WORD SALAD for week ending 18 March 2018. Lewiston, Me. Maine Jobless rate increases; and, in Auburn, Maine from 2.3 to 3 percent.

14 Mar

1.  Mr. Stephen Hawking’s visionary Physicist dies at age 76 year’s young.  A man who overcame all life’s obstacles placed in this way.  The would morn’s your loss.


2.  Lewiston, Maine’s City 2018 – 2019 Fiscal Budget Too Increases by $20 million dollars over last year’s 2017 – 2018’s Budget.  Meeting’s start @ 6 pm at Lewiston,Maine City Hall on corner of Pine St. and Park St. Lewiston, Maine.

For, more info call 207 513 3000 or Email: dottie@ lewistonmaine.gov or hhunter@lewistonmaine.gov.


March 20:  Budget presented to City.

March 22:  Budget Workshop; personnel services, capital outlay, parking, general government property & public works (who all got a raise last year.

March 26:   Joint Budget Workshop with school thief committee’s;

Remember, vote “NO” 12 May 2018 at Governor James B. Longley School, Birch Street, Lewiston, Maine across from the Androscoggin Bank Colisee’ Ice Arena too a $10 million dollar increase and any “Bond Issue’s” !

March 27:  Budget workshop; Recreation activities.

March 29:  Budget workshop: Police, Fire and Welfare.

3.  33,000 thousand people too loose job as Toy’s R US is closing all stores.


Rent’s, will be going up if you do not vote “NO”.




13 Mar

The, creator is intervening into the anticipated student walkouts sparked by the student shooting’s of Florida.

This is being accomplished by the coming “snow storm” coming to the East Coast and the cancelling school day.

And, putting an end to students attempting to govern this Nation by way of liberal media.

Student are student’s and schools are not indoctrination platform’s in politic’s that may being pushed by parents out side of schools.

WORD SALAD for Week Ending 11 March 2018: President Donald J. TRUMP should send in Federal Troops to enforce this countries Law’s. “No, SANCTUARY CITIES.”

7 Mar

The federal government is bring United States judicial law action against California.

The first action is being brought against the State of California for a California Law that extend protections to people living in the United States illegally and thus creating a sanctuary city for Illegals.

This aggressive action is a push to force illegal sanctuary cities and other states to cooperate with Federal Immigration Authorities as it is acting in an official Law enforcement capacity by united States Law.

Some California cities have been warning ” illegals immigrants ” of pending Immigration and Customs Enforce (ICE) times and dates of community interventions.

Thus, endangering the perspective officer life’s of that Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

2.  All clock’s in the United States  should be set ahead Saturday, 10 March 2018 by 1 hour as we move into Spring.

3.  Last year salaries move up by 2.5 percent Nation wide.  But, this is an average and teacher in Lewiston, Maine get a 3 percent increase automatically for every year they are attached to the Lewiston, Maine School System.   Then, West Virginia teacher, State employee’s just got a 5 percent wage increase out pacing the Nation.   That was your last increase ?   And, is this automatically done yearly ?

4.  Lewiston, Maine City Council ” Quitclam Deed’s”  8 peoples out of their home’s.

5.  Lewiston, Maine School Budget to increase $10 million Dollar’s for Fiscal year 2019.  Lewiston, Maine City side of Budget not promulgated as yet.  Budget must be completed by June 2018 for start of 2019 year’s budget in June.

6.  What is in your wallet ?  Maine legislative panel Ok’s  $60 million dollars in “TAX BRAKE INCENTIVE for Bath Iron Works (BIW) must meet conditions?  The proposal will allow BIW to receive up to $3.5 million dollars in tax credits with the total not to exceed $60 million dollars over 20 years and would scale back those incentives if employment fell below 5,500 workers or eliminates them should the BIW Company fail to invest $200 million dollars at Bath Iron Works.

7.  President Trump correct in imposing “Tariff’s” on Aluminum and Steel that is being dumped on the United States at the cost of ingredients.   Should, our military be dependent on steel from over sea’s.  Just, look what dependency has done to our electric bill this winter as we imported  63 percent of electricity from Canada.   And, people in Maine go a “Cost Increase Shock”.   Beware, of the FAT CAT’s and Jew’s of WALL STREET that would / will sell out this country for a dollar.

Vote “NO” on Lewiston, Maine School Budget 12 May 2018 at Governor James B. Longley School.   Across from the Androscoggin Bank Colisee Hockey Arena.


Welcome, aboard to viewer’s from Ireland.


100 Dunkin-Donut’s Holes Tall; a child’s point of view.

3 Mar

via “THE LITTLE GIRL SAID, “SHE IS A 100 “Dunkin-Donuts Holes” tall.”


3 Mar

It has been pointed out to me by a peer of the demographic school aged shooting victim’s that the Individuals shooter may not be attempting to get even with the students at all.

And, that the intended blunt of the hostility toward the “child victims” is meant to convey the “grief by message” through their children to the parent or other individuals.

Thus, allowing the individuals or  parent’s to suffer for the rest of their live.


New mind set may be.

When, to die and who to take with you.  I see this as a potential problem coming to the United states.   As, older people situation become more tentative as to the new economy becomes more difficult for them to contend with.
In, Maine there has been a rash of older couples committing suicide due to economic condition’s.
I also would suggest that all overdoses of drug nature be reclassified as ” Suicide” by overdose as surely on there mind.   As, I see it on the streets of Lewiston, Maine.

“Ligna” a Community Land Trust Company (CLT) ? WORD SALAD for week ending 18 February 2018.

15 Feb
  1.  Govern spoke out against Land Trust in his last public State of the State speech.   As, a “Bad” thing now he shall see “Ligna”.
  2.  Development of Lewiston, Maine’s burden Bates Mill No. # 5 may go on for your life span?  Remember, this makes up part of the Canal wall on Canal Street in Lewiston, Maine and the property slops away away towards the Androscoggin River at a rate of 40 feet per 700 foot interval.

  3.   Anticipated, Expansion of Maine Care will cost Maine Tax payer and Business $50 million dollar’s as Maine Aging Population increases from here on out.

  4.    Faulty information was used in calculation of expected student population for New Lewiston, Maome Middle School as “Out of District Students”  was included in calculation’s for New preK through K8 Middle School.  ( Falsification of fact for gain.)
  5.  Past business leader and personnel friend the Honorable Mr. Julius Wise of the past Famed “Wise Pawn Shop” of Lewiston, Maine which stood on the corner of Spruce Street and Lisbon Street has passed away at the age of 87.  “He, was a mentor to me.   And, to the family,  “He is missed by those that knew him.”

  6.   Lewiston, Maine school budget to increase too over $10 million dollars for Fiscal Budget 2019 which must be completed by June of 2018 for next year.

  7.   New Wood Products Company “Ligna”, Community Land Trust (CLT) of Maine alleged to be coming to Millinocket, Maine and is to cost the Maine Tax Payer’s $4 million dollars as part of their coming.   And, after a time will go out of business.

  8.   Vote “NO”  12 May 2018 at Governor James B. Longley School or Multipurpose Building on Birch Street from 0700 am to 8:00 pm that day.


13 Feb

via AUSTERITY: “Lewiston, Maine’s School Budget to rise by $10 Million Dollars !” 2019 City Fiscal Year Budget will be “OUTDATED” before it hit’s the Street of Lewiston, Maine and reshuffled on completion like last year’s.


29 Jan

Monday Night Meeting:

SHIT HOLE to be created by Cow Chip Organization who want to work around the vote to not Merge the City of Auburn, Maine and Lewison, Maine and they want to bypass the voters of the Lewiston-Auburn City Resident’s November 2017 vote on the issue and combine some (?) city functions.

Bates College Student brought into creation of “Shit Hole” Issue again ?   ?   ?  ?

If, cities of L / A continue with this it will create a “Sinkhole Shit Hole”  (as, President puts it.) in a few year’s in both cities.

Tip L/A Leader’s.   Or, as I put it; “Cow Pie” Project Tipping Point is a self interest that is working against the communities to better serve their self interest over the community.

  1.  Who, are the member’s of this organization ?
  2.  What, is there business interest.
  3.  From here or away ?
  4.  Part, of Metropolitan Chamber of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine.

Monday, meeting on 29 January 2018 @ 5:30 pm @ Lewiston, Maine Public Library and sponsored by Jewish controlled organization “ProJect Cow TipPing Point.

A COMMUNITY DISCUSSION; “NO MERGER” no problem.  As, they discuss and explore how to get around and how to build a Lewiston-Auburn or was that Auburn-Lewiston, Maine or still Soule’ville, Maine a community together ?

That, this “Hell” is this.


