MAYORAL SPEECH OF MR. CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE to Landlord’s Association Forum 11/2013. A, little ahead; of “Trump”. Click, on any red.

1 Mar

I ask a lot of you the voter’s of Lewiston, Maine; when asking you to have faith in me.  And, I am no saint; but, these are difficult times that are testing our measure, self-reliance and self-preservation.

Getting us back to self: I am talking about purity, child like purity and innocents.  But, not child like naiveté, purity.

Today’s media; commercialism, greed and special interest groups misleading us as a people and a nation away from national self-interest.  If this continues; we as a nation will and are headed to the ash heap of governments, that came before for eternity.

I am second (2nd) generation Franco American; on my father’s side and on my mother’s side; a kin to George Edward Soule’ who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 ( Fact Check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/george-soule/mayflower/passenger ) as an indentured servant to the colony for seven (7) years, was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact.

My grandfather on my father’s side migrated to the United States of America from Quebec, Canada in 1919 (F-C: https://myheritage.com//name/joseph_dube) and he at the time had to show the government of the United States of America that he could be self-supporting and he did to the City Clerk of Lewiston, Maine.

Therefore, when I take immigration I speak as a son or a first generation France American.

I also wish to conclude with the statement of; Lewiston, Maine, is not a raciest City. as being portray by the town media.   It is however the poorest city in the state of Maine and has a square mile that ranks the poorest one mile radius in New England.

As, I am 64 years young and my mother is going on 89 years young we consider the rising taxes; such, as the Waste Water Run Off Tax (Rain Tax), Water and Sewer and property tax increases due to out of control school budgets for the last 3 consecutive year in the millions of dollars.


BLAST FROM THE PAST: Lewiston City Administrator Salary; YR. 2006 – $90 THOUSAND. Year 2017 TODAY – $130+ THOUSAND; and Superintendent and Lewiston, Maine School is $14o+ thousand dollar’s.

14 Mar
Google.com:  www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com

It is hard for me to fathom; that I have been addressing this chamber for approaching 30 years; and, some of you, have seen me; stutter ; stammer; get knocked down; gavelled; beat at the polls; and, then watch me come back; pick myself up; dust myself off and continue.

Well; here I go again; Who am I to speak? I am not overly educated. I am not over successful. I am a Veteran of a Military Police Action of the 1960’s – 1970’s; a citizen of Lewiston and Auburn; Maine; and, the United States of American.

According to some sources; there are; ten thousand of us baby boomers turning 62 years of age each day and I, will turn; sixty-two (62) years old on March 5.

An internal survey; by the Lewiston Redistricting committee given to the teachers of the Lewiston Teacher Faculty; as to which school option THEY would feel safest sending THERE child to. And, of thoughts participating; 68 % were in favor of Option “F”, of the four options under review and Option ” D “, none;  was 3 %.   Option ” F ” ; is build a new “Martel” neighborhood school in it existing district and renovate; Governor James B. Longley Neighborhood School in it district.

I would add, that; Governor James B. Longley School has sufficient property in the rear of the facility; for no property cost expectation; to you the taxpayer’s of Lewiston.

” VOTE NO ”  to the Lewiston’s Orwellian Mega size school.