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LEWISTON, MAINE POLICE OFFICER STABBED (Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal of 20 September 2016 front page.)**************************** STABBED 6 (Six) TIMES IN, ATTEMPT TO APPEASE “All lives matter: WE, ARE; AT A CROSS ROAD IN THE GREAT EXPERIMENT; ” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ! “

6 Sep

We, are at a cross road in the history of the United States; in that we have seen the outcome of the past last 45 or so; years, of the Democratic Party pushing it agenda of extreme liberalism ideology; and, driving the issues through it’s liberal media allies.

And how, is this being accomplished; through, the liberalization and acceptance of immorality through media air way, printed matter and humanism ( the acceptance of all and trust in all “Humanism”. ) being taught in our schools making us; open, to all sorts of things .

The acceptance of this country; to, “save” this enormous planet with all it’s problems; while, it is fighting to hold on to it’s own cultural and socially religious unified identities with the bombardment of the culture through the immoral media influences (To procure ratings.) on our children day; after, day as we work staggered work shifts that create unsupervised latch key children that get out of school at 1:45 pm. in some parts of this country..

We, through the aforementioned; and save “The World” mentality; have, open our doors to the migrant populations of the world; just, to find ourselves in harms way and with communities becoming insolvent and the older populations of those communities being taxed out of their existence and savings.  (My mother is 88 years young.)

It is time to gather to the center and end the extreme liberalism of the Democratic Party; and, return to those principals that once made us great.

Let us take a look; and, ponder the problems.

Let us, look at the 13 million legal (13 million; 11 hispanics and then other nationalities not mentioned in the MEDIA.)  and those illegals migrants that have made our boarders a joke; and, if continued will surly extinguish the torch of the Statue of Liberty; through, the exhaustion of this county social welfare system through their having children (multiple) that qualify for Medicare, Food subsides, subsides housing and the expansion of local schools and more because the children of the Illegals are covered through the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States; though their parents are here illegally.

We the people of this great nation; mean, no harm to those immigrants here legally and children; for they are here.  Lets us stop and ponder the questions that have come into the light in this political presidential election cycle; and, truly vet the Republican Parties correct stance on issues that concern us all and especially our children; for, we are at a cross roads in the great experiment; the United States of America.