Electric Bill’s, going up in Maine by $2.00 a month do to power outages in the last storm’s and CMP’s needing increase to cover labor of repairs.

Please, welcome the view’s from the Philippines.   I have been to Subic Bay, Philippines when I was in the U. S. Naval Service.  Beautiful Country and people.

“Up Date” on “Up Date” on “Up Date” of a PIECE MEAL THRILLOGY.

24 Jan

September, 5, 2017 – Overcast day in Lewiston, Maine and the whole street smells like dread.  We, hope the day treats you gently and that you’re feeling good.  Love-U.

September, 22, 2017 – Merle & Victoria of Farmington, Maine and Epping, England, U. K. say “Hello”!  Lewiston, Maine overcast with some sun today also.

October, 29, 2017 – It been overcast for days and bitter cold with only more rain / snow in the forecast.  With, the only sunshine in my life being you laid across my bed; like a cat in the sunshine.

October, 30, 2017 – There was a huge storm in Lewiston, Maine last night.  With several trees blown down. I still walk over here to the Forage Market at 180 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine from my residence on Bartlett Street.  Though, it is pouring rain outside this morning a day after the storm.  There is not much I would not do for a meeting with you.  I am here with friends waiting for your arrival and I must admit I have to leave soon .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . waiting.

November, 1, 2017 – A new day for a new month with you at my side.  And, soon to be a new year with new adventures.  Love-U.

November, 8, 2017 – Lost, the election though I pickup votes from all 7 Lewiston, Maine Wards.  How, did you like the Article on “Time” being the only thing that knows you before your parents and religion and that will be the last thing to know you.

November, 16, 2017 – Have, been missing you and doing a lot of Soule searching as to my future in the Lewiston, Maine and Auburn, Maine area.  Waiting, for your return and have been sprucing up the place for our holiday meeting.

November, 18, 2017 – Awaiting your arrival tomorrow.  Time, lost not spent with you.   .   .   .   .   .   . is a drag.

November, 20, 2017 – Awaiting your return from Boston, Ma. today.  Am, currently, enjoying coffee with friends at the Forage Market on Lisbon Street and writing next article for publication.   I will be returning home at 12:01pm.  This, evening I will be attending the Lewiston, Maine City Council Meeting and endorsing Mr. Benjamin Chin.  Should not take long;  as, you know Lewiston City Boat is sinking and Mr. Chin will not let them Bond finances to bail out their special interest as Mr. that’s-his-name will.   See, beautiful.

November, 21, 2017 – Your late night arrival was unexpected but appreciated.  However, my getting to bed at such a late hour almost through me off my morning schedule  .   .   .   .   appreciated the time together.  Hope your day go well.

November, 24, 2017 – Yesterday, with a lite warm fire and dinner cooking I was took if only for a while back so many years that I almost forgot where I was.  Your, kindly attention to the small thing like Deviled eggs and the stuffing with celery was the lure that captured the spirit of the Holiday.  Then, there was the affection your showed for me and I will miss this as you return to your prior commitments on Monday and I see you off with “Kiss”.

November, 25, 2017 – We, will spend the day together at the Lewiston, Maine Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting and just maybe I will get you to sit on Santa Claus’s lap and snap a picture frame of two (2).   This, he will see.  Cold, but, warm with you.

November, 27, 2017 – A “brisk morning” as cold as my heart get on you leaving.  Well, saw you off at the Bus Station at 07:30 am and again I realized that I can not own someone as young as you.  Your, going to Boston College graduate school is something you must do.   As, when a younger man and I had the opportunity to attend Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont I though to leave College and due my duty and join the Military.   Though I knew, that the Vietnam War was was in full view.  After all we were attempting to stop the “Domino Communist Theory” and the military at that time was a way of passage for young men as our father’s had fought in World War II or Korea.  So, off we went.  Once again thanks for your time.  See, you in a few weeks.

December, 13,  2017 – And, there is so much to tell you.  Though, we have agreed not talk politics.  Even, though you have probably been reading some of my Web-Site.  Two (2) weeks until you return; and how, the longing for you continues.  Have published some interesting articles with good reviews.   And, I will wait for you,  And, I will wait for you even though the Arctic cold winds blow, the sleet falls, the snows blow and the temperatures fall.  I will always wait for you; for you are my redemption and you and me a new.

January, 21, 2018 – Thanks for the good time even though I told you to stay away.  I wrote an Article on it.  It, can be found on http://www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com or http://www.Google.com:  Soule, Lewiston, Maine  look for Lewiston and Auburn, Maine Newspaper Rebuttal.  Go, to search engine top page and type; SOULE:1:21:2018 SERMON and MESSAGE.

4 February 2018 – So, am blessed to have a girl like you.  Glad you showed up last night as the final 15 minute of Super Bowl was playing and letting me score.   You, are my reason for happiness.  You, are my muse !  For, Human’s do not live by bread alone.





24 Jan


1.  Toby J. McGrath –  Maine professional for  regulating Marijuana – $54,335.00

2.   Edward Roy Dugay – Remedy compassion – $24,000.00

3.   Daniel J, Walker – Wellness Connection of Maine – $23.250.00

4.   Paul T. McCarrier – Legalize Maine – $15,000.0

5.   Josh Tardy – Crockett and Crockett, LLC – $12,000.00

6.   Alysia Melnick – Narrow Gagee Holdings – $2,541.00

7.   Michele McClean – Greenwich Bioscience’s Inc. – $2,500.00

8.  Hillary Lister – Maine Commercial Growers Association – $1,750.00

9.  Keith A, Herrick – Parents first – $340.00

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

If, they want too legalize Marijuana in this country they should be going through the “Amendment Process” to the United States of America Constitution.

Mr. Jefferson Sessions, Attorney General for the United States of America enforce United States Law “over” state right’s when it comes to Drugs.



22 Jan

Lewiston, Maine’s, Regional Partnership with Poland RSU 16, and Turner RSU 52 for substitute teacher’s and special needs service teacher’s or the will lose funding from the State of Maine by Law.

In a recent talk with a substitute teacher for the Lewiston, Maine School Department who spoke highly of the Superintendent of School at a Lewiston, Maine City council Meeting with the encouragement of the Superintendent a Mister William Webster.

I sat there knowing of the individuals sever mental issues.  And, I will tell you that I have had difficulties as well.    Right, Jason Lavo_ _

So, I thought it strange that the Lewiston, Maine School Committee and superintendent of schools would allow the hiring of individuals to participate in curtain activities when it comes to our young adults, grand children without a “Security Background Check”.



TWO BITCHES nANCY pELOSI and cHARLES sCHUMER: Word Salad; for week ending of 21 January 2018. Microsoft, bring back $Trillions of dollars back to invest in “Making America Great” promised by President Trump source – MPR.

18 Jan

In a walking poll about President Trumps first year in office.  As I was walking to Trinity  Episcopal Church, in Lewiston, Maine I found that 75 percent of the people I talked to in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine were pleased with the way the first year went.

They, seen to like his non-tempered way of doing thing and do not trust the media.

Things the commented.

His directness.

Job creation, as unemployment for Black American’s lowest in 17 years.  And, more women employed.

Closing off illegal immigration’s.e

Appointment of new head of  Nation Parks Mr. Ryan Zinke and his clamp down on sexual harassment of the 38 percent of sexual harassment case that the Majority of National Park Service Board Member ignored.  This, after Board fails to take action of reported event’s.

And, his standing firm on DACCA, but, allowing a compromised position.

And, Supreme Court Appointment.

Cancellation of two(2)  planes at 4 billion combined cost in first days of office.

His, 34 percent turn over of staff does not matter for with every new hire the is a “Probation Period” as President Ronald Reagan was higher just 40 years age.

And, the fact that the Democrats are “Stone Walling” on the U. S. Budget when the Republican’s have offered health care for 40 thousand children and guaranteed it through 2023 proves it.  Right, Chuck Schumer D-NY (smuck) and Nancy Pelosi (old Bag of wind)


I live in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine where you would think that the President would be hated.

Democrat’s, will do a lot of “BITCHING” about everything with Nation Media in effort to stave off loss in mid term election slated for this year.

nANCY pELOSI and cHARLES sCHUMER time to retire you old Prunes for obstructing the main question of the budget.

Post Script you bitches.  Why, did you not do under O’bama administration ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

LEWISTON, MAINE NEW Pre K through K8 School may not be opened on schedule 2019 school start.

14 Jan

Reasoning, the purchase of the old Bartlett Street, Lewiston, Maine Hudson Bus property and School Bus Terminal needs a Federal Agency testing as to pollutants of land.   Re:   gas, oil, asbestos.


