WORD SALAD 1 ; for 4 August 2017: If elected mayor of Lewiston, Maine in 7 November 2017. ” I, WILL BE ASKING Lewiston DEPARTMENT HEAD’S TO DECREASE THEIR MUNICIPAL; CITY AND SCHOOL BUDGET BY BETWEEN zero (0) AND 10 (ten) percent. Either, break even or DECREASE. AND, I WILL SEEK 2 HAVE BUDGET FOR CITY; FOR, FOLLOWING FISCAL YEAR BEGAN EARLIER.

1 Aug


  1.  Establish constables to aid the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.  The Lewiston  Police receive 49 thousand complaints to investigate a year.  And, must police over 200; alleged, known prostitutes in the area.

    2. Establishment of a Police Commissioner to oversee the Lewiston, Maine Police Department . Reasoning: Peoples complaining against a Lewiston Police Officer should not have to address the issue with the police station that the officer works for; so, the department can investigate it’s own

    3. Over 100 building have been demolished by the City of Lewiston, Maine.  If the city control the property I would suggest to the City Council that this property be give to individual (one Piece per person.) if individual will pay taxes that were levied at time of city coming into control of property.  New owner would have no mortgage and no interest on loan. Thus, could invest in fixing uo building and restoring to taxable city revenue.

    This would also inspire staying in and settling  in Lewiston .  Thus, could build houses more readily through lending organizations.

    4. Lewiston / Auburn Maine Consolidation Charter Committee ?  Lets “Vote”  I say “no” .

    5. Investigate Opt out of Lewiston, Maine Public School System; with, that portion of the School Budget monies that would have been spent on your child in Voucher Form.  So you the parent can us Voucher (s) at Parochial / private schools.

    6. Creative Job by investigating outside the box thinking in a partial part time employment economy by the following example.  (Example:  Upon retirement of Lewiston Superintendent Salary $138 thousand would divide salary by 3 an hire three qualified individuals to share responsibilities.

    7.  Take a look; at, not-for-profits and their exemptions as to city of Lewiston, Maine for the 32 percent of people and business paying all the taxes in Lewiston, Maine .

    8.  Reallocation of Federally Funded Programs like Community Development Block Grant money to facilitate more programs.

    9.  Create a Lewiston, Maine City Lotto drawn once a week.  Estimated: Population of Lewistom, Maine; 36 thousand.

    10.  National Public Radio (MPR) was rebuked by two (2) United States Senators this morning (1/13/2017) for attempting to put words in the senator’s mouth .  Beware of News sources that include words like; should, possibly and if.  These words are used to slant the news.  Do you know more

THIS IS “MY” POINT OF VIEW! Click, on anything red.

22 Jun

Lewiston, Maine is going to be constructing a new K1 through K8 School for a price of around $50 million dollars.`

Since, the new school is partly paid for by the Citizens of Lewiston, Maine it would greatly benefit the City to have local contractor, Sheet rocker, painter, Masonry brick layers, electrical, Fabrication Metal worker (ducts), excavators, and steel rod buster be from Lewiston, Maine. And, be from either Lewiston or the State of Maine where possible.

Lewiston, Maine, has the highest poverty levels for a one mile area radius; in all of New England.

Maine has one of the fastest, aging population in the United States of America with an average age of 43. Therefore, Lewiston, Maine with its new immigrants work force (woman + men) is one of the youngest cities in the State of Maine. And, maybe only second to Portland, Maine.

It would be beneficial for the State of Maine and Lewiston, Maine to look carefully to who the contractor will be in advance and attempt to secure the new labor force workers from it pool of manpower. Even, at the cost of subsidizing through their General Assistance Workforce by providing a period of payment to the companies up to 1/3 of what it cost the city now to house the Cities General Assistance recipients.

It, is my thought process that this would be beneficial to the recipient of General Assistance and others Lewiston people (1/3 of what is now paid out by the city of Lewiston through General Assistance would be used to gain full employment status.), the City of Lewiston, Maine, the State of Maine and the Contractor’s of the New K1-K8 school.

I am not all knowing and any assistance from the Maine Business World and peoples of Maine are welcome.


15 Jun


1. Over 179 building, 600 dwelling and apartment units (Now, a property taxable loss to the city; that, business and residents must make up in the city budget.) have been demolished either by City (Mostly) or private land owners in the Past 32 years. This does not include the transfer of the Bates Mill Complex with $27 million dollars, 3 parking garages, and cost of refurbishing of 300 parking space and on going heating of the mill by the City of Lewiston, Maine.

55% of all housing units as of 2013 are structures containing two or more units and as of 2013 there were 70 condemned residential structures in the City.

As, of 2013 the breakdown of housing types are as follow:

43.3% Single-family Detached homes.
1.6% Attached Homes.
41.1% 2 to 9 unites.
10.3 10 or more units.
3.7% Mobile Homes.

These figure maybe off by up to 2 percent as of 2016.

*SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS: (Was talking to Code enforcement and he stated to me that it was a good thing building and apartments holding units were being torn down as it would lead to not having to build more schools.)

Student, totals are projected to be as of 2017 5,752 with an increase until year 2021 this in part due to reproductive habits of some newer immigrants and welfare. Plus, non sexual education of new immigrants and religious belief as contraceptives were to we Christians as dictated by the Holy Sea.

This increase in the last few years has created a significant increase in the tax rate for elderly property owner’s through the expansion of schools and the construction of a new K1 to K8 which will be over budget by my speculations. This do to unforeseen property procurement and demolition costs.

It is my speculation that 47 new classrooms are need in the next 10 years. This with associated teachers and support staff.

It would be wise to think that; if, it were not for the demolition of multi-unit building Lewiston, Maine would be in server municipal financial trouble and maybe at that in the future.

*LEWISTON, MAINE ROADS/Water Distribution Lines/SIDEWALKS/Parking Garages/BRIDGES/Landfill:

188 mile of roads.
146 miles of H2O distribution Lines.
86 miles of sidewalks.
5 Parking structures.
8 Bridges.
1 Landfill which I anticipate will need to be replaced in a little more than 10 years.


1. Invest Wisely.
2. Emphasize the Heart of Lewiston.
3. Rethink Lewiston’s Suburban Gateways.
4. Capture a Greater hare of Major Retailers and Employers.
5. Make Lewiston a Hub for Artisan Industry.
6. Build Lewiston’s Creative Economy. (Translates to; Range of economic professions in active Lewiston.)
7. Partner, with Educational Institutions and Local Manufactures to Build a Skilled Labor Force.
8. Strive to become Self-Sufficient. This to me mean doing business with local town businesses peoples when meaningful value can be achieved.
9. Reforming the Cities General Assistance Policy. This to me means adding an individual to corporate full employment by the City of Lewiston’s paying the Employer for a period of time to educate the individual General Assistance person to learn the Job Requirements.


A. Support Local Partnerships / Incubators.

B. Start an Annual Partnership / Incubator Conference.

C. Open a Co-Working Office.

D. Promote, Grassroots Initiatives through the Federal Community Development Block Grant Funding.


Initiate, a Downtown Development Revolving Fund or Infrastructure Bank or Union with credit unions / Banks.

Create, a Business Improvement District.

Set up a Tax Increment Financing District for the Downtown area.

Pursue Revitalization Loans or Grants from around the world.

Expand or create, search for a new Lewiston Economic Growth Plan with input from local businesses, out of state and overseas nations.

* * ALL, THIS WHILE INSTRUCTING: Lewiston’s Municipal government not to exceed Lewiston 12018 budget expenditures this goes to pay raises and Teacher-yearly-Step-Raises of 3% for each year they are with the School System. This 3% percent is on top of last years 3% increase and 3% on each salary they go a year earlier plus medical and extras.

Maine Financial System, is an up side down Egyptian Pyramid; getting ready to collapse on it’s self. Remember, Maine population is decreasing and the people living here will sooner or later be taxed to rebellion or drastic cuts will have to be made to social services (roads, bridges, water items.) The average age of a Mainer is 43 years of age . . . . . and increasing.

But than again,all U need to B happy; is-a-safe-place-to-sleep, meal-a-day and your- health. Fore, all else is an extra.

Charles A. Soule: 1973 – Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal Newspaper.

7 Jun

Charles A. Sole of Auburn, Maine will enter Norwich University in the fall as a business administration major, and has further plans, upon completion of his work at Norwich, to enter the Bangor Theological Seminary, to prepare for a career as a minister.

<h3>Charles is a Senior at Edward Little High School, where he served as president of the Senior Class and President of the Student Senate.

He was junior Class President last year.  Active in Organization of Young Republicans, he is the President of the group. In 1972 he was President of the Christian Young Organization of the Sacred Heart Parish Church, Auburn, Maine.


He, also was a recipient of the 1973; Daughter’s of the American Revolution’s, “Good Citizen’s Award ” for community service and attended, Maine State Boy’s State, at Husson College in Bangor, Maine where he was appointed, Chief Justice of the mock Maine Supreme Court.

Boy State is an enactment of the Maine State government, bring together young adults from all over the State. While, there he was selected to be the Maine Superior Court Chief Justice; for protesting the assemblies not allowing a declared “Independent Party” member to speak.

“Big words from a small man!” YOU, WILL NEVER BE AMERICAN. BUT, BY IMMIGRATION or YOU ARE A NATIVE AMERICAN! Click, on anyone that is not an immigrant.

1 Jun

This article is going on 1000 view / likes on LINKEDIN.COM a business platform.

Big words from an old small man; by, Mr.Charles Arthur Soule, second generation Franco – American Citizen.

And thus, I will represent all immigrants that are here legal; as if, they were my father ! (However, Lewiston is struggling with a tax burden placed on it because of this immigration and it is causing a problem to the elderly population and renters of the community.

Thus, I say; I, will be attempting to hold down municipal and school budgets to allow the community to get some readjustment from these new burdens, licensing fee, water and sewerage increases and waste water run off fee’s (Different for apartments and houses.)

You  will never be accepted to any of these countries if you move there; France, Russia, China, Japan, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Finland and so on; because, they are dominated by a nation racial historic lineage.

But, the only way one becomes an American Citizen; is to migrate.   Like, our ancestry forebears did.

Think about it . . . . . We are perhaps; the, only nation on earth that is defined by the trait of legal immigration and once accepted as a citizen you are entitled to all aspects of citizenship under the laws of the United States of America.

They say that crying is good for the Soul(e). “WHEN DID YOU; LAST, HAVE A GOOD CRY ?” Click, on anything red, white and blue.

30 May

“I awoke in a deep crying; this morning.

My face scrounged; as, if being pressed together from bottom to top and where your whipping of your tear covered eyes; coated, your hands as you whipped your face.  Your naval passages become partially blocked with your throat becoming constricted and the muscles under your chin become so strained what you can feel your stomach tensing.

