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” THE NEW WISHING TREE. ” of 2017.

23 Dec

Originally published in December of 2015 when the first whish tree appeared..

We, were all separated by words; but, not by dreams and wishes for a better future.

I have been hanging out on occasion at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine for more year than I care to mention (1993).  For, that fact I have become one of the oldest members of the Church.

Well, I regress and will get back on point now.

Their are two organizations operating out of the Trinity Episcopal Church.  One, is the on your knees prayer church and the other is the Trinity Jubilee Center soup bowl lunch program.

The two programs were created do; to, Federal limitations placed on the church as to financing.

Since, the community needing services are a mix of social, ethic, financial and religious backgrounds we were troubled as to whether we should put up a Christmas Tree.

Pondering the question; and, wanting people to take part in the spirit of the Season.  I, fronted the idea that we should call the tree a “Wishing Tree” so that people could take part in the spirit of the meaning of the season; without, offending any ones religion or customs.

So, I asked the assorted community by association to bring in a decoration or item that they could hang from the “Wishing Tree” and that they could make a wish for a better “New Year” on hanging the item.

The start was slow;  we, did not think that the idea would catch on.  But, after a week or so the tree is overflowing with the unified wishes of a social, ethic, financial and religious community.

FOOTNOTE: It was pleasant to see individuals from the Republic of the Congo, Somali, American’s , Chad, Angola, Djibouti and other African Nations having their picture taken in front of the “Wishing Tree”.

Thanks for asking.  The decorations were colored bows, bells,  garland, little dolls, homemade candy canes made of aluminum wrapping,  real candy canes and all one colored white lighting.

SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS TO:  Director Erin, Associate Director Scott and a Special  “Chef” Head Cook and friend “Eddie”.  (Who, just had a baby girl.)