13 Jan

I do not mix words.

I mean it is time to get your attention.

And, time too place racial bigotry behind us.

And to all you that labor in work and in sleep to divide with hate!

I say this relic of hate mongering shall not and will not be tolerated in this Country.

Too continue too bring up the past is not to get over it and   .    .   .   .   .   .   . leads to the passing of past non tolerances to an unformed future.

The World and the United States must move on.   As, to attitudes once lay in the oven of hate of the past.

And must be brought too light by the non mentioning through Media (books, magazines, newspapers, school teaching ect) or social commentary of it or stirring it up in the future for political gain.

Thus, causing a universal harmony for the future World and United States as to letting  go of the past experiences and wrong doing, intolerance’s or an attitude towards other out of fear.

And, to the #MeToo on Twittter crowd beware of the division’s you maybe creating through your ridicule’s of gender.  Fore, we are not all of this group of male.  And you maybe sowing the seed of alienation of the sexes by non careful wording and through the Media.


On the block; in, my Neighborhood;  the “Nigger” term is used by Black’s on black’s / white or White on white’s / black’s and to comment on a lesser demeanor by a black or white with an attitude by a white or black as to degradation of the whole society with  respect towards an inclusion interchangeable black / white or any race society that has no respect for inclusion or tolerance for inclusion.

Welcome, viewer’s from Great Britain and India.

Temperature in Maine this day 1 degree.

WORD SALAD for week ending 14 January 2018: > > > TWO OF LIFE’S ROADS DIVERGED IN THE WORLD AND SORRY I COULD NOT TRAVEL BOTH. But, now I understand the results of the one traveled.

12 Jan

Me and my mother’s (“90” in June 2018) generation have given a great deal in the last 90 years to better the American Society ?

1.  EQUAL RIGHTS FOR BLACKS:  This led to affirmative action, bussing desegregation of schools, even if blacks or whites did not want and college or university school quotas. As I see it, the Whites and Blacks of this nation were just getting integrated and new highs were being established / obtained such as President Barack H, Obama, Adam Clayton Powell,  General Colin L. Powell, Guion Bluford, Douglas Wilder, Alice Walker, Clarence Thomas, Mae Carol Jemison, Carol Moseley Braun and so many more examples of that might have been if not for the Illegal Migration of Thirteen (13) to eighteen (18) million other undocumented and illegals into this country of the United States of America and all the problems ( Illegals having children though their the parents were not citizens; but, children are due to the U. S. Constitution’s; 14 Amendment as they the children now citizens qualify for Food Stamps, Medicare, subsidized rent…so.)  it brought once the 2008-2009 recession and job displacement of the black community as well as white commenced.

2.  EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN: This altered the economics of my time; as women, entered the workplace and displaced the one paycheck family; that led to prices going up as the realignment of the economy commenced. Things were based on one income; then with the coming of two paycheck families, the economy was changed to reflect a two paycheck family. I am not saying this was incorrect, but rather; in a recessionary economy with one or more of the two paychecks families losing their job; it is taking a toll on the family and societal structure.



5.  ROE vs. WADE 401 U. S. 113 (1973) – ABORTION: 1.2 MILLION ABORTIONS IN THE UNITED STATES EACH YEAR OF LEGAL UNITED STATES INFANT CITIZENS. While 13 to 18 million illegals are allowed to infiltrate our United States of America, Boarder’s?

6.  ASCENDANTS OF THE COMPUTER AND ASSOCIATED TECHNOLOGIES. National Security Agency (Phone, e-mail, exedra)

7.  THE GREAT SOCIETY OF THE 1960’S: Started by; President John F. Kennedy and passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, this provided; Aid to Dependent Children / Mothers, Food Stamps, rent subsidies, Medicare, phone subsides, cable subsides, rides to and back from appointments, free child sitting and free college tuition’s with ride provided.

These Programs are being used to leave a relationship and are now a crutch towards divorce, breakup of the family and have morphed away from their original good intentions. Male and female are having multiple children; by different partners, due to the morphing of the good intentions of the, “Great Society of the 1960’s, launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson and who’s intent and goals were to eliminate poverty and racial injustice.  And, not to create one parent homes and inequalities.


Welcome, view’s from the country Ireland and Israel.

OBSTACLES, too greatness 2018 checklist ?

9 Jan
  1.  “Himself Trump”. Twitter
  2.  Liberal Media
  3.  His own Political Party.
  4.  Obama-Health Care supporter’s.
  5.  DACCA, If the Republicans pass DACCA the Democrats will fail in 2018 elections.

  6.  Non passage of Spending Bill.
  7.  Financial aid to hurricane and fire victims.
  8.  Boarder wall / control.
  9.  America’s infrastructure Bank.
  10.  Drug epidemic.
  11.  Democratic sabotage ?


4 Jan

via SPECIAL WORD SALAD; “Secret Clearance” week ending 7 January 2018.

ISRAELI’S, is an occupying force according to United Nation’s. www.thetower.org or www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgcjao3NT8o

28 Dec
  1.  Stop, buying into what the Jewish state of Zionist claims and look at what Israel has actually done.

2.  The maps tell the story of a nation eager to conquer lands which do not belong to it with the help of the United Nation’s; opposing,  United States of America and Great Britain.  Israel has invaded virtually every nation it shares borders with.  Including, Syria and Lebanon and as the map’s show http://www.thetower.org in it’s attempt to subjugate the Palestinian people, territories  and is ready to “ethnically cleanse” the region.  Far from being the poor victimized society desperately defending itself Israel likes to pretend it is in order to wrest more money from American’s.   Israel, is in fact the most militarily aggressive nation in the region; as shown, by it’s building on occupied Palestinian land’s.   To date, the United States and Israel have laughed in the face of the United Nation’s 1967 Security Council’s Peace Resolution’s and Accord’s; as, to Israel returning to it’s original Boarder’s of 1967.

3.  In this the United States of America Hebrew’s have since coming; manipulated their way as to financially seizing control of this American Nation’s business interest, government and Media.  And, it has accomplished this by paying off United States Senator’s and United States House Representative’s.   (Enron, Bear Stern’s Lending Company, Leman Brother’s, Bernie Madoff , Micheal Milken and Martha Stewart (felon; insider trading) just to mention a few.

And, that so Democratic – Israeli; owned,  President William Jefferson Clinton who was the biggest sell out of all.   As, he signed out of law the Glass-Steagll Act of 1933 put into place be President Franklin Delano Roosevelt after the first great depression to stop Banks from using mortgages as securities.   Thanks, Bill for the world wide collapse of 2008 -09.

4.  It reminds me of what Germany was suffering through in the 1930’s as the the Hebrews took control of the Germany economy.

5.  A New York State Rabbi stated, ” that the ruling Israel Political Party should in all counts be considered a Terrorist Organization “.


Number 5, was stated in an interview with Mr.William “Bill” Moyer on the Maine Public Broadcast System (MPBS) @ billmoyer.com

” If, I were to draw a map of Israel.   Would, I have to include the United States of America.” states,  Mr.Charles Arthur Soule’

New Weather, Rating System for Lewiston, Maine.

27 Dec

6 January 2018;  -7 degrees with wind chill factor at -20 – Zero prostitutes are on the street.

-16 degrees a 7:15 am this morning; 27 December 2017.    And,  two Prostitutes are on the Inner City street’s this morning.

So, I will use this as a base for -16 degrees  as an indication of a 2 ho’s degree this morning at 6:45 am  on 27 December 2017.  His, will increase as the weather warms up.

This, is not a joke as they; if, out all night could easily “Freeze too Death”.  And, with cameras on the streets corners of Lewiston, Maine.  There, is no reason that police should not be aware of them.

Remember, 2 individuals have already frozen to death in Lewiston, Maine this winter a woman and a gentleman.


Also, the same families (alleged; Erbbie’s and Pontoone’s) are heading the drug supplying in Lewiston, Maine at the corner of Pierce and Pine Sreet’s and Ash and Bradley Street’s through the help of under policing by Lewiston, Maine Police Department Management.

Word salad: for 31 December 2017 on the way out !

27 Dec
  1.  Beware of Media Collaborative’s.   Such as Lewiston, Maine sun Media Group and Sinclair WGME-13 and affiliates use of Media-Partnering.  National Public Radio or Maine Public Radio as they are using Media collaborative’s that may be attempting to filter Maine public thoughts through their collaborative?

  2. Democrat loose majority in Maine senate through democrats leaving for other parties.

  3.  Beware of Ancestry DNA testing Companies as the results may be sold to Insurance Companies and track Medical Problems in the Ancestry of your family.  Thus, higher insurance premiums for future generation.

