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WORD SALAD 1 ; for 4 August 2017: If elected mayor of Lewiston, Maine in 7 November 2017. ” I, WILL BE ASKING Lewiston DEPARTMENT HEAD’S TO DECREASE THEIR MUNICIPAL; CITY AND SCHOOL BUDGET BY BETWEEN zero (0) AND 10 (ten) percent. Either, break even or DECREASE. AND, I WILL SEEK 2 HAVE BUDGET FOR CITY; FOR, FOLLOWING FISCAL YEAR BEGAN EARLIER.

1 Aug


  1.  Establish constables to aid the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.  The Lewiston  Police receive 49 thousand complaints to investigate a year.  And, must police over 200; alleged, known prostitutes in the area.

    2. Establishment of a Police Commissioner to oversee the Lewiston, Maine Police Department . Reasoning: Peoples complaining against a Lewiston Police Officer should not have to address the issue with the police station that the officer works for; so, the department can investigate it’s own

    3. Over 100 building have been demolished by the City of Lewiston, Maine.  If the city control the property I would suggest to the City Council that this property be give to individual (one Piece per person.) if individual will pay taxes that were levied at time of city coming into control of property.  New owner would have no mortgage and no interest on loan. Thus, could invest in fixing uo building and restoring to taxable city revenue.

    This would also inspire staying in and settling  in Lewiston .  Thus, could build houses more readily through lending organizations.

    4. Lewiston / Auburn Maine Consolidation Charter Committee ?  Lets “Vote”  I say “no” .

    5. Investigate Opt out of Lewiston, Maine Public School System; with, that portion of the School Budget monies that would have been spent on your child in Voucher Form.  So you the parent can us Voucher (s) at Parochial / private schools.

    6. Creative Job by investigating outside the box thinking in a partial part time employment economy by the following example.  (Example:  Upon retirement of Lewiston Superintendent Salary $138 thousand would divide salary by 3 an hire three qualified individuals to share responsibilities.

    7.  Take a look; at, not-for-profits and their exemptions as to city of Lewiston, Maine for the 32 percent of people and business paying all the taxes in Lewiston, Maine .

    8.  Reallocation of Federally Funded Programs like Community Development Block Grant money to facilitate more programs.

    9.  Create a Lewiston, Maine City Lotto drawn once a week.  Estimated: Population of Lewistom, Maine; 36 thousand.

    10.  National Public Radio (MPR) was rebuked by two (2) United States Senators this morning (1/13/2017) for attempting to put words in the senator’s mouth .  Beware of News sources that include words like; should, possibly and if.  These words are used to slant the news.  Do you know more