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A SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP, MEAL A DAY AND YOU HEALTH is happiness and I’ll be home for Christmas – 1974 Vietnam.

22 Dec

I will be to the point;

I was Twenty (20) years of age;

Out of Naval “Boot Camp”.

Recently, married on the Naval Training Command in the North Chapel – San Diego, California in March of 1974.

I was then posted / stationed to isolated duty for a year.  No wives, after one (1) month of being married.

And to an Island in the British Indian Ocean Territories, “Diego Garcia” with it palm trees, ninety (90) and above degree weather to live in a Southeastern Asian Hut, outdoor showers and drink water made from an ocean desalting condenser barge process.

This Island is 500 miles south of India; and 500 miles east of Madagascar, Africa.

Well, after nine (9) months on the Island of Diego Garcia of the British Indian Ocean Territory as an Island Commander Administrative Specialist and Honor Guard; I was granted leave to fly home; to the United States and of course to my dutiful wife; in Lewiston, Maine.

While flying from the Island of Diego Garcia of the British Indian Ocean Territories to Bangkok, Thailand to catch the first leg of my trip; and than to the United States of America we refueled, at Bombay, India; Tel Aviv, Israel, ( where the plane was suddenly surrounded with Israeli troops for our protection; to think I was being protected by the Israelis ), Frankfort , Germany, Heathrow Airport, England to the United States of America.

While, refueling in Bombay, India; I, had an opportunity to disembark the aircraft; “PAN AMERICAN ONE (1)”

While, I was in a crispy new 1970’s United States Naval Enlisted Uniform ( And, not the Cracker Jack uniform; as the Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Zumwalt had changed the Enlisted Uniform to resemble the Officer’s of the Naval Service. ) and cocky; after all I was only 21 years of age.

To think, at age twenty-one (21), I had an opportunity to observe the living condition of the people’s of India.  Remember, this was in 1974 and all I can say is that India was depressing.

At this point I realized that compared to India the United States of America was a sparkling – gleaming – crystal cathedral; palace, castle of a land.

Incidentally, while in flight on the Pan American 747; prior, to landing the pilot’s let me into the Cockpit for a look from their perspective; as it was a different time than today.  The plane also came with; top, of plane air viewing bar.

On waiting for re boarding the aircraft a new 747 Pan American one (1) aircraft.

I, asked an on duty Military India Security Officer, “How can you people live like this”; referring, to the living conditions of his country and his tattered resewed darned uniform? “

His answer change my worldly view; his, answer to my question was is follows:

“ALL YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY; IS, A SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP, A  MEAL A DAY AND YOUR HEALTH; for, everything else is;  “EXTRA” . (How true in to days world.)

I, surprised my family in Naval Dress Uniform; and, will never forget the India Security Officer word’s and the look on my families face when they saw me come through the door.

On conclusion of my leave (Time off); the, return trip to the Island of Diego Garcia was rough for me.

But, duty and honor was the call of my youth; as, my father fought in World War II and Korea at that time once duty and not like today.

Think, about it; I have for over forty (44) years; and, have a great Holiday.


” THE NEW WISHING TREE. ” of 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018.

20 Dec
Originally published in December of 2015 when the first wishing tree appeared..

We, were all separated by words.   But, not by dreams and wishes for a better future.

I have been hanging out on occasion at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine for more year than I care to mention (1993).

For, that fact I have become one of the oldest members of the living church.

Well, I regress and will get back on point now.

Their are two organizations operating out of the Trinity Episcopal Church.  One, is the on your knees prayer church and the other is the Trinity Jubilee Center soup bowl lunch program.

The two programs were created do to Federal limitations placed on the church as to financing.

Since, the community need´s services are of a mix of social, ethic, financial and religious backgrounds we were troubled as to whether we should put up a Christmas Tree.

Pondering the question and wanting people to take part in the spirit of the Season.

I, fronted the idea that we should call the tree a “Wishing Tree” so that people could take part in the spirit of the meaning of the season without, offending any ones religion or customs.

So, I asked the assorted community by association to bring in a decoration or item that they could hang from the “Wishing Tree” and that they could make a wish for a better “New Year” on hanging the item.

The start was slow as we did not think that the idea would catch on.  But, after a week or so.   The tree is overflowing with the unified wishes of a social, ethic, financial and religious community.

Editor´s Note:

It was pleasant to see individuals from the Republic of the Congo, Somali, American’s , Chad, Angola, Djibouti and other African Nation´s having their picture taken in front of the “Wishing Tree”.