It was after a dream in color; where I was driving; my old 1964 Ford F-650 Truck of 24 foot in length; and, I had just drove through, two (2) buildings with debris floating by the closed windows of the cab (Driving compartment) and down a farm pasture; swerving, to miss objects with loss truck breaks and coming to rest; due, to a hill incline.

I then awoke with my pillow damp.

The tears kept coming; for at lease a half hour or more and an old song playing by John Lennon; with lyric of, “Brotherhood of man.”  brought me once again to tears after just getting under control.  All this at three-thirty – 3:30 am.

The whole episode could have been brought on by events in my life, events around me as well as the long winter, now rain, my life struggle’s to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine or my 12-17-12 court case and Acquittal at Androscoggin Maine Superior Court; or, watching the Boston Booming Trial?

I am in hopes, that America will not issue the death penalty; but, will show the world our “Marcy” by issuing a “life sentence” due to the influence on the younger Mr. Tsaranaev; mentally, by his older brother.)

It maybe; that I am growing older with all its problems; arthritis, heart palpitations, memory recall not as sharp, or, that watching the American society disintegrate; which; brings on my irritability and lashing out at people and friends.

And, still my eyes water, throat tightens and breathing is labored as I wrote this and now type it.

I must admit, I do not know; if at going on sixty-five years of age; if, I have lost the stamina to do the job and become the peculiar old eccentric man written about in books and newspapers or seen on the streets of any town.

“HOPE, SUMMER “normal heat”; ARRIVES, SOON.”


TRUMPSTERS: IS IT TIME TO Take 2 Streets Day in your City Park; “Saturday, 27 May 2017.” Click on any thing red.

17 May

President Trump has been in office a 118 days and has endured more hostility than any other president; for being president than I can recall in all my Sixty-Five (65) years of living.

With, that said I investigated and found that I was wrong. There was one who endured as much and perhaps more . . . . .That, being President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32 president of the United States from 1933 through 1945.

F/Check: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/fdr-creats-the-wpa

The media was concerned with his programs of Social Security, Work Progress Administration ( WPA ), Emergency Appropriations Act, Public Works Administration (PWA) and other public assistance programs. And, today he is still my mentor; and, he was a Democrat.

He as a Democrat safe guarded the Free enterprise system; believed, at all should work for a living and not accept the dole he safe guarded the free enterprise way of things and instituted policies so that his job programs did not directly conflict with that free enterprise.

So, is it time for us individuals to LOAD and LOCK ?

I was speaking to an Independent (D) and she stated that the media is constantly driving issues that are faults and though she voted for Clinton she thought enough is enough . . . . Shut, the press down and all the disharmony.

“Trumpsters”; Take, too the Street’s Day is ” Saturday, 27 May 2017 ” in your home town !

Promulgated; by, SOULE4MAYOR2017 – Lewiston, Maine.

A, WISH; FOR MOM . Click, on anything red, white or blue.

13 May

If elected by the people of Lewiston, Maine this Fall 11/07/2017 to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine; it would be my pleasure to have the oath of office administered in a non-denominational ceremony at the Saint Peter and Paul Basilica, Prince of Peace Parish so all may attend.

And, to have this action occur on a school day so that representatives; of the Lewiston, Maine school system; children my attend and that my eighty-nine (90) years young mother and father my attend to hold the swearing in Bible and travel by day.

Foot note: Movie:

“Going My Way (1944)” staring Mr. Bing Crosby and Mr. Barry Fitzgerald – Should have been given an Academy Award.


POEM TO TEACHERS: “GAVELLED AGAIN” The Political re-education of Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’. Click, on anything red.

3 May

He was the only guy; I know, that had been gavelled through and through; as, if he had no feelings or a right to speak; in their Democracy.

And, again last night ( 9/06/2016) at the Lewiston City Council Meeting; for, asking a question; as to, if the United States National Parks Service, 1849 C. Street NW, Washington, DC 20240 had approved the swap of property for the Building of the New k-1 thru K-8 School to the Lewiston, Maine City Council’s appointed School Board Representative Member, Ward-5’s;  mrs. kristine cloutier…..she did not answer his question…But,  he was GAVEL;  and, is that not the purpose of the city council meeting but for; to, answer the taxpayers and citizens question on the City of Lewiston, Maine ?

For, the property the City of Lewiston, Maine needs is governed by a clause by the National Parks Service that this property can only be used for a recreational field; and, that means the Spring” Yes vote” on the New big school by the residences of the City of Lewiston, Maine is void; should, the National Parks Service say “NO”.

Should the National Parks Service say ‘YES”; it, would lead to a setting of precedence for all other National Communities to request a variance from the United States National Parks Service Policies; thus, unleashing a can of worms.

He had been gavel by the right; Democratic, Lewiston, Maine Mayor GILBERT; as, if he had no feeling or a right to speak in their Democracy.

He had been gavel by the left; Republican, Lewiston, Maine Mayor Robert MACDONALD; as if he had no feeling (twice) or a right to speak in their Democracy.

He has been gaveled by the Independent; Lewiston, Maine; Lewiston School Board; which was no party; as, if he had no feeling or right to speak; for proposing, a different educational idea that small school in neighborhood were better; and, asking for them to reconsider their vote of the Orwellian Big 950 student Lewiston, Maine School for k through k-8 children; which, went contrary to the educator superintendent; thinking.

But, was not that the idea; that, was the responsibility of the Lewiston, Maine educational school board to foster.

But, when he fathered an idea in opposition to their teachings; and, fostered new thought; he was gavel; as, if he had no feelings; gavel, ruled out of order and asked to leave the meeting; less, the police be called.

Standing fast to his idea, non-educational intimidation was used; and, he departed as if he had no feelings or a right to speak in their Democracy.

He was the only guy, I knew that had been graveled; as, if he had no feelings by Lewiston, Maine’s Democratic, Republican Band from the Lewiston Library ( for stating that Lewiston, Maine people were being displaced by foreign unqualified Librarians and city workers) and Educational Political Re-educator’s; who, could not grasp his idea;  “when it was time to learn from its past students”.   Though it was he, their educated once child; stepping out to political educational manhood and shared Lewiston, Maine’s taught wisdom.

Respectfully, Mr. Charles A. Soule;  onlinewebfire@yahoo.com    I accept hate mail too.


26 Apr

Have asked Lewiston, Maine’s – Lot’s to Garden’s Organization to plant an URBAN Forest on the properties that are coming into he organizations control.

With, Lewiston, Maine government is assuming properties through abandonment in the inner city; what, greater purpose could be served then to plant oxygen giving forests in the vacant lots as a tribute to Arbor Day 28 April 2017.

And bring ” joy ” to children and residents as they watch the tree’s mature in in the Pine Tree State of Maine.

Poem: ” WHAT I DESIRE OF MY NEXT EASED LOVER… ” Click, on anything red, white or blue.

14 Apr

To; be gently picked up like a leaf and caressed; by a lonely passing breeze; and, then held in its warm vortex midst; for quite sometime; if, not for life and then laid free on a hand to mouth kissed; breeze.

For, this is what; I desire of my next eased lover; and, pray the gods of warm breeze’s; for this deed; if, just for one more time before my breast breathed winds; depart me.


Poem: ” WHAT I DESIRE OF MY NEXT EASED LOVER… “ — soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

14 Apr

To; be gently picked up like a leaf and carest; by a lonely passing breeze; and, then held in its warm vortex midst; for quite sometime; if, not for life and then laid free on a hand to mouth kiss… Source: Poem: ” WHAT I DESIRE OF MY NEXT EASED LOVER… “

via Poem: ” WHAT I DESIRE OF MY NEXT EASED LOVER… “ — soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Letter from Maine Education Association; 35 Community Drive; Augusta, Maine 04330.

1 Apr

” 2015 – Screening and endorsement Questionnaire “

” Lewiston City Mayor, Council and School Board Candidates Questionnaire “

QUESTION ONE (1) :  What would you do to improve schools in Lewiston, Maine.

I would televise all School Board Meeting; with amble time as to notifying of the public  as to when they will air and that public may attend.

Secondly, I would schedule a few school Boards Meeting on a Saturday; so the Public with children may attend; for right now; a family, must get home from work feed their children, school homework, bath them and put them to bed.

All this on a school night and meetings start at 6:45 pm.

QUESTION TWO (2) :  What does Academic Freedom mean to you.

1.  Academic freedom and innovation; is not a given as I would: require the mandate that all Maine State Assessment Exam’s be given on a school day and while school is in regular session.  It is not an optional Exam; and now, student’s may opt out of the Maine State Assessment Exam, which is held on a Saturday.  “GET REAL”  The exam is a measuring tool only and should be thought as such…….with no condemnation attached.

You want academic freedom in school; go, to a Parochial or private school.  GO TO FACEBOOK; Lewiston Mayoral “Rock the Vote”; look for Article  ” Voucher’s “


Google.com: Charles Arthur Soule, Lewiston, Maine ! web site will show up.

QUESTION THREE (3) : Does the State fund education enough.


A.  The State of Maine is well on the right track; in regards, to the 2004 Citizens Referendum of paying 55 % of the cost of public education and are at a reasonable percentage rate all of this after 2008-9 economic down turn and corporate welfare to get them out of their caused mess..  I believe, the States of Maine; are at above 47 %.

B.  NO to increases.                     (LOOK TO AFOREMENTIONED QUESTION A. )

C.  Lewiston is paying, perhaps the highest Tax’s of any Municipality in the State of Maine.  YES; THEY ARE HIGH.

Lewiston School Department has just had a 5.3 % increase for 2016-17 on last years fiscal year budget of 58.3 million dollars and had a $200 thousand dollar wind fall; after borrowing $55 thousand from the Lewiston City side of the 2015-16 fiscal year budget.





WORD SALAD: LEWISTON / AUBURN APRIL FOOL DAY, 1 APRIL 2017 This years combined city budget will be in the neighborhood of ” $120 ” million. dollars. Lewiston, Maine must induce it’s working employees to buy homes in Lewiston, Maine and aid in the stabilizing of it’s property tax rate which pays their salaries.

23 Mar
  1. President Trump wishes to do away with the Alternative Minimum Income Tax.   This exemption is substantially higher than the exemption from regular income tax. Regular taxable income is adjusted for certain items computed differently from AMT, such as depreciation and medical expenses.  No deduction is allow for “State” taxes or miscellaneous itemized deductions in computing AMT income.   Taking from the top to aid the bottom.   Great way to pay for work on America’s infrastructure.
  2. There were 51,1oo jobs in Lewiston, Maine in December 2016.


  4. I would encourage all people of voting age to “VOTE” on the Lewiston, Maine School Budget 2017 at the Multipurpose; James B. Longley School on Birch Street.  My reasoning is that the last years 2016-2017 budget $68 million had a 5.7 percent increase which added $7 millions to the city budget just on the 2016-2017 Lewiston, Maine School side of the budget last year.