  4.   New Electric Bill Format ?  Is, the electric company not allowing your monthly usage too drop below you past year monthly bill.  As, the populations is dropping in the  state of Maine and making fewer billing addresses.  Just, look at Lewiston, Maine and it’s removal of about 70 multi-family building.  Thus, the electric company has lost billing addresses on these multi-family buildings ?   And, has established bill it must pay.  Then, there is the fact that with multi-radio like Maine Public NPR having 7 station on air to lessen too.  And,  television station like  Sinclair WGME having 4 to watch.  Remember, that the more electricity you use the less the you pay on a Kilowatt hour (kWh) so you the small electric rate user are subsidizing the larger Kilowatt hour user.  And, why is your electric delivery charge more then you kWh use ?  (in some cases?)

I would like to thank – U; my, viewing audience for allowing me to achieve at a greater expectation than I had thought possible for this aging Man from Maine.

26 Dec




23 Dec


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21 Dec

via DACA: Path to Citizenship after thorough security clearances and vetting. First, published in 20013.

Went to the Lewiston, Maine, Reception for outgoing Mayor and Councilor’s last night 12/19/2017. Then, woke up to new “Tax Deal”.

20 Dec

Brief and too the Point.

Reminded me of the Book by Author, George Orwell  “Animal Farm”.   In which the other animal watch the pigs and establishment business humans banquet together.

I stayed about 5 minutes.  As, the ate in a separate room.

And, as outgoing Lewiston Mayor Robert MacDonald put it.

“As Porky pig said, ” That’s all folks”.

As, his last Lewiston, Maine City Council Meet came to an end  and he “termed out”.

I will miss the being gavel by the out going Mayor, MacDonald  .   .   .   .   .   . but, I am sure there will another Mayor to perform this task down the road.


I did not know that Mr. MacDonald use the “Porky Pig” statement when I first typed this Article.
I added it after the fist addition.

Christen BASHING again by Maine Public Radio and MPR or BBC.

20 Dec

Israeli Jew’s, ousting 40 thousand African asylum seeker and this from a people who will be celebrating 70 year as a nation and 63 years as an occupying nation according to the United Nation’s.

Jews, buying body parts again.

6 January 2018:  https://www.tineofisrael.com/israeli-organ-smuggling-mastermind-arrested-in-cyprus-by-jews-for-sale-in- Israel.

2015 and 2009  –  Three, New Jersey Mayor’s, 5 Rabbis, 2 State Legislators and 40 other among those arrested in United States Federal Investigation with selling body parts in global enterprise.

Allegations inferred; money laundering from selling of body parts to transplant organizations oversea’s in Israel from the United States and then funneling monies back to United States from Israel through charities run by Rabbis Synagogue.

Area that this was being carried out was in Brooklyn, New York, Deal, New Jersey and Israel.

It seems that “Street poppers” were offered cash for donated part that were then sold in Israel for 6 figure amounts.

Fact Check:  http://www.nbcnews.com  http://www.nytimes.com or http://www.nj.com

Why, are their more Jew’s being alleged sexual wolf’s in the work place then Christen’s ?

So,  ” BBC and Maine Public  ” shut the hell up.   About, degrading Catholic !

HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY TEAM” HIGH STICK WITH ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY COURT’S “GAG” ORDER. Lewiston, Maine and Biddeford, Maine to play for Me. State Championship; Saturday, 10 March 2018 @ Androscoggin Bank Colisee’ for Class a title.

19 Dec

A lot of Lewiston, Maine upper class families are using “Out of District Schooling Waver’s”  to send their children to the Roman Catholic School of Saint Dominic Academy with money allocated from the Lewiston, Maine School District.

NEWS FLASH:  Saint Dominic Academy, Auburn, Maine; Hockey Team “MADE” to sign Androscoggin County Superior Court “Gag Order”.

Saint Dominic Academy player’s and staffing were asked / made to sign a “Court Ordered “Gag” Order.

This is an unusual event as it includes ” Minors, as young as 14 through 18 .

According to my source the the Team and Staff of St. Dom’s were asked to sign the order in a court action.

The individual could not disclose the “Issue (s).

However, the school has a history of sex texting problems.   And, this could be other different issue thing.

Details; to, follow as known.

Side bar:

Welcome to Spain viewer’s.

UPDATE: THE “CREATOR’S”; MAJORITY, IS ONE. Lewiston Sun Blocking Journal still blocking me out. Newlesspaper, all most “Orwellian, as they omit delete Candidate news.

8 Dec

Well, all the poker chips are in. Meaning, that the following Candidates for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine are as follow.

1. Mr.Charles Arthur Soule, Veteran of the Vietnam Era is a (R) and a ” NO ” on Consolidation. I have lived in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine all my live. Except, for Honorable service in the Military and attended Lewiston, Maine Schools and Auburn, Maine School’s (Do, to divorced parents.) and graduated from Edward Little High School in 1973 with many honors. I am going on 65 year’s old and have dedicated my life to serving Auburn, Maine and Lewiston, Maine.

2. Mr. Mark Cayer, (D) and “Yes” for Consolidation. Is, from away after living in Maine for part of his live. He has only lived in Lewiston, Maine for a short time after pursuing another way.

3. Mr.Benjamin Chin, (D) and a “Yes” for consolidation. Has only lived in Lewiston, Maine for 6 years and is from away.

4. Ms. Donna Gillespi, (D) and a “Yes” for consolidation. And, from away resident places like Adams, Ma., Lisbon Falls, Me. and Summerville, Massachusetts then Lewiston, Maine who has not submitted paper with names as yet.

5. Mr. Shane Bouchard, unknown and a “YES” for Consolidation. Live in Rumford, Dixfield and Auburn.

6. Mr. Ronald Potvin, unknown and a “NO” for Consolidation and has just in the recent moved to Lewiston, Maine.

I am the only Candidate from Auburn and Lewiston, Maine that has live in the cities full time and a product of Lewiston / Auburn, Maine. I also have a foot in the past of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine and with a foot in the present day Auburn and Lewiston, Maine. I understand how vital both cities heritage is to that city.

I have taken notice; that those from “away” (other communities) are more willing to “Kill” the history of our two cities as they “HAVE NO HISTORY”.

And, I am the Creators majority of “one”.

With, heart felt respect; Mr. Charles (Chuck) Dube – Soule.

I will not be running signs as the cost is prohibitive at $500.00 for 50 signs. Besides, the Mayor’s salary is only $4,200.00 a year there fore it would not be fiscally responsible. If U could make a sign; and, place it for me it would be appreciated.

Up-date: Lewiston and Auburn, Maine “DO NOT; READ, THIS.”

8 Dec

Thanks for the live stream internet.

Question one:  Name politician that influenced you the most.

Mr. Chin answer was; President Theodore Roosevelt.

Mine was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mr. Bouchard answer was Governor LePage.

Opening, statement highlights:

Mr. Chin answer was; “You, either we believe we can complete this process of restoring our city; or, not.

Mr. Chin, largest talking point was the opioid problem.  Stating that this issue is created by a larger societal problems.  That being the lack of human  life sustainable jobs that provide a degree of Medical care.

In, the area of Policing Mr. Chin stated that he had met with the Police Union and discussed the “Belonging Issue Agenda”.  The “Us” verses “Them” of the lesser society.

He, also mentioned Code enforcement and that we can come to some areas of agreement on the secure home issue.

Tax rate to Mister Chin proposed the use of a state education subsidy earmarked for property tax reduction towards a tax rebate for seniors.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Mr. Bouchard also repeated himself as to a Civic Arena or concert venue in the are of Exit 80 off Interstate 95.  But, did not discuss the financing of the facility.

Mr. Bouchard attempted to divert the attention of the Audience by starting a duel on method  of Campaigning.

Mr .Bouchard stated that the use of State money that was to applied to education is illegal.

Mr. Bouchard, stated that Lewiston, Maine image has “has held us back for a very long time>  But, that it need to leverage assets like affordable rental spaces in the former mills.

Mr. Bouchard, also stated that  he “supports all the actions of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department”.

And, that all federal grand monies funding should be getting to area nonprofit groups.


Mr. Bouchard stated that “anyone who wants to work and be a productive member of society is welcome to come to Lewiston, Maine.

Mr. Chin, setting a vision matters.  And, added that thousands of people vote for Mayor and that is the only office that is voted on by the entire city of Lewiston.

Mr. Bouchard, said while they disagree on most everything that both candidates have bold new proposals that would challenge the new city council.

Mr. Chin, said; “That his revitalization programs are what’s going to be the fundamental things that change peoples feelings and attitude towards Lewiston, Maine when they drive or walk through the City of Lewiton, Maine.”

