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SOLAR ENERGY and small home usages.

9 Jan

I use solar outdoor lighting in my home (driveway liner lights indoor’s.) .  I do this;  as,  I paid for all of the equipment and did not seek any benefits from the State of Maine or Federal government through tax breaks as I know that “LARGE SOLAR” usage is not cost effective to Maine or for the public.

I will state that I am a small user and only use to general power for small in home usages.

I sometimes place my small solar collection items in the direct window light and collect.  And sometimes,  if I use provided power from the electrical grid from an outside sources the electrical grid.  I will place my solar collector items in the direct collecting view of the outside generated light from the electrical grid lighting for collection for re-usage of paid for source from Central Maine Maine Power lighting.   

Hope you understand this.

Thus, get a double bang for the buck or $.

With, this said I will not be in support of Maine Bill LD 1686.



80 percent of China´s Electricity is generated by COAL: “TRUMP” right for pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. Why, because China is putting on line “Coal” operated electric generating plants at one (1) point five (5) a week. In, the first 5 months of 2016 china placed on line 25 major coal plants. And, has constructed 700 more plants in 2017 and had a 3.1 percent increase in 2018. And, this is to increase / will cause a 4 degree increase to Earth temperatures in 2020.

2 Jun

Why, would we hinder our development and economy growth if other Countries are not willing to sacrifice as well?