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LEWISTON, Maine’s version of the “Hitler Youth Organization” or Lewiston, Maine’s High School Youth Advisory Council Membership expanding”? School Youth have become pawns to Special Interest Group and City Administration. School starts 29 August ’18 in Lewison.

18 Aug

I had just walked into Lewiston City Hall on 20 August 2015 awaiting the start of a meeting at 3 pm on a Lewiston Historical Preservation Board Issue.

Seated, just outside the City Administration Office ‘s on a long wooden bench was a high school aged individual reading some printed material.

I asked if the individual was present for the Lewiston Historical Preservation Board Meeting.

The individual stated; she had just attended a pre-operational meeting with Mrs. Dorothy Whittier of the Lewiston Public Relation’s Office for the City of Lewiston, Maine regarding the Lewiston High School Youth Advisory Council (LHSYAC).

( LHSYAC is a school organization that provides advise to the Lewiston City Council is being advised through Mrs. Dorothy Whittier ? )

I mentioned that I was running for Mayor of Lewiston, election to be held on 3 November 2015.  And, that I was Mr. Charles A. Soule and I had a internet site, ” (now “2017”) should the individual like to view my on-line site.

At seeing me talking to the young adult; Mrs.  D. Whittier, called the young adult student into another area.

A short period later; I, had an opportunity to continue my discussion with the young adult member of the Lewiston, Maine City Youth Advisory Council to the Lewiston City Council who was now seated on the Pine Street side of the Lewiston City Administration Building steps.

This young impressionable Lewiston High School Student had become distant and evasive to me and abruptly stated; that, Mrs. D. Whittier had told her that I had a year ago compared the Lewiston High School Youth Advisory Council to the Lewiston, Maine City Council, a resemblance to the 1930’s ” Hitler Youth Organization “.  ( I appreciated her candor as to challenging me an adult. It, showed me that she had the same courage that I had in challenging those in authority positions.)

I am of a firm belief; that, the Lewiston High School Youth Advisory Council is being used as a tool to not allow the young adult’s of Lewiston, Maine High School to constitute their own options as to issues that are of a concern to them, their parents, community and that they are being manipulated by thought direction and assignment.

This incident with Mrs. Whittier, shows of the infiltration by the Lewiston School System by Lewiston Governmental Administrator’s and that this Lewiston Youth Advisory Council could and are being used to turn your children against parents and community on issues that are of concern to the community and parent’s of Lewiston, Maine as a whole and that children should not be involved in.

I have also stated this to the Lewiston and Auburn Joint Charter Commission on consolidation of the two cities; at a new compositional charter meeting; on the purposed make-up of the new council members (expected to be 11) and if there should be representatives of high school youth on the city council in an advisory role to the new city council.

I, add that; I would rather see a young adult come into their own ” wisdom, maturity and political rationalization rather than have it planted there by special interest groups.

Upon: hearing this statement from the impressionable member of the Lewiston High School Youth Advisory Committee.  I entered the Lewiston Administrative Office; where Mrs. Whittier’s Office is and confronted her.

I stated; why, would you Mrs. D. Whittier tell a young impressionable member of the Lewiston High School Youth Advisory Council; what I had stated a year ago?

And; that she had just proved my assumptions about the comparative use of the term. ” Hitler Youth Organization ” and what it’s unintended or intended consequences could be in regards to the Lewiston High School’s Youth Advisory Council.

Remember, I have also stated this to the Lewiston and Auburn Joint Charter Commission; on consolidation of the two cities at a new compositional charter meeting; on the purposed make-up of the new city council members and if there should be representatives of the Lewiston High School and Edward Little High School student bodies represented in /on the new draft of the new City Council composition part of the New City Charter.  (Ask; Mr. Gene Geiger)

And, that I would rather see a young adult’s mind come into their own ” wisdom – maturity and political rationalization “; rather, than to have it planted there by special interest groups in an effort to infiltrate the family dynamic and manipulated voter opinion.

By Mrs. D. Whittier’s action of telling this to the Individual; she has already infiltrated the opinion’s of the Lewiston High School Youth Advisory Council against me and possibly my Mayoral Campaign election of 3 November 2015; should the individual express this to the rest of her peers.

Should the Lewiston and Auburn Joint Charter Commission adopt the perspective; of placing a student behind each new joint City Ward Councilor created by the passage of the new city charter; this could become problematic.