    This year’s school budget; is expected to be close to $72 million compared to last years 2016-2017 school budget of $68.8 million dollars .  Then there is the $6 million city cost of the new K1-K8 School that is not covered by the State of Maine.   Remember government budgets are done a year in advance. ” VOTE ” in  June 2017.

    Lewiston, Maine school superintendent Webster is using students on election days and producing signs at the schools printing facilities to persuade voters without parents permission and allowing them to miss a days worth of classes and will he in this years elections?  Start of the “Hitler” Youth Organization of the 1930’s ?                                                (F/check: http://www.sunjournal.com) From page picture.


  6. In a previous Word Salad; I mentioned, that if your broker had not willing to signed a Fiduciary Agreement; stating that he will work in your best interest then working on chances on your behalf . And, seeing that your best interest is all he is working on and not just his commissions than look else ware. Well, now the United State Senate is attempting to pass laws on that will penalize Brokers that do not.
  7. Reporter for the PRESS are becoming more aggressive and attempting to become part of the HEADLINES IN THE NEWSPAPER AND MEDIA.  1. Interview with President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro; Andrea M. made an ass out of herself…by; one question becoming a compound question.  2.  Then there’s the TRUMP DEBATE’S reporter Kelly becomes part of the narrative.   3.  Then there is the reporter pulling at TRUMP’S coat sleeve and the Campaign Manager have to restrain her….Part of his job.  SECURITY:     Maybe, the press should be reeled in.

  8. Read; WWW.ONLINEWEBFIRE.WORDPRESS.COM – New Republican Party
  9. I would like to commend the efforts of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department and especially the Beat Officers for their securing of the Inner City Drug Problem Areas which I have see great improvement in.

  10. This year the Federal Government will be shifting some of the cost of MEDICARE / MAINECARE cost to the States.  This was instituted in the Obama Adminstration.

  11. Supreme Court hearings; Mr. Gorsuch stated; that, as I, ” He would lay down the banner of his political party as it is a tool that one can only get to the Office by.  And, that he would represent the “People best interest.”  What more can one ask of an individual . . . . . . . I ask; you !

**WORD SALAD EXTRA** Who am I to speak; a speech to be given by Mr. Charles Arthur Soule.

16 Mar

Who am I to speak?

I am not overly educated or overly successful; I am a Veteran of a Military Police Action gone by a citizen of Auburn – Lewiston; Maine, and the United States of America.

In November 2015 Mayoral Election; I was served a none harassment of a reporter and a no trespass by a daily local newspaper Lewiston Maine Sun Journal though the Lewiston, Maine Police Department./tag/news

The next day an article appeared in the local SunJournal.com newspaper calling me a “Eccentric” for pointing out that College Students from out of state in were voting in the Lewiston, Maine election by registering with just their College Identification and a piece of Mail without changing their drivers license; or any financial forms indicating their home addresses.

So, you will not read of my appearance here tonight in your local newspaper for the aforementioned reason.

I am here tonight to declare my candidacy for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in 2017 as a “NO CONNECTS-IT ” in regards to Consolidation of the two cities of Lewiston – Auburn, Maine.


tag: https://soule2017mayor.wordpress.com/tag/news-flash-bankruptcy-for-lewiston

WORD SALAD 17 March 2017: Lewiston, Maine School Budget to increase 7.2 percent over 68.8 2016-2017 of last year budget to 74.2 million for 2017-2018 School budget. And, with Lewiston Taxpayer’s to pay $6 million dollars of new K1-K8 school construction cost. “WHAT IN YOUR WALLET ?” F/check:www.sunjournal.com/3/06/2017

15 Mar

Still, no word on if U. S. National Parks Service will grant wavier to Lewiston to build school on designated Roux football field to make way for new K1-K8 school @ $40 million school and city taxpayers to pay $6 million towards construction cost.


Mayoral candidate Charles Arthur Soule said he was trying to make a point about local elections when he challenged a group of Bates College students registering to voting on a Bates College Identification (only) at the polls Tuesday, 5 November 2015.

“I explained the facts, about how would they feel if I went to their family’s home district and started voting in their elections without changing my driver license to their State or other college financial information,” Soule said Wednesday.

But that’s not how Bates students Kristen Kelliher, Monata Song and Sophie Samdperil took it. ( Why did the reporter (Not a Pulitzer Prize Winner) not include that Nation these girls were from ?

He also did not include that the only reason they left the Lewiston Armory Men’s Room was that I had pulled out a Phone Camera recorder and failed to mention the witnesses I had , Maine advised the at time Managing Editor / Days:  Judith Meyer about ?

Ms. Samdperil said Soule was never exposed and was not using the restroom facilities (She is a liar.) but was attempting to escape.  ( I was attempting to extricate myself from the situation in the front of the building and went to the Restroom where I was relieving myself as the girls interred the restroom.  It was only after one of the girls; said, “This is not cool” did they leave the restroom.  They were trying to hold me at bay in the Men’s room at the Lewiston Armory on Election Day 5 November 2015.


Newspaper and Reporter writes:  Soule is a local eccentric (“Eccentric” attempt at “Bullying” of a 62 year old at time: Vietnam Era Veteran and elderly mature citizen who has a right to run for office in today’s America as many time as he wants to. ) who has run unsuccessfully for multiple city seats over the past 20 years ( fact as printed in prior Lewiston, Maine Newspaper; it is 30 years, reporter, check your facts.)

Am, I an eccentric; because I am older and have not the new fad clothing or linguistics of today or does my age and the passing of time make one’s thinking and stature peculiar ?


Noun: a person who has an unusual. peculiar, or odd personality, set of beliefs, or behavior pattern.


  1. Nikola Tesla, Physicist and Engineer 1856 – 1943
  2. Lord Byron, English Poet 1788 – 1824
  3. Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Painter 1475 – 1564
  4. Pythagoras, Greek Mathematician 575 – 500 BC
  5. Albert Einstein .. Need I say more?

GOING ON 30 YEARS; MAYOR’S, MIND TRAP. (ca. 1986 – 2017)

6 Mar

Trapped with nowhere to turn and life is changing; as, my once chestnut colored hair now; graying fall, on the keyboard of the computer.   And, tools changing as where to get ice when getting a soda at the B-king; where, at one time it was a separate machine and prices increases.

Changes beyond my control causing this deep aching in the bottom of my soul and then is someone else pulling the strings; “Oh to fly on wing escape” if only of a vacation to my youth.

I, wanting to dig myself out; filled with despairs of my youth, filled with doubt of age, muted; not able to express this ever growing pain that has accumulated over these so many years and feeling of relentless distress; tears, that are not visible to the naked eyes and silent screaming that no one  can hear.

And I trying to speak; but, nothing reverberates or can express this feeling of sadness and worthlessness of not attaining this my lives goal to be mayor of Lewiston, Maine.

Emotional pain; has walked with me, through these days, months, years and sleeps with me with open mind through the night; leaving me depleted; with no strength; but, to follow through to fight anger of rejection, ridicule and butt of jokes for having the courage to turn-thing this-way-and-that, too, open eyes and to enlighten the masses.

Me anchored; to this remorse encompassed in joy; not able to unite the bonds of humanity; but chained to this task and course by what I believe destiny.

Is it false pride; the creator affliction on me; of almost 30 years that rules supreme and makes me fixated on the task of being Mayor of Lewiston, Maine.

Peace, silence and rebirth I shall obtain: as, in first love or a child in their mothers arms.

For this is what I need to make me whole; not apathy, what I need is for everyone to vote your at the polls in November and realize there are no strings attached or special interest attached.   But, just giving and generosity and putting the joy back in life and softly expressing a new deal for the American and Lewiston, Maine’s public.

Lewiston, Maine voters; to face “SOCIALIST POLICIES” in 2017. Mr. Charles A. Soule (R) and Mr. Benjamin Chin (D). Click, on anything red.

3 Mar
Note: I like to thank Maine donor supported: WLAM 14.70 Radio for their free radio time.  Contact to become a donor: WLAM@radiomail.com

He, has been resurrected from the Lewiston, Maine political ash heap.

Yes, Mr. Benjamin Chin will again attempt another run for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine with money $11,971.00 held over from his out of state liberal friends and last Mayoral Campaign.

And, once again he and jane lysen councilor for ward one who ward bates college sis in (1) will attempt to rally the Bate’s College Student into meddling; all, 1200 hundred who are allowed to force their will on Lewiston, Maine Ward’s 1 and 3 through just using their Bates College Identification Card and not changing their Driver’s Licenses or any of their Tuition Aid Information.

Mr. Chin will be hoping to attain his dream of opening an immigration office at Lewiston City Hall (F/check Lewiston sun Journal 10/ 2015) and his democratic liberal agenda.  Like when they rallied to push for a tuition free college education at taxpayer expense and then when Governor paid back hospitals the made a joke show of it. (F/check: http://bangordailynews.com/2013/09/08/politics/lepage-delivers-symbolic-check-as-39-hospitals-recieve-490-million-in-mainecare-payments/

It was an eye opener to see the article of his mayoral announcement in the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal’s City Section, Page 1, above the fold; to which no other candidate was able to obtain.  And, I should know for I have run for years and have never obtained this coverage

All, I have obtained was intentional miss quoting and I handed a copy of my speech to the reporter. (F/check: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal 11/2004), off colored head shoot and being called a “gadfly” and an “Eccentric” for my year’s of endeavor to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine and serve the residents.

Such bolstering is surprise for a job that is defined by Lewiston, Maine City Charter as nothing more than a position whose duties include running the city council, speaking out on issues, voting to break a City Council tie and cutting ribbons.  I salary is just over $4000.00 and is a stipend for out of pocket expenses related to the job.

Mr. Chim spent well over $90 thousand to will the Mayor Lewiston, Maine election to my Mr. Soule’s $244 if I remember right.

Reading the article I almost fainted; when, I read, “The decision to run was difficult because of his young family.  (Not that he had saved $11,971.00 dollars from his mostly out State over $93,000.00 – 2015 Campaign funds. (F/check: 207 513 3000 press 0 for operator; ask, Lewiston City Head Elections Clerk.)

Lewiston is a city where most of our ever day older and younger residents earned their education through hard work, home / overseas military service, family instruction and through physical labor, not merely through a book in the local libraries or off the internet.

Does, anyone surmise or think; mr. chins, is content to remain Director of the Maine Peoples Alliance and allied liberal organizations like Lewiston’s Visible Community, Lot to Gardens whom receive fund through donation, memberships fees and your federal grants. (F/check: http://mainepeoplesalliance.org/allies)

Mr. benjamin chin says he wants, “Lewiston, Maine to be ‘America’s great comeback story’.”  But, with his liberal policies Lewiston, Maine will become a welfare haven at the old and young taxpayer’s residents expense.

