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” Get your head out of your ass pirin””, NOW LEWISTON, MAINE PASSES A LEWISTON SCHOOL REFERENDUM BUDGET; selective voting !

22 May

Lewiston, Maine held a States of Maine; mandatory school budge vote election on 12 May 2015; the vote was to pass a Budget grossly inflated; and the result was that it passed with 44 vote.

However, the vote was manipulated be the exclusion of voter from nursing home facilities; that are visited by the Lewiston, Maine, City Clerk Clerks Office and Veterans that are serving in harm’s way; in other elections.

This visitation to over 7 nursing home (Couple of 100 votes) facilities in Lewiston, Maine policy was not adhered to in this election; and, thus was used to manipulate an otherwise lost election; as, older peoples on a fixed income, perhaps would have voted,  “against: the increase to there spouses Lewiston, Maine property tax increase.

IN ALL OTHER ELECTION; THE LEWISTON CITY CLERK OFFICE,  “Does visit these Nursing homes facilities. and; does send out absentee ballots to, KNOWN ADDRESS; of our armies in the field !