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25 Feb


The Lewiston, Maine Police Department is falling behind on their game and culpable for any excessive number of prostitutes.   As, we all know; there is always a few that will get through in the early mornings.  But, this number has increased dramatically in the afternoon for the last few days as the weather is colder.

AS, of Sunday, 19 November 2017 prostitute count numbered (8) and out all day as police in non observation mode.


Corner of Shawmut Street and Ash Street.  Verbal solicitations.  It has been relaid to me that the same (John) vehicles are circling the neighborhood every morning or afternoon and racing up and down in search of prostitutes.

Call, 207 784 6421 or 513 3001  Lewiston, Maine Police Department or Maine DEA at 783-5333 and aid them in their vigilance and ensuring the safety of the youth of your city.


Immigrant resident population afraid; as individuals using basement of building as Drug Dens.

Prostitutes, should be arrested or hospitalized for their own protection.  And, then placed in treatment facilities in the rural setting as not to be reintroduced back into the problem communities their are escaping from. Thus, not being swept back into a life they left behind.

Remember, these girls are trapped into their situation (s); and, without adequate policing and Judicial Review (Home arrest with hours restricted.); will be introducing other vulnerable young girls into an ill fated life that will cost you citizen a great deal as they create unwanted children that may to introduced into a life of opiate addiction from their start and hospitalization cost of lifelong rearing that will be afforded to you the Taxpaying individuals of this nation.  Not to mention the loss of their other children to the State and the mother continual using of rehabilitation facilities.

These rehabilitation facilities only feed the addiction by substitution of another drug Sometimes for years; then, they sell the drug for about $21.00 at script to buy other drugs.) that is subscribed to ween them off of drugs already in their system. I would suggest self withdrawal in a normal time and only getting involved if medical attention is required.  No, pain no gain . . . a teaching tool.

The Inner City of Lewiston, Maine; from College Street to Sabattus Street to Webster Street to Pine St., Pierce St. to Jefferson Street to Walnut Street to Bartlett Street to Birch Street to Bates Street to Maple St. to Lisbon Street to Pine Street; must be a one constant patrolled area 24 hours a day and especially at night in the summertime.

I would like to thank; the local area community residents and businesses people that wish to remain in the shadows; for, providing valuable information as an aid in my writing of this Article.  To, them; “My hat is off”  for their concern.

But, why are the Lewiston, Maine Police not catching the individual dealers.  Are, the Lewiston, Maine Police Department involved in drug dealing ? !   You, should ask X-Chief Walsh or Lt. Micheal McGonagle.. of the Lewiston,Maine Police Department.

Or, perhaps, the Maine Judicial System is eating the youth of the State of Maine to financially support they salaries ?    As, the average age of an individual living in Maine is 43 and moving up every year.   And, this is contributing to a shrinking economy and less tax revenue.

Side Bar:

I would like to thank the Forage Market @ 180 Lisbon Street, Lewistn, Maine 4 use of their internet , newspaper and a comfortable place to escape the winter house from.  In area on street delivery service available 207 333 6840.  New, Forage Market coming to Portland, Maine soon.
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