Lewiston, Maine is the poorest city in the state !  Lewiston, Maine has a square mile inner city that is the poorest in New England.

Let it be known; that Lewiston, Maine is not anti-anything but it’s elderly population are concerned that rising taxes cost incurred with immigration will force them out of their homes.

It, will be my resolve to “Freeze all city non required spending and freeze all city salary increases.”  (F/check:  Administrator received a salary increase of $3,000.00 last year; and, that he the Police Chief $95,000.00 with a number of other city employee’s make more than the Governor of the State of Maine who is content to receive $75,000.00 a year.)

BLAST FROM THE PAST: I PLACE MYSELF IN DANGER BY TAKING ON THE ESTABLISHMENT . . .Lewiston, Maine Police Department and the Western Maine Task force of the DEA.

1 Mar

Well, school is under way in  Lewison, Maine.

And evidently so has the Lewiston, Maine School of Prostitution.  Classes are held on the corner of any street in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine that begins with an “Ho”. and intersecting with Ash Street from 4:00 am and all day  and well into the night.

And to think, this intermingled in full view of the Inner Lewiston, Maine City children walking to school !

I live in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine and concur with the Governor of the State of Maine on three fronts.

  1.   In this City and in my estimation the percentage of Dealer brake down  85 percent Blacks too  15 percent white.

  2.   I, also reject the Calling of the Governor of Maine a racist; as,  he and his beautiful wife have a adopted black child.  Ho, did the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal not mention that fact…mr. drew gattine is a glory hunter as election are coming up.

  3.   Alleged, Prostitutes know to Lewiston, Maine Police Department on full view this morning giving instruction on how to walk a corner.   First, there is C with a black eye given to her by she B – friend; they run the police department for they walk everywhere without incursion, E. S. doing business at corner of Prince St. and Walnut Street,  K., D. F. on bail condition for prostituting in Portland, Me. and C.  V. in pink.

  4.   When, it comes to policing in Lewiston, Maine. I, like Pontious Pilate and Jesus;  I wash my hands of the Lewiston Police Department and the old boys network; not really I do not bury my head in the sand.

  5. Ms. DJ a 21 child in Lewiston is in need of help.  (I asked the Lewiston Police Department aand Western Maine (DEA) to intercede) as she walks, the street with drug shooting implements in her purse.  Since, the Western Maine DEA is not intervening with the Lewiston, Maine Police Department (LPD)….   This child is in a usury position as the dealer is fronting her the drug in an effort to keep her in his control and servicing his clients…………….for the drug. And, since I have asked the DEA and LPD on several occasions to intervene for the sake of girls to no avail and was given the excuse that they are following them to the Dealer’s house.  Thus; using, the young girl in a usury way; just, like the Drug dealers !

MAYORAL SPEECH OF MR. CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE to Landlord’s Association Forum 11/2013. A, little ahead; of “Trump”. Click, on any red.

1 Mar

I ask a lot of you the voter’s of Lewiston, Maine; when asking you to have faith in me.  And, I am no saint; but, these are difficult times that are testing our measure, self-reliance and self-preservation.

Getting us back to self: I am talking about purity, child like purity and innocents.  But, not child like naiveté, purity.

Today’s media; commercialism, greed and special interest groups misleading us as a people and a nation away from national self-interest.  If this continues; we as a nation will and are headed to the ash heap of governments, that came before for eternity.

I am second (2nd) generation Franco American; on my father’s side and on my mother’s side; a kin to George Edward Soule’ who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 ( Fact Check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/george-soule/mayflower/passenger ) as an indentured servant to the colony for seven (7) years, was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact.

My grandfather on my father’s side migrated to the United States of America from Quebec, Canada in 1919 (F-C: https://myheritage.com//name/joseph_dube) and he at the time had to show the government of the United States of America that he could be self-supporting and he did to the City Clerk of Lewiston, Maine.

Therefore, when I take immigration I speak as a son or a first generation France American.

I also wish to conclude with the statement of; Lewiston, Maine, is not a raciest City. as being portray by the town media.   It is however the poorest city in the state of Maine and has a square mile that ranks the poorest one mile radius in New England.

As, I am 64 years young and my mother is going on 89 years young we consider the rising taxes; such, as the Waste Water Run Off Tax (Rain Tax), Water and Sewer and property tax increases due to out of control school budgets for the last 3 consecutive year in the millions of dollars.

WORD SALAD: for 3 March 2017.

27 Feb
  1. Copy at will.
  2.  Consolidation / Unified L / A: Unified Lewiston /  Auburn endorsed by Governor ” NO ” Thanks “. Money by government sources provided by government administration to the “Yes” side and non to the”NO”.

Reason: Unseen cost to consolidation; all sign through State must be changed, maps, Private business stationery / forms,  Cities / Schools government Auburn and Lewiston, Maine business forms must be replaced, all local government and private internet site will have to be altered, Global positioning alteration, If you were born in Lewiston, Maine Birth Certificates will have to be updated; cost to you $15 per individual and Maine Driver’s Licenses updated.  Can You think of any I have overlooked.

2.  Maine Governor’s limitation of Maine State Income taxes; once again “NO THANKS”.

Reason: Excuse to revaluation of local taxes…shifting of; as Auburn may have to pick up larger share, Lewiston has a greater “Voting population “, and Lewiston is building two new schools.  Then their are those people on fixed incomes that will have no way to counter; New monies to those employed, Municipalities will have to pick up the Tax burden and get the mill rate right the time; or suffer the consequences.  “NO REVENUE SHARING ?”

It sounds good for the working individuals as they think they will have added expendable income; but, this is a misconception.  And, then again we all hope for retirement; and then they will not be able to make up the difference.

3.  BEWARE OF PRIVATIZATION OF ELECTRIC DELIVERY COMPANIES WHICH SEEN TO BE FRACTURING “Central Maine Power Company”; AS THESE SPLINTER COMPANIES DO NOT SAVE YOU MONEY ON DELIVERY.  AND, ARE OUT FOR THEMSELVES; Example: Electricity Maine; I had them and they added to my bill and then when my bill was just $50.00 they sent a disconnection letter.  They also; did not notify me that they had severed business with me: had transferred me back to Central Maine Power and never saved me any money. Delivery cost $15. some odd cents; electricity used; $5. some odd cents.  Delivery price; should, never be greater the supply price ?


In the past the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal’s RROADS; has use the questions and answers portion of the Lewiston,Maine Mayoral Forum and Candidate guide question’s that through a negative light on my Candidacy for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine by not allowing a true debate on the Issues and picking question that worked better for certain other Candidates.  In the run off (2015) between the Honorable Mayor Mac Donald of Lewiston, Maine they allow questions they though would embarrass the current mayor Mac Donald as his apponent was more articulate and allowed adversary to pack the audience.   Yes, I attended.



I would like to thank the Downeast Magazine for their favorable quote of me in their January 2016 addition.  “Well Done”.


25 Feb


The Lewiston, Maine Police Department is falling behind on their game and culpable for any excessive number of prostitutes.   As, we all know; there, is always a few that will get through in the early mornings.  But, this number has increased dramatically in the last few days as the weather is warming.

AS, of Wednesday, 07 June 2017 prostitute count numbered (10) and out all day as police in non observation mode.


Corner of Shawmut Street and Ash Street.  Verbal solicitations. It has been relaid to me that the same vehicles are circling the neighborhood every morning or racing up and down in search of prostitutes.

Call, 207 784 6421 or 513 3001  Lewiston, Maine Police Department or Maine DEA at 783-5333 and aid them in their vigilance and ensuring the safety of the youth of your city.


Immigrant resident  population as individuals using basement of building as Drug Dens.

Prostitutes, should be arrested or hospitalized for their own protection.

Remember, these girls are trapped into their situation (s); and, without adequate policing and Judicial Review (Home arrest with hours restricted.); will be introducing other vulnerable young girls into an ill fated life that will cost you citizen a great deal as they create unwanted children that may to introduced into a life of opiate addiction from their start and hospitalization cost of lifelong rearing that will be afforded to you the Taxpaying individuals of this nation.  Not to mention the loss of their other children to the State and the mother continual using of rehabilitation facilities.

These rehabilitation facilities only feed the addiction by substitution of another drug Sometimes for years; then, they sell the drug for about $21.00 at script to buy other drugs.) that is subscribed to ween them off of drugs already in their system. I would suggest self withdrawal in a rapid time and only getting involved if medical attention is required.  No, pain no gain . . . a teaching tool.

The Inner City of Lewiston, Maine; from College Street to Sabattus Street to Webster Street to Pine St., Pierce St. to Jefferson Street to Walnut Street to Bartlett Street to Birch Street to Bates Street to Maple St. to Lisbon Street to Pine Street; must be a one constant patrolled area 24 hours a day and especially at night in the summertime.

I would like to thank; the local area community residents and businesses people that wish to remain in the shadows; for, providing valuable information as an aid in my writing of this Article.  To, them; “My hat is off”  for their concern.

Mr. CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE; speech of 11 / 19 /2015; to, the Lewiston, Maine City Council.

25 Feb

Who, am I to speak; I am not overly educated; overly successful; I am however; a Veteran of a Military Police Action gone by; a Citizen of Lewiston – Auburn; Maine and the United States of America.

Firstly, I would like to apologize to the Lewiston Community for bringing to light; the, Bates College influences on the Community.

Secondly, I would like also; to, thank the roughly 18 thousand voters who did not Vote; and, therefore; “Did not Vote against me.”  Thank – U.

I was called an “Eccentric” by the reporter scott taylor of the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal, Park Street, Lewiston, for exercising my rights to run for political office – Mayor for the last thirty (30) year’s.

But is it, not my right; in the definitions of the American electoral society we still know today.

And, was it not this Lewiston – Auburn circulated newspaper; that, on the Honorable Mayor Robert E. MacDonald’s first attempt in November of 2011 to be mayor; of, Lewiston, Maine?   Asked, you the Lewiston Voters to; “RESET THE CLOCK” and, vote for a deceased honorable candidate ?  The now deceased Candidate for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine; the Honorable Mr. Mark Paradis.

I was going to ask you to suspend your newspapers; but, now realize that this would only hurt the job situation in the area.



All the above bulling by a newspaper calling me “ECCENTRIC” and butting into print was accomplished after being handed a “NO TRESPASS AT THE LOCATION OF THE NEWSPAPER and a NON HARASSMENT OF THE WRITER OF THE ARTICLE” a day before the printing of the reporters article ?

http://www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com or http://www.onlinewebfire.wordpress.com

WHY ? ?

