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23 Jan

My-Love, frail, ill and tired; desiring, wanting to live on seeing through a dolls eyes only 6 inches in length with broken stature and with glorious long golden hair.

And, My-Love; having me remove the dolls broken eyes that had not closed for years and to gently place her eyes in the broken doll sockets so that she could experience life vicariously through; this, my Baby a doll only six inches long and our creation.

Day, after day; I would remove the eyes from My-Love and place them in Babies Doll’s sockets so My-Love could enjoy life vicariously through Baby Doll.  That, life that she had once embraced whole heartily before time and age ganged up on we lovers; My-Love and me.

At the end My-Love slipping into death would spend more and more time in Baby-Doll’s shell; then, in her own body as I doted on maintaining her now frail dying shell.

But, all thing age and become discarded and soon I faced the My-Love; shell, collapsing  and watch her arms reach to embrace the heavens; and, then fall gently to My-Loves sides lifeless.

I, prior to death; had removed My-Loves eyes and placed them into Baby Dolls; who, lingered on for quite sometime and watched as Baby Doll’s golden soft hair turned into gray straw as time catches and caught up to us.

At, the end even Baby Doll; could, not journey afar and I would dote on Baby Doll like I had; for My-Love, by placing Baby Doll propped up seated along a wall, chair or placing Baby Doll in my pocket while scurrying about or working about the house, garden or removing the snow wanting to make Baby Doll’s and My-Love last moment’s filled with earthly pleasure.

And, then the day arrived; death, of Baby Doll as well as My-Love’s with a piece of me.