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“TIME” TO REEL IN THE JEWISH CONTROLLED MEDIA OUTLETS and IT’S GAMES. Me. Public Radio and it “7” station in Maine.

21 Nov

Originally published in January of 2017.

The media to which American’s and you listen to; more, likely number in the thousands than in the dozens as to that which was available in my youth and parents generation.  But, large as they may be; leadership, styles are just one of the ways they have found to divide you and the American Public through worship practices, sexual ethics, social and economic class, spiritual  gifts and educational level (knowledge).  These all appear in society as instances of division aimed at division of the American public mind and voting public.

When, I urge “the same mind and the same purpose”.  I may sound like someone who is simply uncomfortable with conflict; but, he who has his sights on something greater “keeping the peace or group logic “likely would”.

American media’s bastardization of mind set of the population is a determent to the Nation as a whole; and, troubling to us and the world.