24 Feb

Why, are illegal immigrants; being, given a United States Judicial Court Review; prior to being removed from this country ?

  1.  They are non citizens of the United States; and, at what financial cost to the  taxpayers ?

2.  The United States Congress and Senate should repeal this process; and, do away with             the special Administrative Lawyers Judges that are appointed.

3.  Currently, the Administrative Judge have a back log of about 1500 and is increasing.

4.  These cases can involve years to adjudicate.

What will be the cost to deport millions of illegal immigrants – whats in your wallet ?

Sailor of the Quarter Awarded – Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal 1974.

22 Feb

Charles Arthur Soule, has been named Sailor of the Quarter; for, the period ending December of last year at the U. S Naval Communication Station at Diego Garcia, a British Indian Ocean Territory.  A British and American joint Island Command in the Indian Ocean.

He was cited for his cheerful disposition, easygoing personality, tact and demeanor while doing business with officer and civilians; British and American.


21 Feb

To; be gently picked up like a leaf and caressed; by, a lonely passing breeze; and, then held in its warm vortex midst; for quite sometime; if, not for life and then laid free on a hand to mouth kisse…


L / A, “CONNECTS-IT”; like, “BREXIT” (funny) should be voted to leave well enough alone. For only fools rush in.

6 Feb

REFERENCES: ANALYSIS RELATED TO MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT CONSOLIDATION (Rutgers University (SPAA)) agreed that no significant saving was to be gained by merging two communities.


23 Jan

My-Love, frail, ill and tired; desiring, wanting to live on seeing through a dolls eyes only 6 inches in length with broken stature and with glorious long golden hair.

And, My-Love; having me remove the dolls broken eyes that had not closed for years and to gently place her eyes in the broken doll sockets so that she could experience life vicariously through; this, my Baby a doll only six inches long and our creation.

Day, after day; I would remove the eyes from My-Love and place them in Babies Doll’s sockets so My-Love could enjoy life vicariously through Baby Doll.  That, life that she had once embraced whole heartily before time and age ganged up on we lovers; My-Love and me.

At the end My-Love slipping into death would spend more and more time in Baby-Doll’s shell; then, in her own body as I doted on maintaining her now frail dying shell.

But, all thing age and become discarded and soon I faced the My-Love; shell, collapsing  and watch her arms reach to embrace the heavens; and, then fall gently to My-Loves sides lifeless.

I, prior to death; had removed My-Loves eyes and placed them into Baby Dolls; who, lingered on for quite sometime and watched as Baby Doll’s golden soft hair turned into gray straw as time catches and caught up to us.

At, the end even Baby Doll; could, not journey afar and I would dote on Baby Doll like I had; for My-Love, by placing Baby Doll propped up seated along a wall, chair or placing Baby Doll in my pocket while scurrying about or working about the house, garden or removing the snow wanting to make Baby Doll’s and My-Love last moment’s filled with earthly pleasure.

And, then the day arrived; death, of Baby Doll as well as My-Love’s with a piece of me.

WORD SALAD IN REVIEW: Problem with Lewiston Maine, “IS THAT ONLY 31 – 33 PERCENT” OF ALL OF LEWISTON, MAINE OPERATING BUDGET IS BEING PAID BY; PROPERTY AND COMMERCIAL TAXPAYER’S OF LEWISTON, MAINE. Call Mr. HEALEY; Lewiston’s Tax Assessor @ 207 513-3000, on answering robot, press zero, live person will attend your needs.

21 Jan
  1. See U @ the Polls:   November 2017 : http://www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com
  2.  What ever happen to the Governor’s suggestion of the taxation of Not-for-Profits ?    To think that only thirty-two percent (31-33%) of the business and population are  footing the bills for Lewiston, Maine’s education budget and Lewiston City  Administration is:” OUTRAGEOUS ”  Ask, Mr. Healy Lewiston, Maine  Tax Assessor  at 207 513-3000 answer recording; press 0; operator comes on line; request Mr.  Healy. 
  3.  For years and I have run for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine for 30 of them; I have watch  the CENTRAL MAINE MEDICAL CENTER, SAINT MARY’S HOSPITAL AND BATES  COLLEGE remove properties for the taxable side of the Lewiston taxable properties;  to the no-taxable side of the equation of the Lewiston, Maine property taxes.

………………..a.  Bates College student dorms to be taxable; as they are included in the tuition and are rental properties.  Note, that I would institute a date of starting of the taxation for the City of Lewiston, Maine as I do not know that the financial arrangement are currently in place.

………………..b.  Remember, that these aforementioned organizations have sub division that also qualify under an umbrella effect.

………………..c.  I would also institute a percent ( % ) of taxation to be negotiated.

4.   It is also recommended that Lewiston, Maine; stop it’s creative financing  and floating the cost of Lewiston personnel labor cost as recommended by the Lewiston Financial Committee by not BONDING the process.

5.  I would like to suggest that all Tax Incentive Financing  (TIF)) by Lewiston, Maine; be attached to the creation of work / construction opportunities for the population of Lewiston, Maine; through the regulatory and planning board requirement that will consider the peoples on the City of Lewiston, Maine’s General Assistance Department be part of the negotiation process for investment in State of Maine aided projects and projects by the City of Lewiston, Maine; as to employment.  Thus, relieving the City of Lewiston, Maine’s General Assistance Budget..

…….a.  Companies could come in with a price affixed to the project.

6.   Also, that local Lewiston, Maine business establishments be given priorities in selection of areas of building and procurement; if the City of Lewiston, Maine is in conjunction with the State of Maine and / or instituting a Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) on it’s own or with any mutual agreement project;  or, setting up financial districts in the Lewiston, Maine area that local area business in Lewiston, Maine be give priority; and, that the TIF beneficiary companies actuate a price that they wish the project to be financed at. Should Lewiston, Maine contractor’s not be able to come in with a TIF beneficiaries project established cost quote; initiating company shall be free to select construction contractor that can.  The TIF by the City of Lewiston, Maine will still require implementation of Lewiston Maine General Assistance provision to qualify for TIF.

7.  I see a problem with the Vote on wages increases in Maine as follow;

….a.  What will business due with people that have been with the company; for years that are at the $15.00 dollar rate already.   You will have to give them a raise; thus incurring more expenditures and will increase the cost to Mane Municipalities through Taxation.

8.  The problem with Lewiston, Maine is that most people working for Lewiston, Maine; live out of Lewiston, Maine and have no vested interest in keeping Lewiston, Maine’s taxes in check.  Does your Municipality have this problem?

9.  President’s salary: $400 thousand, Senators salary: $200 thousand; FBI Director’s Salary $185 thousand; Maine Governor’s salary $75 thousand – Respectively deserved.  Lewiston’s City Administrator Salary $118 thousand (Yr. 2016);  Superintendent of School’s salary $148 thousand (Yr. 2016).   You figure the logic  ? ? ? ?


” THE WISHING TREE. ” of 2016. Click, on anything red, white and blue.

23 Dec

Originally published; in December of 2016.

Separated by words; but, not deeds.

I have been hanging out on occasion at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine for more year than I care to mention.  For that fact; I, have become one of the oldest members of the Church.

Well, I regress and will get back on point now.

Their are two organizations operating out of the Trinity Episcopal Church.  One, is the on your knees prayer church and the other is the Trinity Jubilee Center soup bowl lunch program.

The two programs were created do; to, Federal limitations placed on the church as to financing.

Since, the community needing services are a mix of social, ethic, financial and religious backgrounds we were troubled as to whether we should put up a Christmas Tree.

Pondering the question; and, wanting people to take part in the spirit of the Season.  I, fronted the idea that we should call the tree a “Wishing Tree” so that people could take part in the spirit of the meaning of the season; without, offending any ones religion or customs.

So, I asked; the, assorted community by association to bring in a decoration or item that they could hang from the “Wishing Tree” and that they could make a wish for a better “New Year” on hanging the item.

The start was slow;  we, did not think that the idea would catch on.  But, after a week or so the tree is overflowing with the unified wishes of a social, ethic, financial and religious community.

FOOTNOTE: It was pleasant to see individuals from the Republic of the Congo, Somali, American’s , Chad, Angola, Djibouti and other African Nations having their picture taken in front of the “Wishing Tree”.

Thanks for asking.  The decorations were colored bows, bells,  garland, little dolls, homemade candy canes made of aluminum wrapping,  real candy canes and all one colored white lighting.

SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS TO:  Director Erin, Associate Director Scott and a Special  “Chef” Head Cook and friend “Eddie”.  (Who, just had a baby girl.)

SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP; MEAL A DAY AND YOU HEALTH; is happiness @ I’ll be home for Christmas – 1974 Vietnam.

22 Dec

I will be to the point;

I was Twenty (2o) years of age;

Out of Naval “Boot Camp”.

Recently, married on the Naval Training Command in the North Chapel; San Diego, California in March of 1974.

I was then posted / stationed to isolated duty; no wives; after one (1) month of being married.  And to an Island in the British Indian Ocean Territories, “Diego Garcia” with it palm trees, ninety (90) and above degree weather; to live in a Southeastern Asian Hut, outdoor showers and drink water made from an ocean desalting condenser barge process.

This Island is 500 miles south of India; and 500 miles east of Madagascar, Africa.

Well, after nine (9) months on the Island of Diego Garcia of the British Indian Ocean Territory as an Island Commander Administrative Specialist and Honor Guard; I was granted leave to fly home; to the United States and of course to my dutiful wife; in Lewiston, Maine.

While flying from the Island of Diego Garcia of the British Indian Ocean Territories to Bangkok, Thailand to catch the first leg of my trip; and than to the United States of America we refueled, at Bombay, India; Tel Aviv, Israel, ( where the plane was suddenly surrounded with Israeli troops for our protection; to think I was being protected by the Israelis ), Frankfort , Germany, Heathrow Airport, England to the United States of America.

While, refueling in Bombay, India; I, had an opportunity to disembark the aircraft; “PAN AMERICAN ONE (1)”

While, I was in a crispy new 1970’s United States Naval Enlisted Uniform ( And, not the Cracker Jack uniform; as the Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Zumwalt had changed the Enlisted Uniform to resemble the Officer’s of the Naval Service. ) and cocky; after all I was only 21 years of age.

To think, at age twenty-one (21), I had an opportunity to observe the living condition of the people’s of India.  Remember, this was in 1974 and all I can say is that India was depressing.

At this point I realized that compared to India the United States of America was a sparkling – gleaming – crystal cathedral; palace, castle of a land.

Incidentally, while in flight on the Pan American 747; prior, to landing the pilot’s let me into the Cockpit for a look from their perspective; as it was a different time than today.  The plane also came with; top, of plane air viewing bar.

On waiting for re boarding the aircraft a new 747 Pan American one (1) aircraft.