Thanks for asking.  The 2015 decorations were colored bows, bells,  garland, little dolls, homemade candy canes made of aluminum wrapping,  real candy canes and all one colored white lighting.

SPECIAL, NOTE OF THANKS:  Director Erin, Associate Director Scott and a Special  “Chef” Head Cook and friend “Eddie”.

This, 2016 – 2018 tree is placed @ 135 Bartlett Street, Lewiston, Maine where I live due to needs.

And, is a composition of two trees this 2018 year.

It is decorated with a silver star a-top, red and blue 3¨ diameter ornaments with blue ribbon in a ¨V¨ pattern and adorned with large purple bowed ribbon hanging from it and blue ribbon as Christmas tinsel.

With squirrels and pigeons sometimes embedded in it and a fresh coating of snow fall.   It actually looks quite striking.  I might say.

Added,  25 December 2018 at 1:15 am .  I was walking my girlfriend to her car and noticed that the tree had disappeared.   But, this I did not care about.  For, I had told the neighborhood that if any needed it.  They, could help themselves.

So, with that said.  I would like to thank the individual for waiting too the latest minute to secure the ¨Wishing Tree” and perhaps making a child´s dream comet rue.

MAY, the ¨Creator¨ grant you everything you ¨need¨ for Christmas and the New Year.




A BLAST OF A COFFEE at D and D. ” 217 ” views on

18 Oct

I was having a cup of coffee at D and D in Lewiston, Maine early one morning at about 5:06 am.

When, an individual sat down at the table next to mine and started to read the local newspaper.  I then paid no attention to his action until I thought I heard a “Hot Air Balloonist” going over head.

That, is when I realized that the noise I was hearing was not a Hot Air Balloon going over.   But, that it was his attempting to cool his coffee off by blowing on the top of his cup of coffee.

His huffing and puffing made a noise as if the operator of a Hot Air Balloon was operating the machine that produces the heat to lift the Hot Air Balloon.

” TELL TAIL SIGNS, OF THE END OF THE EARTH.” Volcanic eruption – Earthquakes: now in the Italy, Malaysia and Kentucky in 12 December 2018.

31 May


Let it be known; that, I Charles Arthur Soule contend that Man’s aiding in global warming of the planet earth will and is leading to and aiding in its destruction sooner than later through volcanic and Earth quackes 

a. The earth is in a super nova state of being; as it was once a star.

b. With the heating of the atmosphere; by fossil fuels, Natrual gas, deforesting, human body temperature and being radiated by past nuclear atomic energy the Atomic and Hydrogen booms; the earth’s crust is being heated with the crust, mantel, the inner magma chamber and the core which is under pressure.  Thus, creating earth trimmers and volcanic activity as the magma chamber expands.

c. The raising of the inner Magma Chamber of the Earth and Core of the Earth temperatures; which, is like a pressure cooker.  Will, raise the temperature of the inner Magma Chamber and Core to a point of far greater temperatures and pressure; of that, which is being / was introduced to the Inner Magma Chamber and Core Chamber which will split the earth due to pressure and volcanic action and will occur across the globe.

But, only the Volcano (s) on the surface can be seen.  At, the bottom of the oceans is another question.   As we can not see their action (s) or of any Methane gas released that could kill us first.


TAKE AN EGG; now, place egg in microwave, heat and watch the egg explode from the inside; out. Egg, represents the heating of the yoke (Inner Magma Chamber) and the reaction of tremors (slow motion, as we can not see in the egg) and than the splitting of shell representing the (Crust or Mantle) of the Earth.

Editor´s Note:

Did, you know that they can tell when you were born by the radiation your body give off.   A person say of my birth year 1953 radiates a high indication an a Geiger counter due to all the testing that occurred in the 1950´s as the the united States of America and Russia were in a contest to who´s was bigger. 


TOO, the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh “WHEN DID YOU; LAST, HAVE A GOOD CRY ?” I cry with you and for the Nation ! ! !

30 May

“I awoke in a deep crying; from my nap this day.

My face scrounged, as if being pressed together from bottom to top and where your whipping of your tear covered eyes; coated, your hands as you whipped your face.  Your naval passages become partially blocked with your throat becoming constricted and the muscles under your chin become so strained what you can feel your stomach tensing.

