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17 October ’17 “GAVELED AGAIN”: The Political re-education of Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’. Click, on anything bashed in and red.

3 May


He was the only guy; I know, that had been gavel through and through; as, if he had no feelings or a right to speak; in their Democracy.

And, once again 17 October 2017 for calling out “Point of Order” during the limiting of the time one could speak at the Official State of Maine Meeting (Vote 7 November 2017 could not proceed unless public comment period was held.) that was held to meet State law requirement on the Public Comment Period for / or not for Lewiston, Maine City merging with Auburn, Maine city.

And, again last night (18 August 2017) for pointing out that the Androscoggin Bank Colisee’ is 90 thousand dollars behind in taxes to the City of Lewiston, Maine and that the taxpayers are filling their delinquency.

And, again last night (9/06/2016) at the Lewiston City Council Meeting; for, asking a question; as to, if the United States National Parks Service, 1849 C. Street NW, Washington, DC 20240 had approved the swap of property for the Building of the New k-1 thru K-8 School to the Lewiston, Maine City Council’s appointed School Board Representative Member, Ward-5’s;  Mrs. Kristine Cloutier…..she did not answer his question…But,  he was GAVEL;  and, is that not the purpose of the city council meeting but for; to, answer the taxpayers and citizens question on the City of Lewiston, Maine ?

For, the property the City of Lewiston, Maine needs is governed by a clause by the National Parks Service that this property can only be used for a recreational field; and, that means the Spring” Yes vote” on the New big school by the residences of the City of Lewiston, Maine is void; should, the National Parks Service say “NO”.

Should the National Parks Service say ‘YES”; it, would lead to a setting of precedence for all other National Communities to request a variance from the United States National Parks Service Policies; thus, unleashing a can of worms.

He had been gavel by the right; Democratic, Lewiston, Maine Mayor GILBERT; as, if he had no feeling or a right to speak in their Democracy.

He had been gavel three times by; Republican, Lewiston, Maine Mayor Robert MACDONALD; as if he had no feeling or a right to speak in their Democracy.

And, by Mayor Lawrence Gilbert though he can not remember why.

He has been gaveled by the Independent; Lewiston, Maine School Board; which, was no party as if he had no feeling or right to speak.  For proposing a different educational idea that small schools in neighborhood were better and asking for them to reconsider their vote of the Orwellian Big 1200 student Lewiston, Maine School for Pre-k through k-8 children which went contrary to the educator superintendent thinking.  

But, not the majority of Lewiston, Maine teacher’s in an opinion poll that was 67 percent for rebuilding Martel and adding on to Governor James B. Longley School.  Then, their were the 3 percent that abstained with not a view.

But, was that not the idea that was the responsibility of the Lewiston, Maine educational school board to foster.

But, when he fathered an idea in opposition to their teachings and fostered new thought; he was gavel as if he had no feelings; gavel, ruled out of order and asked to leave the meeting less the police be called.

Standing fast to his ideas; a, non-educational intimidation was used and he departed as if he had no feelings or a right to speak in their Democracy.

He was the only guy I knew that had been graveled as if he had no feelings by Lewiston, Maine’s Democratic Mayor, Republican Mayor and band from the Lewiston Library for stating that Lewiston, Maine Librarians with Library Science Degrees were being displaced by immigrants and unqualified librarians and that the people (s) they were replacing had college debts to pay.

This, by Educational Political Re-educator’s who could not grasp his idea when it was time to learn from their past student and he was asked to leave as if he had no feeling’s or a right to speak in their Democracy.

Though, it was he their child that they once educated stepping out to a politically educated manhood to shared Lewiston, Maine’s taught wisdom.

Respectfully, Mr. Charles A. Soule;  onlinewebfire@gmail.com