I, asked an on duty Military India Security Officer, “How can you people live like this”; referring, to the living conditions of his country and his tattered resewed darned uniform? “

His answer change my worldly view; his, answer to my question was is follows:

“ALL YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY; IS, A SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP, A  MEAL A DAY AND YOUR HEALTH; for, everything else is;  “EXTRA” . (How true in to days world.)

I, surprised my family in Naval Dress Uniform; and, will never forget the India Security Officer word’s and the look on my families face when they saw me come through the door.

On conclusion of my leave (Time off); the, return trip to the Island of Diego Garcia was rough for me.

But, duty and honor was the call of my youth; as, my father fought in World War II and Korea at that time once duty and not like today.

Think, about it; I have for over forty (44) years; and, have a great Holiday.


26 Nov

Feeling, as faded as the wrinkles in my jean’s; wishing, I were still in open spacious spaces.

As time comes on us; with, little grace and leaves us in an open shrinking space.

Like, from large spacious house to down sized apartment; and, then to room to be accompanied by nursing home and room shared with another.

And, left to reflect on one’s life; before, death and once specious open fields, forest, prairies, mountains, oceans, air and city spaces.

It is amazing what time achieves; without, our realization of it’s rushing accumulative effects on our open spacious space and us.

And, we wishing that we were still; that, what we once were and longingly wishing for those open spacious spaces; that once, we traveled on of fields, forest, prairies, mountains, oceans, air and city spaces.


22 Nov

I, see them; that, no longer are.

I hear them; that, no longer are.

I see and hear dead people; everywhere, I go !

I see and hear them; driving, here and there.

I see and hear them on the Television.

I mostly see and hear them; at, the dinner table when I am eating.

I see them and hear them; on, the bus.

I see and hear them at the store; when, I go grocery shopping.

I see and hear them walking; along, the streets of my town.

I see them and hear at church on occasions; when, I go to prayer.

I see and hear them; at, the Library.

I even see and hear them at sporting events I attend; though, they have all departed our earthy realm.

But, I have grown older; still, seeing and hearing them where they should have been; in, days gone by of old.

And, so; this is why I do not frequent my old frequented places that once I did; as, a youth.

For, all I see is them that no longer are; dead, people that have gone before me and it saddens me.

SOULE 7:23:2017 Sermon and Message: ” A PRAYER ” ; we ask forgiveness and give thank’s. Click, on anything red.

18 Nov

At, 64 years young old I have had to readjust to an ever changing world and you will to as you age. As, I graduated from Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine in 1973; women’s rights, civil right for minorities; and, alternative right were the rage.

At, the time as I entered the Military having left Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont. We, were being taught to hate the North Vietnamese as we were at war with them, not except alternative life styles and confused as to most thing that mattered that were being previously indoctrinated in to us by the media and the social attitudes of this nation.


Sorry, that we  ( I ); could not be born more opened minded to all worldwide tribes (Nationalities), races, sexual orientations and nations.

So, that we ( I ) could know their customs, religions, inner feeling of non same sexual orientated as I (we), medical healing procedures and lives of all.

For, we ( I ) would be less intimidated by them and more; willing, to be accepting of them.

Reasoning: Any, insufficient knowledge of a subject or peoples; is, cause for apprehension and fear.

Dedicated to:  Trinity Episcopal Church, Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine for allowing me to use their Internet Y5.  Donations excepted by the church.


11 Nov

300px-trinity_episcopal_church_in_lewiston_maine  I help erect a wall today 20 September 2007; not a wall of division, such as the Berlin wall and it was not the metaphorical iron Curtain; not a wall of partition of territories, such as walls going up between Israel and Palestine, not a wall of religious divide; as in other parts of the world; but, a wall of unity, forgiveness and togetherness in common service.

In erecting the Vietnam Memorial Wall  (replica) that was being displayed at the Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston, Maine on 20 September 2007.

I had the pleasure to work with a detachment of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion personnel.  In them, I saw a generation of forgiveness and equal opportunity, male and female working side by side with equal pay; whites, blacks and other cultures; side by side in friendship and arms; togetherness in work, play and sorrow as we erected each panel of fallen service members.

To think, it took less than a generation to overcome some of our; our prejudices and fear of our fellow American’s or have we ?  Or, will we keep living the indignities of the past and passing this ill well onto our children ?

In conclusion; I will say, ” Is the  laughter of the enemy’s children; so different from that our children (s) ?

Perhaps, when we go to war; both sides should lessen to the laughter and crying of our enemies infant children; and, realize that our enemy’s child / children laughter; and, crying are not so different than our own child / children.

WORD SALAD: The fact; that, Clinton wants an open immigration border; and, a free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere will be the dilution of the black and white race to extinction WIKIPEDIA; (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/white_america.) . And, an affront to the son’s and daughter’s of the people that won World War II like me at 64 years old; for we see through our lives that which has occurred too this Nation and you do not; like, outsourcing to other Nation to better the Wall Street crowd; capitalization by money effusion into our elections and the Media bias. To think this is being done in less than one generation thanks to the Liberal Jewish controlled Media and Democratic Party; what I thank have seized control of the American Economy in less than 70 years. And, this being done through the manipulation of the economy; for instance Bernie Madoff (Ponzi scheme), Martha Stewart (insider Trading), Mike Milliken (Junk Bond King, Jailed.), Lehman Brother’s, william jefferson clinton’s (Arkansas whitewater scandal; and, part (2) his signing out of law; a provision, that did not allow for bundling of mortgage securities. And, placed in effect after the 1930 depression by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ), Well Fargo (Fake accounts.) and Bank of America (Paid American Government fine) with their insider governmental operatives through campaign financing earning million of dollars at your expense.

14 Oct

The Romans, the Egyptian, the Germany; and, now the United States.

Source: WORD SALAD: AS, A VIETNAM ERA VETERAN; IF CLINTON “WIN” I WILL BE BUYING A SNIPER’S RIFLE TO PROTECT MYSELF AND BE ON THE FRONTLINE FOR THE NEXT REVOLUTION. The fact; that, Clinton wants an open immigration border; and, a free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere will be the dilution of the black and white race to extinction WIKIPEDIA; (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/white_america.) . And, an affront to the son’s and daughter’s of the people that won World War II like me at 64 years old; for we see through our lives that which has occurred too this Nation and you do not; like, outsourcing to other Nation to better the Wall Street crowd; capitalization by money effusion into our elections and the Media bias. To think this is being done in less than one generation thanks to the Liberal Jewish controlled Media and Democratic Party; what I thank have seized control of the American Economy in less than 70 years. And, this being done through the manipulation of the economy; for instance Bernie Madoff (Ponzi scheme), Martha Stewart (insider Trading), Mike Millikin (Junk Bond King), Leman Brother’s, william jefferson clinton’s (Arkansas whitewater scandal; and, part (2) his signing out of law; a provision, that did not allow for bundling of mortgage securities. And, placed in effect after the 1930 depression by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ), Well Fargo (Fake accounts.) and Bank of America (Paid American Government fine) with their insider governmental operatives through campaign financing earning million of dollars at your expense.

“SUMMER CAMP”; Lewiston, Maine this year; 2017. Dad, Bakery still operating on corner of Pierce St. and Pine St., selling “Pot” pies”. With, must be “Hot” girls on corner of streets beginning in “HO” ?

1 Aug

Summer Camp, is now over thanks to the creator!

So, you are probably asking; Dad, that Lewiston Summer Camp was like for me your little girl in the final weeks in Lewiston, Maine ?

Well, it was quite by chance when we went out later in the day compared to the time of mornings we had been going out for a walk from the Lewiston Summer Camp to the Lewiston’s, Simard – Payne Park and the Kennedy Lewiston, Maine Inner City Park.

Thus, both are somewhat in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine and we camper’s love riding our by bycles on the newly established bicycle lane’s that the City of Lewiston has instituted with the help of the “Rainbow Bicycle Shop”; on Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine.

After, dropping ourselves off at the Kennedy Parks on numerous days.
we the group enjoyed the Kennedy Park and the sights of the day in the Inner City to which; there, were like the “Ladies of the Night having a convention under one of the Police camera’s on Bartlett Street that occurrs in the earliest of morning and throughout the day. Then the cruising by all sorts of vehicle as the ladies promenade all their virtues in open.

And, then the fresh aroma of “Cannabis Bread Sticks” from the must be bakery store on the corner of Pierce Street and Pine Street, Lewiston, Maine with few “Cops” in sight on numerous day. While, on my ride home to camp;
I, felt dizzy on occasion; and told Camp adviser she should buy some of that “Cannabis Stick Bread”.

We, were especially taken aback by all the foot “trafficking” as people of all assorted nationalities; ducked and weaved the the Inner Lewiston, Maine City.

Some, jumping over fences, some fitting through the smallest of crack between buildings and fences and some disappearing in vacant building and basements.

My group was going to ask; if, we could play the form of “Hide and Seek”.  But, we was to frightened to ask.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – .

The group was especially taken aback by the events in these Public Parks on the following; Saturday and allow a permit for just $12.00 a day by the City of Lewiston, Maine.

One, being the “Country Music Concert”.

I then went to another gathering of I guess “Liberals” as their were multi-colored flags and other on community unity.

There was a lady there that was upset. Perhaps, it was our bicycles that we were riding. I do not know. But, I hope she enjoys the rest of her summer with without complaining at me for a change in direction.

Oh, we had a make-up-game in the Park with our new friends.
All, in all; it was an exciting Summer only do to the Diverse Nation Multiracial Community European Football Game with players from (Portuguese Angolans, Congolese, from the Republic of the Congo, Chinese, Somalia people(s) all three groups; the Island of Djibouti who speak french like you Dad, Bantu Somali and Somali, and Japanese> We, lost the game. Bur, still had fun.

It, was the only pleasure I had on my journey; on, my way through Lewiston, Maine on our bicycles that we will remember for life. All, the girls agree.

For, they add a sense of balance through religious belief and perseverance in their difficult transition living circumstances.

Perhaps, you Dad had to overcome some of their problems; as, you were a first generation Franco – American.

And, I to learned a lot from their plight Dad.

Hope you enjoyed my version of vacation at Summer Camp Lewiston, Maine.

…………………………………..Love, ……………………………………………Alexa

P. S.

Dad, don’t forget to pick me up. I do not want to be the kid on 2 and a 1/2 men TV show; who, waits in the rain for Allen to pick him up after a soccer game. That, was funny.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: “Out of the box”; Business thinking . . . . . . Read on; and, click on anything red..

2 Jul
Google.com:  www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com – Thanks.
  1.  AND, NOW THE NEWS:  According, to my sources newspaper deliver’s are independent contractors.  So, with that stated.   You, Businesses could have your business introduced by hand several times a year . . . by arrangement with Newspaper Delivery Person . . . perhaps . . .$10.00 a spread.