It was after a cat nap with one eye open in a dream state and it was in color.  Where, I was driving my old 1964 Ford F-650 Truck of 24 foot of length.   And, I had just drove through two (2) buildings with debris floating by the closed windows in slow motion of the cab (Driving compartment) I was driving in labeled, “What was, once the United States of America.

And,  down a farm pasture I went with a swerving road trying  to miss objects with loss truck breaks and coming to rest due to a hilly incline scattered in debris that once was the United State’s as to relation between women and men of that once great country.

I then awoke with my pillow damp and wet with tear drops that were still streaming down my cheeks.

The tears kept coming for at lease a half hour or more and an old song kept playing (Ear Worm so I was told.) in my mind by John Lennon.

With the lyric of “Brotherhood of man ” and today’s women could be included” .

And, once again bringing  me to a harder flowing tears after just getting them under control.

All this at 4:40 ish pm before dusk  on 27 September of 2018.

The whole episode could have been brought on by events around me in my life.  Events, around me as well as the long Supreme Court hearing and rebooting of Judge kavanaugh after being accused at the last minute of sexual indiscretions from 36 year’s ago.

Now  making his and mine approaching thunder driven rain storm media  fault hoods of allegations in our  life struggle’s to be a better man merged.

And,  all this after watching him and also being brought to tear’s with him Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he defended this honor as I had once done.

Like,  I had to do in my 12-17-12 court case and acquittal at Androscoggin Maine Superior Court, in Auburn, Maine.   And, evidence being hidden by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department when they knew it would set me free and then forcing me to have to go to trial.  And, all this to save my reputation from the Lewiston, Maine Police Department and now Police Chief Inspector Brian T. O. Malley.

I am in hopes that America will wake you to how the media is driving issues in today’s America.  To a point “Revolution” or “Worst”.

It maybe that I am growing older (I am 65 year’s young.) with all its problems; arthritis, heart palpitations, memory recall not as sharp as it use to be.

Or,  that  by watching the nominee for the highest court in the land cry on national television withe me and proclaiming his honor against these stories how in the media driven free for all.

If this does not ceased and the Media is not rained in, in  American society will disintegrate from within and trust will wither on the vein.

And, still my eyes water, throat tightens and breathing is labored.   As, I think and now type it.

I must admit,  it I do not know if at going on sixty-five years young of age.  If, I have lost the stamina to do the job or have become a the  peculiar old eccentric man once written about in books and newspapers or seen on the streets of any town.  That,  has the strength to endure that which is coming again him.   Referring my dream.

Will,  people lessen too me or are they to busy in them selves to see their future if they do not change it.  And, So.


Too,  the Honorable Supreme Court Nominee Judge, Mr.  Brett Kavanaugh.

I would like to apologies from my tear stained heart; for, the people’s of the United States.

PISCES:  28 September 2018

There is money to be made, and opportunities are within reach.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.




23 Jan

My-Love, frail, ill and tired; desiring, wanting to live-on seeing through a dolls eyes only 6 inches in length with broken stature and with glorious long golden hair.

And, My-Love, having me remove the dolls broken eyes that had not closed for years.  And, to gently place her My-Loves’s eyes in the broken doll sockets so that she could experience life vicariously through this doll only six inches long and our creation.

Day after day,  I would remove the eyes from My-Love and place them in My-Love’s Doll’s sockets so My-Love could enjoy life vicariously through Baby Doll ability to move-through-me.

That, life that she had once embraced whole heartily before time and age ganged up on we lover’s, My-Love and me.

At the end of her days.   My-Love slipping into death day-by-day would spend more and more time in Baby-Doll’s shell eye sockets then in her own body.  As I doted on maintaining her now frail dying shell of a body.

But, all thing age !   And, become discarded and soon I will faced My-Love shell, collapsing and watch her arms reach to embrace me and the heavens.  And, then fall gently to My-Loves sides; lifeless.

I prior to death had removed My-Loves eyes and placed them into Baby-Doll’s eye socket’s.  And, My-Love who through Bady-Doll lingered on for quite sometime and I watched as Baby-Doll’s golden soft hair turned into gray straw as time catches and caught up to us both.

At, the end even Baby-Doll, could not journey afar and I would dote on Baby-Doll like I had for My-Love.  This, by placing Baby Doll propped up seated along a wall in a chair or placing Baby Doll in my pocket while scurrying about or working about the house, garden or removing the snow wanting to make Baby-Doll’s, My-Love last moment’s filled with earthly pleasure.

And, then the day arrived “Death” of Baby-Doll as well as My-Love with  me.