Side bar:

I will tell you that I have already voted for Mr. Chin.  And, that a generational shift has occurred and the passing of the “torch” has been pass to a new generation in the City of Lewiston, Maine.

And, then there is the Issue of Mr. Bouchard allowing the hiding of Quick Claim Deeds against individual through the “Consent Agenda” on the Elderly.   While allowing businesses to be in default on loans to city and behind in taxes.

Secondly, is the Issue of Mr. Bouchard concealing “Bond Issue” through the “Consent Agenda”.

**  Definition of Consent Agenda,  an Item placed on a consent agenda is allowed to be passed if an Individual from the audience does not asked it to be removed to the regular public agenda.  I item on the Consent Agenda will not be debated by the council as this has already been done through closed doors and in secret.





1 Dec

A leader leads and plays no favorites and does not make close friends or special interest commitments.

He must be detached and must have a certain degree of hypervigilance to his business surroundings.   As, well as outside ample sufficiency to the world’s trending’s.

As they say, “The top is a lonely place.”  But, that is the cost of being a leader for the people’s interest and businesses.

Remember, that only one forth of the voter’s are voting.  And, that one forth are the “Special Interest” that make their living off the system and the rest of the three forth’s of voter’s what did not think their vote would count.

Therefore, I have voted absentee ballot at Lewiston, Maine City Hall.  And, I voted for Mr. Benjamin Chin.

For, these reasons:

mr. bouchard did not attempt to stop the secret passing of Municipal Quit clam Deeds on several pieces of Lewiston, Maine resident properties.  Thus, the city foreclosed on several individual residences in Lewiston, Maine in the past two (2) year’s.

And, allow the city of Lewiston, Maine to go into agreements with several organizations for placement of Workfare Clients.  And, this with out public discussion.  Thus, allowing these organization to not have to hire individual labor’s for a salary.

All, of the above were done through a procedure call a “Consent Agenda” a tool used to hire vital information from the public.

mr. bouchard has also help to hide Public Bond Issues from the public.

FEDERAL JOBS PROGRAM; BENEFITING OTHERS over OTHERS. But, aiding in expansion of business opportunities in Lewiston / Auburn, Maine.

30 Nov

*A recent growth spurt in Lewiston, Maine, that will occur at a Sazerac a liquor distillery plant will expand and increase job opportunities through a federal jobs program where government will pay $11.00 an hour for period of time to train and provide tools for the job in Lewiston, Maine in 1 to 2 years.  And, is alleging to hire 26 new individual employee’s.   And, the Sinclare Group and the owner’s of WGME 13 is going to hire 14 new employee’s to add to it presents in Lewiston, Maine.

However, the job at Sazerac bottling palnt will not show up for sometime according to Lewiston/ Auburn, Maine Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

City of Lewiston, Maine, has a federal program that will pay $11.00 an hour to any business that will hire from the ranks of the Cities General Assistance Program.  But, this does not apply to non general assistance unemployed.

Individuals, who are on General Assistance will attend a one (1) month schooling program run by the City of Lewiston, Maine.  Then be farmed out to companies like Pioneer Plastic and LL Bean.  Thus, subsidizing the Companies with non salaried individuals; and, aiding  them by paying their salaries and purchasing tools required for the job.  This, all for a period of undisclosed time period.

Thus, aiding in the financial benefit monetary bottom line of the Company at the expense of the Taxpayer.

I would also like to comment on the fact that the city is taking a part of the funding from the Federal Government too aid it’s financial problems.

Remember, this does not apply to anyone that is unemployed and is not connected to the City of Lewiston, Maine’s, General Assistance Program.

A HOLIDAY PRAYER; we give thanks.

22 Nov

via ” A HOLIDAY PRAYER. “; we give thanks.

Maine Businesses*********MAINE PEOPLES ALLIANCE’S (F/Book; Group): Mrs. Genesis Lysen a daughter of Mr. James Lysen, Lewiston, Maine City Counselor for Ward One (1); pressing for Universal In-Home Care by “Peoples Signature Initiative”.

21 Nov

      *Their Issue is an aging population and a lack of “Care”.

  1.   If, you do not turn over your home 10 years prior to receiving Medicare / Maine Care it will be taken / ceased by the State of Maine for Nursing home expense.  And, you will loose your “Home” and your children inheritance (s).

  2.  Although the number of Mainers over age 65 will double by 2030 and with 110   thousand seniors requiring aging services, Medicare does not provide the in-home   care needed to age with dignity.

  3.  The median annual cost for home care in Maine is now over $50 thousand with   homes cost twice as much.   A generation of families will soon be forced to choose   between spending down all their savings or their family members going without   care.  What, ever happen to caring for you family member by you there child.

  4.  Veterans like myself even those who can access short term home care through the   Veterans Administration at Togus, Maine will lack an affordable option for long   term care programs in their homes this is misleading.  The, Veteran home’s throughout Maine are well staffed with competitiveness and from a grateful Nation.

  5.  With reimbursement rates for Medicaid in-home care programs are so low that   employers have difficulty finding workers willing to do challenging work for so   little in wages.  For, people with disabilities; there, are waiting lists for in-home   care.  Maine Peoples Alliances passed a Peoples Signature Initiative to increase   wages just a short time ago.

  6.  Wealthy Mainers (top 5% of earners) pay the lowest combined state and local tax        rate of any income group in Maine.

    *People Alliances Universal Solution’s

Their initiative establishes universal access to home care for only 10 thousand seniors out of 110 thousand expected in 2030.

Then, they want to establish a board (Members salaries?) directly elected by those who use home care services with home care providers and home care business owners with worker overseeing the Universal Home Care Program which may lead to cost over runs and fraud.

Care will be funded by a 1.9% in crease in your taxes from employees and employers on salaries and wages.   And, for non-wage income, like dividends from stocks and bonds.

And,  this funding mechanism will remove 132 million from the now Maine economy by force of Peoples  Signature Initiative on passage of Vote by Maine People.

Then, the Initiative contains mechanisms for increasing wages and training for  home care workers and professionalizing home care careers.  But, does not consider the effect on an ageing population living on retirement incomes.


Thank-you !  Maine Peoples Alliances (Facebook.com group for alerting the public to this Issue.

Mrs. Lysen  can be reached at (gen@mainepeoplesalliance.org) was a the Poll in Lewiston, Maine collecting signatures.

UPDATE of 14 December 2017: REASON’S WHY ONE SHOULD NOT MOVE TO “Lewiston, Maine”. Fiscal 2019 Municipal and School Budget to increase by over 15 percent. This, over 2018 fiscal budget and the fact that “Major” Businesses in city are in default on “Taxes “and “Loans” to the city and theeir taxes are being passed on to the Resident’s. F/check at hhunter@lewistonmaine.gov. She, won’ t lie? Or, hide the truth?

17 Nov

Lewiston, Maine Development will be curtailed by loss of tax credit incentives targeted by U.S. Federal Tax Reforms. And, a shrinkage of Maine State Revenue sharing.


Teacher are getting a 3 percent automatic increases for every year they are with the school system which will add over $750 thousand dollars to the 2019 City budget.

Loss from new Maine Law that takes away state money for schools at $46 dollars per student and $92.00 the year after that.   That, is if the Lewiston, Maine School Committee does not allow through a vote by the Resident’s through a June 2018 of of voting season low turnout vote !

And, a recent increase to wages as a

And, Mr. Webster, School Department hiring 14 new at a beginning salary of over $34 thousand a year with only 175 class room day in school.

Then, there is medical, sick days.   He, added the 14 slots after the 2018 Fiscal Municipal Budget was passed thus adding to this year’s Municipal Budget over $500 thousand dollars too 2019 Fiscal Budget.

Then, their is the land purchases and moving of businesses to facilitate the the building placing of New Pre K through k8 school.  That, morphed from $36 million to $59 million with Lewiston, Maine Taxpayers to pay $6 million towards price tab.

And, municipal Labor increases to employee’s of the Fire Department,  Police Department and up coming Public Works Department.

And, an increase of 3 percent on City Administrator Salary of over $138 thousand dollar a year salary.

Side Bar.

With, of 70 thousand viewers.  Foreign and domestic.


17 Nov

I have been advised by my web site that I an getting a as they put it.   A ” BOOM ” in views of my Web-Site as I am an American  “BABY BOOMER”  (1953).

I can appreciate this.    A 26 view per 24 hour’s.   I do have an international viewing audience.

So, thank for the “BOOM” my most valued local friend’s and international audience.