2.  I am in hopes, that you all know that the greatest person in the world history time line; is Mr.  Abraham Lincoln the 16 President of the United States.

You ask why?   Because, if he had not held the United States Union together Germany would have possibly conquered the known World.

His winning the Civil War allow the United States to move forward in tact as a world fighting force. Thus, allowing all our energies to be placed in the effort to win the first ( I ) World War; and, the second ( II ) World War.

Fore if he had not contributed greatly in this endeavor and the Southern States had won their independence of the United States; the Northern States, would have had to divert a lot of it’s resources, energies, manpower and finances to watching our Southern border and their slave populations.

Through his actions and the actions of the brave Northern Armies of the United States; we were all the resources, manpower, energies and finances to aid other nation through the lend; lease programs to Britain and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic ( Russia ).

In conclusion; I will surmise that, what we do in our daily lives; we do not fully realize the implication and effects they could have on the future of tomorrow.

** OBJECTION FROM MY AUDIENCE:  What about, ” Jesus” ?  And, to this I say; if the German had won the war would there be any religion ?

3.  The increasingly rising homicide rates in the United States is do to the effect of the social media’s and the First (1st) amendment, computer games, easily accessible access to guns by the youth of the nation and the high cost of Judicial Review to lower financially well off peoples.  The lower previous years homicides rates in the United States; with this year increase is being driven by a multitude of factors, including the proliferation of guns, disputes over drugs and fights that escalate in gunfire as dispute resolution is not being taught in our schools !


4.  A ROAD BLOCK IS HOLDING UP THE CONSTRUCTION FINANCING:  I would like to introduce a Company that is more and more impressing me on every meeting at Lewiston, Maine City Council Meeting and that Company is;  “The Szanton Company”; an affiliate of the Monks Companies.   Their attention to details will eventually lead me to endorsing a Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) from the City of Lewiston, Maine.  And, I have not in thirty years indorsed any (TIF) for the Last thirty years.

With the aging housing in Lewiston, Maine; which has made the news in regard to lead paint being used and thought safe in the 1930, 40, 50, and 1960.  And, now causing problems as to children scrapping and usage; dust airborne particles of the encapsulated paint over; which was applied as a protective coat and permissible under Federal Law prior it is refreshing to see a company taking a chance on the rental housing market in economically depressed Lewiston, Maine to better the lives of our; my city.

**People; I would also like to introduce a concept to you; that if this Company uses Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) by the City of Lewiston Taxpayer’s that included in the (TIF) agreement there will be build in that they must hire Lewiston General Assistance people to aid in construction of the Project; details to follow:  1.  Where usable be General Assistance (GA) personnel will be utilized,  2.  As,  an inducement to aid in hire the city could provide salary of 1/3 of what it cost the city to keep individual on GA will be provided to Company for period of time to be negotiated.

TAX CONTRIBUTION COULD YIELD:  To the city of Lewiston, Maine will start with $44 thousand a year for life of (TIF) and their after $88 thousand and rental of parking spaces in one of Lewiston (Non profiteering) parking garages.


BLAST FROM THE PAST of 3/21/2016: 63% of Lewiston, Maine teacher and 3% abstained; did not want Mega K1 – K8 School at Lewiston High School location. Will cause major Traffic jam as; students with cars, teacher faculty, Buses, and student walker’s and support staff all converge of one spot in early morning.

2 May


BUDGET FOR CITY ADMINISTRATION TO INCREASE 3.4 or $1.4 million dollars and increase to 45.27 + School budget up 5.7 to $74.2 million = $119.290 million dollars up a whole $6.8 million dollar on last years budget.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR:  3/21/17 at 18:15 budget may have to be revisited as the Maine State Budget coming in later than Lewiston, Maine acceptance City and School; Budget ?  Could, go higher ?


And, now a comment that caught my attention at the Lewiston, Maine School Committee meeting; as stated by the Chairperson of the School Committee, “I represent the Students, Administration and the Staff”.   I stated, that the Chairperson had forgotten that the School Committee also represent the taxpayer’s of Lewiston, Maine.


BLAST FROM THE PAST: LEWISTON, MAINE TAXPAYER’S; PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE ON CANAL ACQUISITION. This initiative failed to get signatures required and was passed by the Lewiston, Maine City Council – VOTE THEM OUT 11 / 2017. They had the power to put it before the Taxpayers; but, did not ?

27 Apr

Have brought forward; with the help of the Lewiston, Maine Taxpayer Community an initiative to halt the City of Lewiston, Maine acquisition or transfer of the Canal System by Brook field White Pine of Canada (BBWP of Canada) to the City of Lewiston, Maine.

I am in the hopes that the Community will endorse my efforts to collect 990 registered Lewiston, Maine voter signatures required to have the issue placed on a ballot for Vote at a to be determined date; by the City of Lewiston, Maine.

It is my assumption that this is an untimely attempt; on the part of the BWP of Canada to unload a Canal that will require more maintenance after the projected maintenance rehabilitation by BWP of Canada prior to transfer to the City of Lewiston, Maine Taxpayer’s.

It is also, my resolve that this issue may be revisited in a better City of Lewiston, Maine financial climate.

At the day of voting; I, will be seeking to gather the 990 signature required to get issue to the ballot.


This Vote is at Gov. J. B. Longley School, Birch Street, Lewiston, Maine.10 May 2016 requesting $4.o9 million dollars.

JUNE 2016 VOTE:  Voting is in the Ward you live in.  To all Ward 1. and Ward 3. do not be out voted by Bates College Student…..all 1200 of them and their liberal ways. They can spend your money as they do not pay taxes here.

At YOUR VOTING PLACE:    $4.09 million dollars (10MAY2016 VOTE) added to the $ 2.7 million dollars bond issues vote  (14JUN2016 ) + the over $ 3 hundred thousand dollars issuance for new Computers   =  $7.09 million dollars increase; on just the Lewiston School Budget this coming 2017 year after a nearly 3 million dollar increase last year; not to mention whatever the Lewiston Administrative increase is on the City side of the budget?. Another; 2.3 percent speculative.

Novenber 2017 VOTE ” NO. On CONNECTS-IT or Consolidation.



CANDIDATES NEED MORE PREPARATION; BULL: by Gabriell De Moras, Lewiston, Maine.

11 Dec


AND HERE IT IS:  Elections should not be determined by how much money one candidate has accumulated; rather, by who is best qualified.

People need training for a career.  Do presidential hopefuls (or candidates for mayor) know what the job entails?

( AND, THIS IS WHERE THE ” bs ” STARTS FOR ME? ) De moras of Lewiston, Maine everdentially has not been to my Web-site: WWW.SOULE2015MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM; now, WWW.SOULE2017MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM and viewed that I was the Edward Little High School Class president of the 1972, 1973 class; and, President of the Student Senate, Young Republicants, went to Maine Diego ” Boy state and was elected the Chief Justice of the Maine State Supreme Court and recieved the Daughter of the American Revolution’s ” GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD “.  ALSO, President of the Catholic Youth Organization at Sacet Heart Church of Western Ave. Auburn, Maine.  ( AND, IF YOU ARE READING THE LEWISTON NEWSPAPER; SWELL, YOU GAIN NOTHING FOR THEY OMIT MORE FACTS THAN THEY PRINT.  ))

Have they taken classes to prepare for a career in politics?

( The fact that I have been running for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine for 30 years; and, have attended regular meeting in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine for this period; should speak for itself . )

No wonder America is go down the drain.  People vote for candidates who are picked almost at random.  That goes for senators and representatives, too.

One cannot cater to certain people only, but, must work for the common good of society at large.

Everyone might have a sacrifice a bit to make the United States a better place to live.



GO TO:    www.onlinewebfire.wordpress.com

A YOUTHFUL; SORROW, OF THE HEART. Click, on anything red. Article, first print; 28 August 2015: 9:35AM.

28 Aug

Yes, I may live on Bartlett Street in Lewiston, Maine, and in the heart of the city; in a three story tenement.

“To tell you the truth”!   I, would not at this time exchange my circumstance for a penthouse on Park Avenue in New York City, New York State.

I have been granted a renaissance of soul and mind that made me have to gather my composure as my chest swelled and breathing became labored; by, a non citizen of the age of 7 years old.

What you would call; “Oh”, an immigrant, a legal immigrant or documented legal immigrant, or worse.

How, by his struggling English worded statement; while, standing on the outside porch of our apartment building in the roughest part of the inner city; this child with heart felt sediment and sorrow melted my antiquated thinking and soul.

His abrupt statement; while we were lingering on the front steps of our home; was “My brother is a United States of America Citizen (14 Amendment to the Constitution by birth.) and I am not. “

This was stated as if he were inferior to his brother for not being a citizen of the United States and he in this nation under “god”.

“A SORROW OF THE HEART” fell upon me and radiated through my body sending shivers up my arms and truly made the hair stand and still occurs today went I reflect on this issue. .

I, COULD ONLY SAY; WHILE, HOLDING BACK MY STRAINED EMOTIONS;  “O’ Bed”; be patient your time will come.

And, it will!


POST SCRIPT;  We as a Nation have procrastinated on the issue of Citizenship for way too long; and, deportation of non felonious criminals; is out of the question.  And, immigrant to this country; legal or not who have had children born in this country are covered by the 14 Amendment of this country’s United States Constitution.

These children; if, deported or take to their families origin countries; could and would be in jeopardy and could be used against these United States and / or beheaded on television.

The time to act is now; and , “YES” I was a strong advocate of DEPORTATION earlier; before, we as a nation procrastinated way-too-long.

Let us now, allow teacher of the school systems that these children attend; be, allow to administer the oath of “Citizenship”. Who, better to administer the oath; I, ask you.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: TEACHERS SIT DOWN AND LESSEN THE HELL UP. Views are from the Teacher’s of the Lewiston Educational System June 2016.

21 Feb
Google.com:  www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com

OPTION ” F ” Build a new “Martel School in it’s District / Neighborhood and rehabilitate the Governor James B. Longley School in it’s District / Neighborhood as it has a great deal of property out back that can not be seen for the Birch Street; Lewiston, Maine entrance.

THE NUMBERS GAME: Teacher wants:

OPTION (F) – 67%,     OPTION, (C) – 18%,

OPTION (B)-12%,           NONE  –  3%.

The committee; is considering 3 options for a new Lewiston school. teacher’s with your top priorities in mind, which of these options would result in a school you’d most like to send you child too.

*SOURCE; Redistricting Committee Agenda of Jan 26, 2015 hand to me.

REASONING OF:  Lewiston teacher’s. Option F; teacher Martel District:  I do not support the 950 + school what-so-ever.  I have not been present at the meetings because the one; I did go to upset me.  I also; find it hard, because: I work for the School District.  Are Lewiston Teacher being coerced by Superintendent and Lewiston School Board?