And then again, why is Mrs. D. Whittier; the Public Relations person for the City of Lewiston, Maine meeting with member’s of the Lewiston High Youth Advisory Council prior to Lewiston School’s opening and doses she hold a teacher certificate.

Where was the Lewiston High School Youth Advisory Council’s school adviser.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Then there is the fact that Lewiston, Maine’s Superintendent of Schools Mr. William Webster allow student without “Parents Permission Slip” to skip school for the day with printed signs made at the taxpayers expense at the school facilities advocating for the new MEGA SCHOOL and allowed the students to stand outside along the highways at Lewiston, Maine’s voting places.  This was done to approve the school ballot measure; as, the new school vote in June of 2016 had failed on first attempt.

Thus, the town’s people were beaten with their own money; as, signs were printed to beat them that the “School Skipper” without parents permission slips held at the polls in favor of. If, it were not so sad; it, would be funny.


17 Aug

If elected by the people of Lewiston, Maine this November 2019 to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine.   It will be my pleasure to have the oath of office administered in a day event.  And, in non-denominational ceremony at the Saint Peter and Paul Basilica, Prince of Peace Parish so all may attend.

And, to have this action occur on a school day so that representatives of the Lewiston, Maine school system and children my attend.  With, and so my ninety-one (91) year’s old young mother and second father my attend to hold the oath of office swearing in Bible and travel by day light.

Foot note: Movie:

“Going My Way (1944)” staring Mr. Bing Crosby and Mr. Barry Fitzgerald – Should have been given an Academy Award.

Psychoanalyzing “you” the Dictator ?

4 May

Personally, I like a take charge attitude and ten some do not.

A SECRET PENTAGON 2008 study concluded the the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s defining characteristic is … Autism.  Which, I like because I have a certain degree of the same.  You to?

Scrutinizing hours of Putin film footage, the United State’s Department of Defense found the the Russian President carries a neurological abnormality – Asperger’s syndrome.

This disorder or advance  decision making affect is seen in all “A” type personalities.  But, with taught self-restraint.


In 1943, the Office of Strategic services, the Central Intelligence Agency World War ll – era predecessor, commissioned Henry A. Murray of Harvard Psychological Clinic to evaluate Adolf personality based on remote observations.  Murray and his colleagues returned with an unsparing 240 – page assessment.

DIAGNOSIS:  Adolf, was an insecure, impotent, masochistic, and suicidal neurotic narcissist.

The report pointed out that Adolf’s personality was marked by counteractive type, marked by intense and stubborn efforts to overcome early disabilities, weaknesses, and humiliation (wounds to self-esteem), and by efforts to revenge injuries and insults to pride.

No, person like attacks on once person, body, mind or pride.

Even, you reading this.  However, I myself do not seek to harm other and know we know the difference.

The collaborative construed that he was suffering from “Hysterical blindness”.   And, to speak the truth it was this measure of his personality that allow him to achieve the conquest of Europe and almost the Russian empire.

The, dossier by the collaborative and Dr. Murray predicted eight possible final solutions for the “Fuhrer”.

  1.  Going insane.
  2.  Sacrificing himself or country in battle.
  3.  Or, Committing suicide at last moment; and, in a dramatic way.                                                _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    Soviet Union Premier Nikita Khrushchev (1955 -1964)

    Diagnosis:   A crude self made man of peasant stock who liked to be unpredictable and two-faced.

    However, under his leadership they were the first Nation in Space (Sputnik, 1957) and I was four (4) years old.


21 Nov
Originally published in January of 2017 and fitting for today.

The media to which American’s and you listen to are more likely too number in the thousands than in the dozens as was in my times.

Editor’s note:  And, the fact that only 7 percent of news in the United States is not controlled by Jewish influences is a concern to me.

As, to that which were available in my youth and parents generation.

But, as large as newspapers are they may be leadership styles that are just one of the ways they have found to divide you the “American Public”.

And, this through spiritual worship practices, sexual ethics, social economic class, male-female and educational level attained.

Then, there is the Political Party dividing line.

These all appear in society, as instances of division aimed at division of the American public mind, voting policies and are or could be being done for financial gain for the Media outlet (s) .

When, we all have “the same mind and the same purpose” harmony exists.   I may sound like someone who is simply uncomfortable with conflict.   But, he who has his sights on something greater “keeping the peace or group logic in tact “likely” would.

