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31 Mar

All planets do not rotate from Left to Right like the Earth.

There are only two planets that do not rotate as the Earth in our galaxy spatial space system.   And, they are Uranus (Man) and Venus (Woman) and this may be due to a collision with another plants or debris in space.   Or, other forces that occurred upon it like the forces of the “Big Bang” creation of a directional vortex effect occurring against the Cosmos counter affect rotation.

Note, that the plant or mass must have cooled off to a certain point in time for the impact to make a difference.   As, for if the mass being collided upon was magma (hot from the Big Band nitrogen based explosion) the striking object would have been engulfed by the magma object being  impacted upon or passed through it leaving satellites indications.

Or the action of the “Big Bang” created a swirling outward action of a one directional fiery “Vortex” was being created in and expanding Cosmos.

However,  there are two plants that do not rotate in a left to right direction and that is Venus (Woman) or Uranus (Man) in our system.

Could, the Cosmos be swilling in a right to left direction ?

Or, a created vortex one directional rotation and the empty space Cosmos had already been spinning in a “right to left” direction that is causing the Professor A. Einstein theory of the distortion of space theory string theory ?

Editor´s Notes & Answer´s:

Good Question Jean, the question was if there was one thrust creating a whirlpool pool vortex then why the other Galaxies?
Reason is that the thrust created by the Big Bang.   May have created other whirlpool vortexes due too rapid expansion thus creating other universes from one big mass of material.   And, the fact that the speeding up expansion of the universe is due to the causing of a stream expansion that is on a downward motion (bent space expansion) instead of a straight line expansion.
Picture, the whirlpool fiery vortex as if it were a “roller coaster” or the jet stream from a hot tub and the reason for the speeding up of the universe is due to the fact that the universe is at the top and now is on the downward acceleration cycle. 
I know this may call for different type of bent space theory. 
For, if it hit (s) a speculative wall the COSMOS may bend back upon itself.





31 Mar
Fist, published 31 March 2017.

This, could be the “Head Lines Across the World”.   If all would agree to a non Nuclear Peninsular of Korea.

Editor’s note:  I will settle for dismantling dismantling of military hardware and placement into  verifiable storage.  Small steps are as useful as large one’s.


World Shit Hole Award Winner’s:  Sponsored by the:  The New American Nationalist Independent People’s Party’s by Mr.Charles Arthur Soule.


2018 -World Shit Hole Award Winner.

2017 – World Shit Hole Award Winner.

The winner’s of above are:

” United States, Belgiun (possible), Great Britain, South Africa (possible), Russia, Israel, France, China, India, North Korea, Pakistan and possibly Iran.

Reasoning:  These nations now have the opportunity to bring to an abrupt end the proliferation of the threat of World destruction.

Providing, they can work together to achieve this goal.  Or, get there shit together.

Less every nation have one with every home having one in their Garage.

Needs list:

A one “World Army” of 150,000 men from each country of Nuclear power’s.

Train together in one area as a cohesive trained unit, housed together and speak in one language.

Got my nuclear fallout drift !

Or, kiss your ass “god” by.


Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT):   States:  US, Russia, France, U. K., China

States not in NPT:  India, Pakistan and N. Korea.

Presumed to have:  Israel.  also, germ warfare !

North Atlantic Treaty Org. sharing Nations States,  Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands.

States formerly having or still having:  S. Africa, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Editor’s Note:

Welcome, too the European Union Flag reader’s.   And, Thank-U.



30 Mar

President mentioned in his address to the Nation in 2017.  And, rightfully so.

That, he wanted to rehabilitate the criminal element in this nation’s prison system.

I would like to think that with the building of the “Boarder Wall” in the southern area of this nation.  It, would behoove all concerned to construct the wall as an instructional apprenticeship program for the prisoner’s incarcerated in our nation’s correctional facilities.

This, would be accomplished through an ” Infrastructure Bank, community involvement and private enterprise ”  to be setup in regional area of the country and labor force will be the inmates if health permitting and other willing worker.

Thus, the non violent prisoner’s could work for themselves to save money for their release to a degree and then would pay the facility room an board.

It, is my intent to allow the prisoners to be allowed to save money.  Get an educational occupation while incarcerated through construction trade programming.

And, allow them to be paid for their stay while being given a new start and a new constructive purpose in their county and the new economy.

This program will be monitored by a “Board of Civilian” as to  ensure that there are no abuses of the sentencing process of prisoners and the Head of Committee will report to the President of this great nation.

Editor´s Note:

I am thinking of going to Southern Border and taking a job myself.

And, I am a Vietnam Era Veteran (1973 – 1979)  Honorably Discharged Active USN and USN Reserves.

Everyone, will be given a new opportunity in the “Making America Great Again” .

God, bless the Honorable, President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

All but 500 troops coming home from Syria.  And 7,000,00 troops coming home from Afghanistan with over 7,000.00 being left behind.  Left behind will be private security forces and support personnel with drones operated from United States.

Editor’s Note:

And, this will not affect Private Security Group´s operating in the operating theater´s of aforementioned countries.
Vote, Republican as an Independent !   Like, me.

It,  is my pleasure to welcome the viewer’s from the Great Country of Turkey.   You, honor me.


30 Mar

via I, would play the “Sympathy Card”. But,

LeBRON, James WHO ? Was, that the guy in the Scandal ? #MeToo ?

30 Mar

soule2019mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

Too, pass points scored by Mr. basketball professional and non sex scandal-ed Mr. Micheal Jordan.

What, a shame !   !   !   !   !

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LeBRON, James WHO ? Was, that the guy in the Scandal ? #MeToo ?

30 Mar

Too, pass points scored by Mr. basketball professional and non sex scandal-ed Mr. Micheal Jordan.

What, a shame !   !   !   !   !


30 Mar