Next week I will be Post Carding where I have been throughout the 12 years that I drove Class a freight across the United States.  I will be also including incident that befell me in those travels such as Snow bound in Oregon, Sand bound in Texas and racing trains through the flat land of America.  Traveling through the Great Lakes Waterway Lock.

Hoping, this will somehow shorten Winter 2017-2018 for you.


A Nation, Divided Against Itself; Can Not Survive or Stand.

13 Nov
  1.  Standard’s and Poor’s  S&P Global Rating System to lower Maine’s Credit Rating from AA.  While, Moody’s is to follow Aa2.

  2.   With, Political Partisan Divide growing in both Local, State and National theaters.  I am fore telling of a day of armed insurrection “Revolution” in the not so far of future.  With, the numerous shooting’s that are popping up throughout this nation;  it is easy to see that something is a miss.  And, that something is “unity ” of Ideology and Direction.   All this because groups are causing social partisan divide so groups may derive their self interest gains and that are using all of their; monetary means and cultural division tools to divide through any form necessary.   Thus,  growing division between those wishing to hold on to the reins of power that are hindering the efforts of the under classes of this nation.  And, that is rule by “Confussion”.
  3.   When, their will  be in Maine a human cannibalism of the youth of Maine in a effort to sustain the unsustainable Mate State Judicial System.  Individual arrested for Trespassing at 38 Preble Street Soup kitchen in Portland, Maine though he has social skills problems and is fined $160 dollars in court.  Does time in jail of two weeks instead of paying judges salary.  And, that is what he told the judge.   So, “Good, 4 him”.

  4.  Beth Abraham’s Synagogue at 35 Laurael Avenue, Auburn, Maine an a Jewish exodus occurring as younger Hebrew’s leave State of Maine.   As, Beth Abraham Synagogue is  De – Consecration in a Ceremony that was performed by Rabbi Sruli Dresdner.
  5.   Yes, I lost the election for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine put this was done to me through the Media Press not giving me fair play, Lewiston, Maine and dis-included information that I provided too them.  They, stated I did not provide.  Then the Lewiston, Maine Police web-site stating that someone was vandalizing sign and just so happen that the bicycle was white.  My bike is partly white and is Red, white and blue.

  6.   I got 2 percent of a possible 26 thousand Lewiston, Maine voter’s.  You, do the math.

11 / 11 / 2017; Veteran’s Day.

10 Nov

via 11 / 11 / 2017; Veteran’s Day.

” A PRAYER ” ; we ask forgiveness and give thank’s.

18 Oct

At, 65 years young I have had to read a just to an ever changing world and you will to as you age.

As I graduated from Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine in 1973; women’s rights, civil right for minorities; and, alternative right were the rage.

At, the time as I entered the Military having left Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont. We, were being taught to hate the North Vietnamese as we were at war with them.  Not, to except alternative life styles and confused as to most thing that mattered that were being previously indoctrinated into us by the media and the social attitudes of the times.


Sorry, that we  ( I ); could not be born more opened minded to all worldwide tribes (Nationalities), races, sexual orientations and nations.

So, that we ( I ) could know their customs, religions, inner feeling of non same sexual orientated as I (we), medical healing procedures and lives of all.

For, we ( I ) would be less intimidated by them and more; willing, to be accepting of them.


Reasoning:   Any, insufficient knowledge of a subject or peoples; is, cause for apprehension and fear.

Dedicated to:  Trinity Episcopal Church, Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine.


21 Sep

The Whittler, cloaked in a weathered aged drab London Fog rain coat with a faded feathered fedora hat with holes.   And black ankle string tied military boots weather raw is sitting on the stoop of the building next door.

He is whittling as I had suspected and as if he were removing individual people from my life with every long slivering slice and stroke of his knife.

At first, I did not notice him; for he was whittling with a long slicing / slitting of a strokes of his knife. For, I was a young person who was to busy with life’s daily newness of exploration of my horizons and activities friends life; like school, friends and exploration of the Magic Mile with it’s adventures.  So, I hardly notices him and the people, individuals and memories being removed by death, demolition and new fads that were being removed from my life by his whittling of the staff of wood he held in his hand.

For, only if the person was a close relative did I notice the “Whittler” at his work an aunt, uncle, grandparent or building I once lived in being demolished or song tune I no longer hear; does it concern me. And, then again there is my new independent life to be explored; not that, that is an excuse.

At the beginning, I did not realize other persons or memories being removed from my life for it is at a slow rate that the Whittler’s carving work is being done with these people and memories having been removed from my live.

I am now in my Thirty and Forties and the ‘Whittlers’ is carving nearly in slow more progressive motion and in silence obscurity as he sits on the stoop of the building next door doing his deed with feather fedora removed as if his labors were more strained.

It is not until lately at ages Fifty and Sixty that I have noticed that the Whittler’s is working in a quicker pace as the shaving are more rapidly amassing at the bottom near ground level and are almost encompassing his feet.  And that the shaving and slivers of pieces of wood are more visible and that piece of mighty oak wood post he is whittling upon has become shorter from a mighty oak post to a solid four inch staff.  And also that his pace has become more quickened in repetitiveness as pieces of the now stick; like, people and memories are whittled out of my existence never to be seen again.

And, now for myself at age sixty-five (65); I to have quickened and have become more acute to the things I have ignored and must remember and things that I must finish as the Whittler once mighty oak wood, staff, stick has become a twig.

All, this I notice now awhile noticing the ever increasing quickness and repetitiveness of the Whittler’s carving; slicing’s of pieces of wood; individuals and memories from my life never to be seen or heard again.

And, as the reminisces of his whittling work’s begin to fall covering and obscuring his feet and as individuals and memories disappear from my life not to be seen or heard no more forever.  

Who, will know how much longer it will take the Whittler to complete his work his task.   And, than I shall fall as one of his wooden slivering shaving to the bottom of his feet and never to be seen or heard from again.


12 Sep

They, say that no good deed goes unpunished.   As, I lay in bed while writing this.

They said that the “Bed Bug ” began their infestation in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine through the charitable efforts of the local Trinity Episcopal Church at the corner of Bates and Spruce Street in Lewiston, Maine.

(As, I recall lying here in the darkness of my bedroom with little light and that being lite by a small solar lighting device that I place on the window sill to recharge during the day.)

There was a certain Hotel-Motel chain that was possibly looking for a cheap way of disposal of the mattresses or avail itself of an income tax credit on that year’s tax filing or did not want to pay for disposal at a local landfill. Who, knows the reasoning of another person.

So this church ne’er-do-well person accepted the Hotel / Motel generosity and the seventy (70) foot tractor trailer rig was unloaded with its precious cargo being placed into a vacant building located just behind the Lewiston, Maine Nutritional Center in Lewiston, Maine.

It is not known rather the infestation of “Bed Bugs” occurred due to the storage area or the infestation of the “Bed Bugs” were embedded in one or all the newly arrived donated mattresses and box springs.

(I will continue this “After, getting up and checking my mattress and box spring and  I now continue.”)

And, all this occurred with the arrival of the new immigrant  population to Lewiston, Maine well underway.

The laden embedded “Bed Bugged” mattress were distributed to the new arrival immigrants to ease their having to foot the purchase price of bedding and ease their sleeping on the floor.

(I now begin again; after, I assumed I had pick off one of the fully red fed “Bed Bug” with a piece of sticky sided scotch tape as not wanting to use my fingers so that I would not accidentally squeeze it freshly acquired meal of fresh blood from me out of it.  It was on completion of this task that I noticed it was just my mind playing tricks on me.)

And, I think to myself what a wonderful life and that “No good deed goes unpunished”.


“Oh, No “, What is that “


Welcome, viewers from Ireland and Canada.  To Canada.  My Grandfather immigrated from Quebec , Canada in the late 1890’s and I am a second generation Franco-American citizen of the United States.   And, to Scotland and Ireland I am with you by injection and mother side of the family.  Family, came over on the Mayflower Ship thanks to George Edward Soule’ indented servant to the colony for 7 to 14 year’s.

I had several years ago addressed the Lewiston, Maine City Council in regards to purchasing a machine that would have addressed the issue of Bedbugs with Federal Funds “Community Development Block Grant Funds” to no avail.  It was my thought that the area landlords could rent the machine from the city to aid in reimbursing the City for the purchase price.
It, at that time cost $1200.00 to do just one (1) apartment and you had to take out a policy of re- inspection most Landlords have 7 or more units to do.

Warning,  date and reissuances.

22 March 2016

09 December 2017

28 February 2018.

Do, not pick up Mattresses on side of roads or streets.   Please !

Could, this program be the answer to loss of jobs do to Automation on a Global Stage ? Smith-Frieman-Ostrom-Marx=Soule’ ?

