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WORD SALAD IN REVIEW: Problem with Lewiston Maine, “IS THAT ONLY 31 – 33 PERCENT” OF ALL OF LEWISTON, MAINE OPERATING BUDGET IS BEING PAID BY; PROPERTY AND COMMERCIAL TAXPAYER’S OF LEWISTON, MAINE. Call Mr. HEALEY; Lewiston’s Tax Assessor @ 207 513-3000, on answering robot, press zero, live person will attend your needs.

21 Jan
  1. See U @ the Polls:   November 2017 : http://www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com
  2.  What ever happen to the Governor’s suggestion of the taxation of Not-for-Profits ?    To think that only thirty-two percent (31-33%) of the business and population are  footing the bills for Lewiston, Maine’s education budget and Lewiston City  Administration is:” OUTRAGEOUS ”  Ask, Mr. Healy Lewiston, Maine  Tax Assessor  at 207 513-3000 answer recording; press 0; operator comes on line; request Mr.  Healy. 
  3.  For years and I have run for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine for 30 of them; I have watch  the CENTRAL MAINE MEDICAL CENTER, SAINT MARY’S HOSPITAL AND BATES  COLLEGE remove properties for the taxable side of the Lewiston taxable properties;  to the no-taxable side of the equation of the Lewiston, Maine property taxes.

………………..a.  Bates College student dorms to be taxable; as they are included in the tuition and are rental properties.  Note, that I would institute a date of starting of the taxation for the City of Lewiston, Maine as I do not know that the financial arrangement are currently in place.

………………..b.  Remember, that these aforementioned organizations have sub division that also qualify under an umbrella effect.

………………..c.  I would also institute a percent ( % ) of taxation to be negotiated.

4.   It is also recommended that Lewiston, Maine; stop it’s creative financing  and floating the cost of Lewiston personnel labor cost as recommended by the Lewiston Financial Committee by not BONDING the process.

5.  I would like to suggest that all Tax Incentive Financing  (TIF)) by Lewiston, Maine; be attached to the creation of work / construction opportunities for the population of Lewiston, Maine; through the regulatory and planning board requirement that will consider the peoples on the City of Lewiston, Maine’s General Assistance Department be part of the negotiation process for investment in State of Maine aided projects and projects by the City of Lewiston, Maine; as to employment.  Thus, relieving the City of Lewiston, Maine’s General Assistance Budget..

…….a.  Companies could come in with a price affixed to the project.

6.   Also, that local Lewiston, Maine business establishments be given priorities in selection of areas of building and procurement; if the City of Lewiston, Maine is in conjunction with the State of Maine and / or instituting a Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) on it’s own or with any mutual agreement project;  or, setting up financial districts in the Lewiston, Maine area that local area business in Lewiston, Maine be give priority; and, that the TIF beneficiary companies actuate a price that they wish the project to be financed at. Should Lewiston, Maine contractor’s not be able to come in with a TIF beneficiaries project established cost quote; initiating company shall be free to select construction contractor that can.  The TIF by the City of Lewiston, Maine will still require implementation of Lewiston Maine General Assistance provision to qualify for TIF.

7.  I see a problem with the Vote on wages increases in Maine as follow;

….a.  What will business due with people that have been with the company; for years that are at the $15.00 dollar rate already.   You will have to give them a raise; thus incurring more expenditures and will increase the cost to Mane Municipalities through Taxation.

8.  The problem with Lewiston, Maine is that most people working for Lewiston, Maine; live out of Lewiston, Maine and have no vested interest in keeping Lewiston, Maine’s taxes in check.  Does your Municipality have this problem?

9.  President’s salary: $400 thousand, Senators salary: $200 thousand; FBI Director’s Salary $185 thousand; Maine Governor’s salary $75 thousand – Respectively deserved.  Lewiston’s City Administrator Salary $118 thousand (Yr. 2016);  Superintendent of School’s salary $148 thousand (Yr. 2016).   You figure the logic  ? ? ? ?