Today, even our children are brought into play on events like school shootings.

Then, the media over saturates the news airways with different accounting of events.

Thus, causing discord in the community of occurrence and mind sets of public.  And, then throughout the rest of the Nation or World.

American media’s bastardization and driving of the issue (s) overboard and driving mind set (s) of the population and world societies is a determent to the Nation unity and World unity as a whole.

And, troubling at best to me.

Now, they are researching for their ill gotten gains for market share of Neilsen Rating’s, money.

Editor’s note:

Even prying into legal matters.  Legal matters are for the judicial too investigate as they are currently doing on the President of the United States.  The fact that Media outlets is / are creating news through investigation of personal matter of ones personal life and not just public life to cause injury to an individual with family is another concern of this millennial age.
And, this they could do on any United State of American Citizen or World Citizen (s).

“Remember, that only 7 percent of the U. S. American media (Radio, Print, Television and major Internet Sites) are not in non Jewish hand”.

For, if the Media is allowed to be played out from “Start” to camera’s in the Casket’s” for long periods of time .   .   .   .   .    .   .   . of the events to the Nation or World we are in trouble.

Editor’s note’s:

I would suggest “keeping it local” after initial 3 day alerting to the Nation’s Public of event!
For then, it will not saturate the thought process (es) of our youth and others.   As, we can not determined on how it will be received by individual (s) of an impressionable age and may trigger -(bad choice of word) copycat occurrences?
I, say “yes” let the Nation know of the event.  But, do not dissect the event to the rest of the Nation right to the grave.   As, you maybe giving other impressionable children or persons an idea ?

Welcome, to the viewer’s from Russia of  February, 27, 2018.  Tell, me you were not trying to affect the @018 election or 2016.

He, he he .   .   .   .   .   .  as if United States residents are that stupid as to not make up their own mind.

Lewiston and Auburn, Maine “CONNECTS-IT”; like, Europe “BREXIT” . (Click on anything red.)

3 Apr

Source: Lewiston and Auburn, Maine “CONNECTS-IT”; like, Europe “BREXIT” . (Click on anything red.)


10 Mar

I attended a meeting of the Lewiston Maine High School Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) at the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) last night 9 March 2017.

The meeting topic was on , “Treat all listeners kindly.” and was sponsored by the Lewiston Firefighters Association and Chaired by Ms. Jazzy Dumas, Ms. Courtney Caouette and Ms. Maggie Elwell.

Guest speaker was, Ms Stephanie Kelly-Romano, Bates College Associate Professor.

In, to days society with both side polarized this informative meeting was refreashing in that Ms. Romano high lited way and instruments to break down the walls that sometines restricts our participation in meaningful  dialogue and hearing of other argument; better yet side of the question at hand.

See how I missed used the word argument; as i should have used a better word as not to infer a conclusion of argument or fighting at the start.

There were many good points made at the meeting. But, one that STUCK OUT was that when two lovers are in heated discussion (did not; use, arguing word.) they should hold hands to symbolize that though they are in opposite side their love is still in tact.

To any business dealing in issues that are somewhat polarizing; I would be my suggestion to contact Bates College Associate Professor  Ms. Stephanie Kelly-Romano at Bates Collage, Lewiston, Maine and schedule a very informative one and a half hour presentation at a reasonable cost . . . your return for money spent will be well worth it.

I wish to express my heart felt thanks to all involved for an eye opening experience .  WELL DONE !

LEWISTON, MAINE HIGH SCHOOL; “Hitler Youth Organization” ?

15 Jun

Source: LEWISTON, MAINE HIGH SCHOOL; “Hitler Youth Organization” ?  This Article ties in with the Article on the 14 June vote of 2016; school budget picture of students waving signs to vote “yes” on the budget and the signs printed at Lewiston’s School’s and were used against the Lewiston, Maine voter’s and the tax payers of Lewiston, Maine.  Though the “No” side was the Lewiston Taxpayer with little funding.  Thus the Lewiston, Maine taxpayer’s were beat with the school children playing hooky from school day, holding signs that the taxpayer’s paid to have printed.   THUS, PAYING TO BEAT THEMSELVES.

Source: LEWISTON, MAINE HIGH SCHOOL; “Hitler Youth Organization” ?