10 Aug
FOREWORD:  Welcome; new, views for the European Union countries.

Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’; too receive Noble Prize in Economic Sciences.  (Someday)


This, I believe could lead to “NO” World recession’s and relieving of stresses do to automation replacement affects on human population’s.  As, these money could be used to provide income to displaced workers.  Automation, is to replace 40 percent of world worker in next thirty years.

Should a countries attained highest Nation Product (GNP) be affixed to it permanently as a revenue (in it’s exchange rate) be dispensed by the United Nations or World Bank.   And, permanently attached to that county and only increasing should that countries gross national product output increase through time? And, would this create a monetary world stability?

Countries monetary value exchange rate would be use as rated of valued currency.

All, nations in flux (Revolution, Civil war or aiding in other wars) would have this secure revenue held by the United Nations and distributed to that nations debit holding entities (not at war with it) or that are do if not involvement in flux.

I am still working on this and you can help.


Welcome, Thailand viewer and I would like to add that I have been to Bangkok twice in my life time.

THIS IS “MY” POINT OF VIEW! Click, on anything red.

22 Jun

Lewiston, Maine is going to be constructing a new K1 through K8 School for a price of around $50 million dollars.`

Since, the new school is partly paid for by the Citizens of Lewiston, Maine it would greatly benefit the City to have local contractor, Sheet rocker, painter, Masonry brick layers, electrical, Fabrication Metal worker (ducts), excavators, and steel rod buster be from Lewiston, Maine. And, be from either Lewiston or the State of Maine where possible.

Lewiston, Maine, has the highest poverty levels for a one mile area radius; in all of New England.

Maine has one of the fastest, aging population in the United States of America with an average age of 43. Therefore, Lewiston, Maine with its new immigrants work force (woman + men) is one of the youngest cities in the State of Maine. And, maybe only second to Portland, Maine.

It would be beneficial for the State of Maine and Lewiston, Maine to look carefully to who the contractor will be in advance and attempt to secure the new labor force workers from it pool of manpower. Even, at the cost of subsidizing through their General Assistance Workforce by providing a period of payment to the companies up to 1/3 of what it cost the city now to house the Cities General Assistance recipients.

It, is my thought process that this would be beneficial to the recipient of General Assistance and others Lewiston people (1/3 of what is now paid out by the city of Lewiston through General Assistance would be used to gain full employment status.), the City of Lewiston, Maine, the State of Maine and the Contractor’s of the New K1-K8 school.

I am not all knowing and any assistance from the Maine Business World and peoples of Maine are welcome.


9 Jun

With the Average age of a Mainer being 43 and increasing by a year for every year that passes.  Maine economy is not looking well. 

Why, because individuals in that age group will not be able to withstand the increase to their taxes and fee such as Property taxes, Business taxes / licensing fee’s or associated increases in water and sewer, waste water runoff tax and local municipal employees wage increases.

For instance;  just in Lewiston, Maine the Teacher’s Union has negotiated a 3 percent increase for every year that a teacher is associated with the Lewiston school system.  This years coming increase to the Lewiston, Maine Fiscal Year 2019 Budget will be automatically increased by $750.000.00 before it even starts the process.  (UNSUSTAINABLE)

And, School Budget will rise by estimated $10 Million Dollars.

Then, with a decreasing population in Maine due to Maine having the fastest aging population in the United States and this causing a reduction in it’s economy with loss tax revenue for purchasing with anticipated Mane State Employee raises it is sure to lead to problems if added to the Maine residents taxes, any fee increases or an increase in sales taxes either Motel or any other.

However, the State of Maine and Lewiston, Maine may (will attempt) could attempt to just borrow through passage of bond issue which will only put future Maine’s in a looming economic crisis.  (In 2018 fiscal year budget Maine bonded a $400 million dollar bond to cover it’s short fall .)

The next part of the issue is that with reducing population and local economies as to purchasing power and loss of revenue from loss of population decrease.  This Being felt by local business not being available to lease / sell / or have things bought by the loss population such as houses, apartment renting, gas utility individual unit losses, electric utility individual units losses or vehicle gas consumption through less vehicles on highways will lead to massive inflation for the future out look of Local and State governments.

Then, there is the government by outside Group Aditation that is by passing the Maine States Elective Process by “Peoples Initiative Circulation” which will add and is adding increasing taxes to the State resident’s problems.   This by the younger people that; “Do not know; that, which they do”.  And, do not care as long as it benefits them.

IN BRIEF:  Chapter 9 reference to the Bankruptcy Code established in 1937 and established by Congress; that, allows Municipalities to restructure it’s debts.


Like Detroit City; Lewiston, Maine is going to file Chapter (9) Bankruptcy and will renegotiate all union contracts and pension agreements through the arbitration of the United States Federal Courts.

Some of the dept holders / of secured credit – those who have collateral; they can repossess if default occurs will continue to be paid.

Bondholders, who funded various projects; will have to wait for a decision from the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court as to rulings.

(www.huffingtonpost./2013/07/24/Detroit-Bankruptcy-chapter 9_N-3640734.html for more details. )

Lewiston, Maine city side of budget is charging rent to the Lewiston, Maine School System side of the budget for the rent of the Lewiston, Maine Armory at a rate of $50,000.00 a year under an agreement for the new administered school Academy.  (Which, a “con-job” on the Residents of Lewiston, Maine.)

Lewiston, Maine is also; reliant, on the States procedural for the increasing of it’s School budget through a Voting Referendum; because, it can not meet it’s budget without exceeding the state base line expenditure increase and must also subside its yearly budget through the allocation of Maine State Revenue Sharing which is decreasing its allotment monies to cities.  And, that is why Lewiston, Maine must vote on the school budget yearly. As, it is relent on the state to subdue it Lewiston, Maine cities budget’s and is also tapping in to the United States Federal Community Development Grant Funding to finance it’s personnel and City side of the Fiscal yearly budgets.

Lewiston, Maine is putting it’s hopes in the consolidation (merger) with Auburn, Maine this 7 November 2017 (MERGER DID NOT PASS on 7 NOV 2017); to relieve it’s financial problem’s.  And, this measure did not pass the vote of 7 Nov. 2017.

While, Auburn, Maine is on the right path as to cutting all involvement as to joint ventures with Lewiston, Maine of past.

Planning and Financial Committee Chairperson Mr. REED with Myself; has, on numerous occasions recommended to the Lewiston, Maine City Administrator and City Council that they are treading on dangerous ground and by utilizing it’s patch work financial planning.

Remember, that only 31-34 percent of all businesses and residents are paying all the taxes in Lewiston, Maine.   As prescribed to be true by Mr. HEALY the Lewiston tax assessor. (207 513 3000 on recording press “0” live operator will answer.)

And, that Lewiston, Maine is also reliant on the 10 percent overage payment that it gets for running Lewiston’s General Assistance to aid its Fiscal budget.

Aiding in this travesty is that the housing market Valuation has decreased from average $135,000.00 house fall to a low of $93,000.00; this, will eventually cause mass city wide tax revaluation and loss of revenue to the City of Lewiston, Maine.

Thus, Lewiston is on the verge of collapse financially. (Or, will lay the issue in “Bonding Measures” squarely on the backs of the next generations.)   Resulting in no new large Box Store s moving to Lewiston, Maine and perhaps why Lewsiton, Maine has lost all of it large retail stores like Sears and others.

And, the States is soon to follow.


1.  Water and sewer increases is projected in the 2019 City Fiscal Budget..

2 . City $ mill rates per 1000.00 valuation will                                                 increase by and estimated 20 percent in the 2019 fiscal budget now being put together.

3.  All city violation penalties fines to increase.

4.  Property taxes to increase.

5.  Waste Water Runoff Tax (Rain Tax) to increase.

6.  Then there will be an across the board increase in food stuff, gas, electric, heating fuel and most everything as business will have to cover their property taxes and License fee’s.


Vote,   NO   on 12 May 2017 all issues at the Longley School or Multipurpose Building-school on Birch Street, Lewiston, Maine.




MAINE PUBLIC RADIO; get your head out of your _ _ _. “TRUMP” pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is “correct”. Why, because China is putting on line “Coal operated; electric generating plants at one (1) point five (5) a week. In, the first 5 months of 2016 china placed on line 25 major coal plants and this will cause a 2 degree increase to earth temperatures in 2018.

2 Jun

” TELL TAIL SIGNS, OF THE END OF THE EARTH.” Volcanic eruption now in Japan and Papua New Guinea on or about 8 March 2018.

