perhaps the only nation on earth that is defined by the trait of “legal immigration” and once accepted as a citizen you are entitled to all aspects of citizenship under the laws of the United States of America.