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9 Nov

The monopolization by ethnic group (Hebrew’s)  that controlled the media of this nation have become as a rabid “DOG” ankle bitter; biting, and holding on to the leg of lady Liberty !

I turn 65 years old on 05 March 2018.

I am hearing and seeing large crowds of liberal protesters gathering at town hall meeting for Media coverage and in front of government buildings asking government employees (Comey) to aid them in regards to their agenda and subvert the will of democracy.

In other words they want to use your paid government or ex employees employees (Comey) against us.  They want to take the democracy out of the peoples hand what was legal won through lie and through media pressure.

They want to take away your liberties to pursue their agenda, dreams and live their lives over you.  And, then want to enslave you the taxpayer’s of the United States of America to provide free medical care, open boarder migration, free college education to illegals and allow illegals to vote in our elections.

They also want to force people to pay what ever salary that they demand with no regards to the effect on the infirm and elderly of this nation.

They have no regards to justice; condemn the police as guilty without trial; and, while demanding justice for themselves when they need it.

They love to call out, “hate speech”; calling anyone who disagrees with them as bigot (s) or homophobic; just, for speaking to a legitimate issue which the media places under a microscope looking for any direction to bastardize the issue (s).

I would also wish to mention; that, most of these liberal groups are financed by your dollars and radical right wing groups.  An, this is accomplished by your government tax dollars through government grands and your donation to other particular organization not-for-profit which than redirects your donation to another cause.

Their diversionary liberal power (s) come from dividing the America truly democratic population of the United States with the media coverage and staging events to gain Media attention while peaceful opposing view individuals abide by the laws of this country and oppose a position by ballot box.

They are spoiled; over educated, manipulative immature children that do not appreciate the suffering of the generation that came before them or the sacrifices made by the previous generation who fought for this counties successes.

Foot note:

Can a Nation be controlled by one ethnic group.  YES.

All U need 2 be happy is a safe place to sleep, a meal a day and your health too be happy.   Everything, else is extra. 


BLAST FROM THE PAST of July 18, 2016: I, would like to thank; the 59,598 of a population of 59,647 combined Auburn and Lewiston, Maine; population; that, did not attend the Black Lives Matter Rally held at the Simard – Payne Memorial Park; and, buy into the HATE MONGERING.

21 Jun

It is approximately one hour before the Lewiston, Maine Black Live Matter Event; and, a young adult girl (Somali) of the age of around 16 years old walks through the Simard- Payne Park towards the walking trestle bridge between Auburn and Lewiston, Maine with no apprehension or fear.

Maine’s local Television station’s of a second rate in my opinion, are arriving or already on site to air the event of the Lewiston, Maine; Black Lives Matter Rally.  WCSH – 6, WGME – 13 and WMTW – 8.

I have notice a lot of high school age young adults and high school aged immigrants arriving.   Upon, asking these impressionable young adults; whom are mostly not attended by their parents.  I find that Edward Little High School, Lewiston High School, Oak Hill High School and Levett High School students are in attendance.

As to why; Black Live Matter are subjecting the new immigrants population and high school student to a,” WHAT DO WE WANT, JUSTICE “; and “WHEN DO WE WANT IT” ; “HOW ” event is in my theory to bolster the Black Live Matter numbers and thus importing hate to our community and instilling a political will to our children.

The fact that an associate of Maine People’s Alliance; is, receiving Social Security at so young and age; is speculative, as to why she is allow to influence our young impressionable minded children and found that the Black Live’s Matter people would not show tolerance.

And, the fact that I was at the Black Lives Matter Event with a “TRUMP: sign attached to my bicycle and was ask to remove it from the Simard – Payne Memorial Park; which, I did with some mumbling.  And as requested, I moved it to the street a block away; and, then being asked again to move it by associate of the Maine People’s Alliances Ms. Mrs Dunn again as if she owned the entire City of Lewiston, Maine.

 And, not, wanting to be confrontational; for, I was not at the Black Lives Matter Event to be confrontational.   I removed the ” TRUMP ”  sign from my bicycle; and, placed it hidden away as not to have the “Black Lives Matter” discard it.

I asked why they were asking me to remove the sign and they stated, ” It would intimidate individuals from attending and taking part in the EVENT on people’s RIGHTS ?

To the Officer and Officer Philippon of the Lewiston, Maine Community Based Policing Unit. I commend you on being in the middle of the two opposing sides and allowing some freedoms and latitudes in airing their opposing views.

SIT IN – discussion literature handed out.

I LOVE MY BLACKNESS AND YOURS FREEDOM RALLY. * (Indicate: Mr. Soule’s interjections. )

  1. What does race mean to you ?
  2. What does privilege mean to you ?   *( Takes, you into class struggles.)
  3. How did you learn about your race.* ( Mother, was not a raciest.  Taught to be open to all. )  ( Mom, dated black Army officer during WWII. )
  4. How old were you when you first saw another ethnicity or culture different from  you.  *(12ish through television; Tarzan movies on television with Mr.Johnny Wesmuller.)
  5. Is there a connection between racism and other ism – class-ism, sex-ism ?   *( Pulls you into class struggle and feminism.)
  6. Which has more impact on a person’s life: class or gender ?  *(For men Class – For women gender. )
  7. Do you experience racism and how did it affect you.  *(Did, as I was called a “Frog” by my stepfather; because I was part French made me more determined to treat other equally. And, that just because me speak of racial things; does, not make you a racist. )
  8. Is racial homogeneity racism ?  *( Takes you into homo-alities )
  9. How have others beliefs about race affect your life ?  *( Major influence was Uncle stating, ” Beware of Jewish business practices. This has stayed with me all of my live and I am always on guard not to judge all by the actions of one. ”  )
  10. How have your beliefs about race affected the lives of others ?