31 May


Let it be known; that, I Charles Arthur Soule contend that Man’s aiding in global warming of the planet earth will and is leading to and aiding in its destruction sooner than later through volcanic and Earth quackes 

a. The earth is in a super nova state of being; as it was once a star.

b. With the heating of the atmosphere; by fossil fuels, deforesting, human body temperature and being radiated by past nuclear atomic energy the Atomic and Hydrogen booms; the earth’s crust is being heated with the crust, mantel, the inner magma chamber and the core which is under pressure.  Thus, creating earth trimmers and volcanic activity as the magma chamber expands.

c. The raising of the inner Magma Chamber of the Earth and Core of the Earth temperatures; which, is like a pressure cooker.  Will, raise the temperature of the inner Magma Chamber and Core to a point of far greater temperatures and pressure; of that, which is being / was introduced to the Inner Magma Chamber and Core Chamber which will split the earth due to pressure and volcanic action and will occur across the globe.

But, only if the Volcano (s) on the surface and can be seen.  At, the bottom of the oceans is another question as we can not see and action (s); of Methane gas releases do not kill us first.


TAKE AN EGG; now, place egg in microwave, heat and watch the egg explode from the inside; out. Egg, represents the heating of the yoke (Inner Magma Chamber) and the reaction of tremors (slow motion, as we can not see in the egg) and than the splitting of shell representing the (Crust or Mantle) of the Earth.


Now welcoming the Great Nations of  Netherland’s, United Kingdom and Belgium viewer’s of 23 January 2018.  Thank


27 Feb

I watch these conifers trees top’s with green and white snow laden winter limbs as they grow racing for the cloudy sky.   And I; watching, from on third floor tenement window high.

I watch them all racing each other from the cold harsh winter’s sky. Each trying to catch a way from the cold harsh winds, clouds and racing for the hidden beckoning of the approaching Spring day’s warning Sun’s ray’s.

And I; watching this from on third floor tenement window high.   And watching; waiting, as if a tree to see the clouds part beckoning for so the approaching Spring days warming Sun’s rays may fall upon my aging face like in past cold harsh winter gone by.

To think; as, if I to were a tall conifer tree.  That, had endured another and a many cold harsh winter wind’s day.

MOMS and DADS, upset ?

22 Feb

A number of dead beat “MOMS” (*Higher, total than Men.) and DADS”  are concerned about Federal and State Aid being given to new immigrants; as, they attempt to repay their Financial “Deadbeat” Labels off.

A number of “DEADBEAT” complaint that they are not receiving anywhere near in financial assistance that  new immigrants are receiving to be competitive in the new economy.

And, that most of them have fallen behind due to the Maine economy and their having to work two(2) or three (3) jobs just to make ends meet.

Another, issue was the fact that Maine General Assistance is affording some people rent, electric, food and daycare at no cost; and, making us citizens as third World citizen.  Even though we were born citizen of the United States of America.

A few stated, If the United State’s and Federal Government were not involved in immigration.   Perhaps, the monies that the foreigner are receiving could aid the Dead Beat “Mom’s” and “Dad’s” in getting a new foothold on their problems.

If you look at the job market over the years and lived the experiences of losing a job do to outsourcing to a third world nation you American’s might not be so inclined to label your children or grandchildren “Dead Beat Mom’s and Dad’s” .

We even fall behind if we attempt to retool by going back to school .

* FACT CHECK:  www.foxnews.com/story


22 Nov

I, see them; that, no longer are.

I hear them; that, no longer are.

I see and hear dead people; everywhere, I go !

I see and hear them; driving, here and there.

I see and hear them on the Television.

I see and hear them; at, the dinner table when I am eating.

I see and hear them; on, the bus.

I see and hear them at the store; when, I go grocery shopping.

I see and hear them walking; along, the streets of my town.

I see and hear them at church on occasions; when, I go to prayer.

I see and hear them; at, the Library.

I even see and hear them at sporting events I attend; though, they have all departed our earthy realm.

But, I have grown older; still seeing and hearing them where they should have been in days gone by of old.

And, so; this is why I do not frequent my old frequented places that once I did as a youth.

For, all I see and hear is them that no longer are; the dead, people that have gone before me and it saddens me.


14 Jul

” Puss Gut ! “

” If brains were dynamite you would not have enough to blow your nose ! ”

” You are as useful as tits on a bull! “

” Frog ”      ( I am partly Ffrench. )

” You are a pimple on the ass of prosperity. “

” He is stupid. ”


And, let us not forget the finger jabs to the front breast plate with stern measure.


These were some of the bullying I received at the age of 12;  from a man my mother was dating and later married for going on 52 years .

This individual whom was 17 years older than I and I believe in competition for my mother affection; could have assumed a position as an older brother and not competition.

How, as he is in the hospital and suffering from dementia.   I find myself in a position that;  I, could pay him back for all the self esteem issues I faced growing up.

It being so bad that I had to stand in front of a mirror and tell myself that I was someone and would lye in bed waiting for him to leave the house before I would get up.

I could not even look people in the eye and in a crisis would start crying or laughing from stress.

However,  he did later in life apologize to me as he stated, ” I was drinking heavily (alcohol) at the time.”

Thus to this day, I still remain in turmoil on sight of my stepfather and now look upon him with pity as to how humble one can be at the time of eternal finality.

I how find myself excluded from using , ” Turnabout, is fair play. ” due to an apology for years passed and moral convictions.

And, for one thing I did achieve that of not being like him,   And, not wanting to live up to his parameters, expectations and am glad for never living up to his accomplishments and affects on me as to passing any of my ill treatment on to my own children.

SMILE and have a good day at your expense and not someone else’s !


> > > > > YOUTHFUL; SORROW, OF THE HEART. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Article, first published 28 August 2013 at 9:35 Am. Published by: The American Nationalist Independent People’s Party on www.onlinewebfire.wordpress.com

28 Aug

Yes, I may live on Bartlett Street in Lewiston, Maine, and in the heart of the city; in a three story tenement.

“To tell you the truth”!   I, would not at this time exchange my circumstance for a penthouse on Park Avenue in New York City, New York State.

I have been granted a renaissance of soul and mind that made me have to gather my composure as my chest swelled and breathing became labored; by, a non citizen of the age of 7 years old.

What you would call; “Oh”, an immigrant, a legal immigrant or documented legal immigrant, or worse.

How, by his struggling English worded statement; while, standing on the outside porch of our apartment building in the roughest part of the inner city; this child with heart felt sediment and sorrow melted my antiquated thinking and soul.

His abrupt statement; while we were lingering on the front steps of our home; was “My brother is a United States of America Citizen (14 Amendment to the Constitution by birth.) and I am not. “

This was stated as if he were inferior to his brother for not being a citizen of the United States and he in this nation under “god”.

“A SORROW OF THE HEART” fell upon me and radiated through my body sending shivers up my arms and truly made the hair stand and still occurs today went I reflect on this issue. .

I, COULD ONLY SAY; WHILE, HOLDING BACK MY STRAINED EMOTIONS;  “O’ Bed”; be patient your time will come.

And, it will!


POST SCRIPT;  We as a Nation have procrastinated on the issue of Citizenship for way too long; and, deportation of non felonious criminals; is out of the question.  And, immigrant to this country; legal or not who have had children born in this country are covered by the 14 Amendment of this country’s United States Constitution.

These children; if, deported or take to their families origin countries; could and would be in jeopardy and could be used against these United States and / or beheaded on television.

The time to act is now; and , “YES” I was a strong advocate of DEPORTATION earlier; before, we as a nation procrastinated way-too-long.

Let us now, allow teacher of the school systems that these children attend; be, allow to administer the oath of “Citizenship”. Who, better to administer the oath; I, ask you.

Where, are your children ? Do you know where they are ?

17 Mar


Mainer’s to loose job’s.

15 Mar

via WORD SALAD for week ending 18 March 2018. Lewiston, Me.

NEWS FLASH: Lewiston, Maine school teacher’s to attempt to have school young people make up Winter Snow Day up on Saturday’s. That way it will not in interfere with the Summer Vacation’s. But, ruin the Working Classes weekend’s.

15 Mar

Heaven forbid as they do not get enough time off during the School Year and must inconvenience parent’s weekend.

Then, will young student’s go on a Saturday ?

LEWISTON, MAINE ? What’s in your Wallet Municupal and Teacher Hand’s.

14 Mar

via What’s in Your Wallet? Lewiston manicupal and Teacher hand’s ! WORD SALAD for week ending 18 March 2018. Lewiston, Me. City Budget Workshops.


14 Mar

via The highly covenanted “WHITE PILLOWING SNOW FLOWER” rarely seen but in early Spring. A sighting was made / seen this morning of 14 March 2018.