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BLAST FROM THE PAST: “Out of the box”; Business thinking . . . . . . Read on; and, click on anything red..

2 Jul – Thanks.
  1.  AND, NOW THE NEWS:  According, to my sources newspaper deliver’s are independent contractors.  So, with that stated.   You, Businesses could have your business introduced by hand several times a year . . . by arrangement with Newspaper Delivery Person . . . perhaps . . .$10.00 a spread.

2.  I am in hopes, that you all know that the greatest person in the world history time line; is Mr.  Abraham Lincoln the 16 President of the United States.

You ask why?   Because, if he had not held the United States Union together Germany would have possibly conquered the known World.

His winning the Civil War allow the United States to move forward in tact as a world fighting force. Thus, allowing all our energies to be placed in the effort to win the first ( I ) World War; and, the second ( II ) World War.

Fore, if he had not contributed greatly in this endeavor and the Southern States had won their independence of the United States; the Northern States, would have had to divert a lot of it’s resources, energies, manpower and finances to watching our Southern border and their slave populations.

Through his actions and the actions of the brave Northern Armies of the United States; we were all the resources, manpower, energies and finances to aid other nation through the lend; lease programs to Britain and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic ( Russia ).

In conclusion; I will surmise that what we do in our daily lives; we do not fully realize the implication and effects they could have on the future of tomorrow.

3.  The increasingly rising homicide rates in the United States is do to the effect of the social media’s and the First (1st) amendment, computer games, easily accessible access to guns by the youth of the nation and the high cost of Judicial Review to lower financially well off peoples.  The lower previous years homicides rates in the United States; with this year increase is being driven by a multitude of factors, including the proliferation of guns, disputes over drugs and fights that escalate in gunfire as dispute resolution is not being taught in our schools !

4.  A ROAD BLOCK IS HOLDING UP THE CONSTRUCTION FINANCING:  I would like to introduce a Company that is more and more impressing me on every meeting at Lewiston, Maine City Council Meetings and that Company is;  “The Szanton Company”; an affiliate of the Monks Companies.   Their, attention to details will eventually lead me to endorsing a Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) from the City of Lewiston, Maine.  And, I have not in thirty years endorsed any (TIF) for the Last thirty years.

With the aging housing in Lewiston, Maine; which has made the news in regard to lead paint being used and thought safe in the 1930, 40, 50, and 1960.  And, which is now causing problems as to children scrapping which causes dust airborne particles of the once encapsulated paint which was applied as a protective coating and was / is permissible under Federal Law.

It is refreshing to see a company taking a chance on the rental housing market in economically depressed Lewiston, Maine to better the lives of our city.

**People; I would also like to introduce you to a concept that if this Company uses Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) by the City of Lewiston Taxpayer’s; that, it included in the (TIF) agreement there will be build in a clause that they must hire Lewiston General Assistance people to aid in construction of the Project. Details as follows:  1.  Where usable, there be General Assistance (GA) personnel utilized in construction.  2.  As,  an inducement to aid in hiring General Assistance Individuals the city could provide salary of 1/3 of what it would cost the city to keep individual on GA and this will be provided to any Company for period of time to be negotiated.

TAX CONTRIBUTION COULD YIELD:  Construction of the New Housing project by “Szanton” on Lisbon Street (Miracle Mile), Lewiston, Maine will yield tax revenue to start with $44 thousand a year for life of (TIF); and, their after $88 thousand with rental of parking spaces in one of Lewiston, Maine parking garages.