Option F: teacher Geiger District:  I worry about and love all children in Lewiston; and, I think a big school is a bad idea. IN FACT. I HAVE NOT YET MET ANY TEACHER WHO THINKS IT I S A GOOD IDEAR. I HAVE SUBMITTED A LETTER TO MY STATE REPRESENTATIVE.


With that said; I know, that a 3:1 ratio is incredibly costly and incredibly unrealistic.  Also, many children can do just fine with a 15:1 ratio –  28:1 on the other hand is unethical, unsafe and ineffective for both children and teachers.


Option F: teacher; McMahon District:  Smaller class size will benefit all students.  The Maximum size should be twenty pupil per classroom.

Also; Leaders of the Somali and Arabic Lewiston Community do not want the “Orwellian MEGA School and will;

“VOTE NO”; 12 May 2015 @ the Governors James B. Longley School.

POSTSCRIPT:  from http://WWW.SOULE2015MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM.  On request; I will provide all input to the public, if request; by webferencing me @ onlinewebfire@yahoo.com. respectfully.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: >>>>>>>>>>>> LEWISTON, MAINE NEW POLICE CHIEF: GREATFALL’S GAZETTE, Looseston, Maine: “A mothers nightmare.”

21 Feb

Google.com:  www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com

So, it was quite by chance that it was found out; but, now is known; Detective Sergeant B. T. O’Mally soon to be promoted to Acting Chief and Chief; a short stocky individual with a 1960’s flat top haircut, impeccably suited attire; is seated at his Looseston, Main-a Police Department desk; with head in hands and looking down.

Years or so ago, he as a young Looseston Police Patrol Office for the City of Looseston, Maine; allegedly had sexual contact with an under aged girl in the back seat of his Looseston Maine a Police Department’s Patrol Cruiser; providing, alcohol and drugs to her for sexual favors

Upon hearing of this offense, which, is punishable by years in jail; by a Looseston, Maine Police Department Officer from her under aged daughter the heart heavy mother reported this to the appropriate authorities at the Looseston, Maine Police Department.  And, was brushed off rapidly after an investigation by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department investigating one of it’s own officers.

In confusion and bewilderment by this action by law enforcement; that. she was taught to trust.  Both, the mother and her daughter; now, have a resentment and disdain towards authority figures.

When I as a reporter, for the Great fall’s Gazette was called to action the mother had endured year’s of anxiety, frustration and dismay as she watched her daughter; now, in jail succumb to a life of confusion and dread; “to a bitter end”.

What; will, become of the mother a Mrs. Bonny (Emerson) Gammon of the sexually abused child?

What; will, become of this innocent child who’s name will remain protected by this reporter?

What, will become of the soon to be promoted to Chief of the Looseston, Maine Police Department; Officer B. T. O’Mally of Looseston, Maine now to be Acting Chief of the Looseston Maine Police Department and crony to the misdealing of the Lewiston Police Department and endorsed by the Lewiston, Maine City Administration; that allows no public comment period in the choosing of the New Lewiston Police Chief and allegiant to be hiring from inside the Police Department to hide passed indiscretions of the Department and Lewiston City Officials in Business transaction on behalf of the Residents of Lewiston, Maine.

Stay tuned to this  unfolding headliner story that will not show up in your local Newspapers and Twin Cities Newspaper !

POST SCRIPT; The Looseston, Maine Police Department has warned me that they would take action against me for promulgation of this truly believable story?

To webference; this story go to http://www.soule2017mayor.wordpress.com.  Copy at will !



11 Dec

LEWISTON, MAINE CITY SECTION OF THE LEWISTON, MAINE SUN JOURNAL OF;  Friday, August 19, 2016.  COP – corporal Thomas Murphy  and FORMER LEWISTON Chief Bussiere, named in civil lawsuit for alleged non legal; do process, entrance of private home.

12/17/2012:  A jury of 8 women and 4 men at Androscoggin Superior Court, Auburn, Maine found frequent Lewiston, Maine mayoral candidate Charles Arthur Soule not guilty Monday of a misdemeanor assault charge in connection with an incident where he said he had come to the aid of a child. Soule, 59 of 135 Bartlett St., Lewiston, Maine was charged with assault after a Lewiston Police Officer Corporal THOMAS MURPHY said he witnessed Soule pick-up a young boy three times, then body slam him to the round last year.  The boy did not require hospitalization or treatment.  “This was a deliberate attempt to derail my campaign.” Soule stated. Soule, who was at the time, running for a Lewiston political office stated he had scuffled with the 8-year-old-boy, but said he had done so in defense of a smaller boy.  He had been sitting in front of his home when he saw two groups of kids begin a street shoving match, he said. When one of the kids started to put another one in a choke hold, Soule took action, he told the Sun Journal in an earlier interview.  What might have looked like an assault was actually the boy slipping and falling due to his unruliness, Soule had said. The trial lasted about three hours in Androscoggin County Superior Court.  The jury deliberated for more than an hour.  In three repeated notes to the Judge Mary G. Kennedy, jurors asked that the legal definition of “assault” be read back twice before acquitting Soule. Prosecutors called to the witness stand several people, including the arresting officer and the boy, now 10 years old, who police said was the victim of Soule’s alleged assault.  Charles A. Soule took the stand and his Attorney, Lorne Fairbanks, called several witnesses who said they witnessed the incident, including two other children and a neighbor. Charles A. Soule, has made unsuccessful runs for mayor, and states that, “Lewiston needs help,” after the incident.


11 Dec

Mr. Charles Arthur Soule of Lewiston, Maine age (59) gets a free medical checkup from Dr. Robert Show of Caribou, Maine on Saturday during the 15 annual Veteran’s Stand-Down at Togus Veterans Administration Medical Center. Mr. Soule, was previously a United States Naval Trained Drug and Alcohol Command Representative for a Carrier Early Warning Squadron VAW-122 while in the Service of this Country.

Mr. Soule, is another example of a disabled veteran whose life was turned around by the Veteran’s Administration.

In 2012, when he was attempting to aid a young lady off of Crack addiction, he was accosted by her Dealer; which, left several of the bones in his face broken and a eye sinking into its socket.

Sent to Roxbury, Massachusetts Veterans Administration Hospital; doctor’s rebuilt the right side of his face.

Today, even Doctor Show at the Togus, Maine Veterans Administration Stand-Down could hardly tell that Charles had even been injured due to the procedure of operating from the inside of Soule’s mouth.

Mr. Soule stated that the Doctor that did the operation in Massachusetts was of Chinese decedent speaking Australian English and whom was named; Dr. Gooey.

While, on the operation table after meeting the Doctor an hour earlier or so;  Mr. Soule stated that while on the operating table as the operation was about to start that he had asked the Doctor to please make him look like Keanna Reeves of Richard Gere; as the operating theater broke out in laughter.   And, as the Anesthesiologist said,  “Mr. Soule I will be placing you under now”;  Mr. Soule stated, “I will see you on the other side; I mean, when I wake up” and laughter ensued.

The Doctor had stated to Mr. Soule that he may have to cut the corner of the right eye and along the right ear; as, to allow for expansion of the skin to complete the delicate operation.

To Mr. Soule’s surprise; the , cut were not apparent on the bandages being removed.


Originally published; 23 October 2012.


21 Aug



21 Aug

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

21 August 2017: Have been viewing Eclipse through welder glass in Lewiston, Maine’s Kennedy Park and allowing others to view the Soule-a-Eclipse. Still, time to place a bucket of water so that the sun is seen in the bucket of H2O and view the reflection through the bucket.

At, 2:15 PM, we could see 1/4 of the Sun engulfed by the moon.

Hope, you are not afraid of the dark ?

Exalted Leader, Senator Robert Bird of West Virginia, a Democrat help to established the KKK as an exalted Leader of the KKK. And, the KKK was started by the Democratic Party in an attempt to subvert Civil right of the Black population of this country in 1860’s.

2:42 PM person just walked by and asked if I was going to have my officer (Mayors) in the Covered booth Lewiston – CityLink Bus waiting area just outside of the Lewiston…

View original post 50 more words


21 Aug

21 August 2017: Have been viewing Eclipse through welder glass in Lewiston, Maine’s Kennedy Park and allowing others to view the Solar / Soule-a-Eclipse. There is still time to place a bucket of water so that the sun is seen in the bucket of water (H2O) and view the reflection through the bucket.

2:15 PM, we could see 1/4 of the Sun engulfed by the moon in the Sun’s right bottom half of Sun’s hemisphere.

2:45 at Zenith and still moving from right to left in lower half of Sun. At, this time the moon is in the far left bottom half of the suns aurora and at extreme left of lower half of Sun’s hemisphere.

Hope, you are not afraid of the dark ?

2:42 PM person just walked by and asked if I was going to have my officer (Mayors) in the Covered booth Lewiston – CityLink Bus waiting area just outside of the Lewiston, Maine City Hall. I stated,”Yes” as it allows me to speak to individuals as the pass.

I, thanked he for thinking of me as the next Mayor of Lewiston, Maine a helping me discard my feeling of uncertainty. It is moments like this that give me hope from my fears.


21 Aug

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

They have been saying that the last Solar Eclipse has not occurred since a hundred (100) years.

This is wrong as I remember one as a youth of 10 years old. And,I has Googled it and it occurred on 20 July 1963.

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21 Aug

They have been saying that the last Solar Eclipse has not occurred since a hundred (100) years.

This is wrong as I remember one as a youth of 10 years old. And,I has Googled it and it occurred on 20 July 1963.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE VOLUNTEERS, STAFF ORGANIZERS, COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOLGROUPS and GOD (Weather) FOR MAKING THIS A TRULY “GREAT; Lewiston, Maine’s BALLOON FESTIVAL : 20 August 2017 last day. Next event “Solar Eclipse or Soule’ a Eclipse.” Click,on anything red, white and full of hot air. “Not me.” He, he, he

20 Aug

Source: I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE VOLUNTEERS, STAFF ORGANIZERS, COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOLGROUPS and GOD (Weather) FOR MAKING THIS A TRULY “GREAT; Lewiston, Maine’s BALLOON FESTIVAL : 20 August 2017 last day. Next event “Solar Eclipse or Soule’ a Eclipse.” Click,on anything red, white and full of hot air. “Not me.” He, he, he

UP-DATE: Lewiston, Maine’s Balloon Festival: 20 August through 21 August 2017; Solar Eclipse or Soule’ Eclipse. Click,on anything red, white and full of hot air. “Not me.” He, he, he

20 Aug

Source: UP-DATE: Lewiston, Maine’s Balloon Festival: 20 August through 21 August 2017; Solar Eclipse or Soule’ Eclipse. Click,on anything red, white and full of hot air. “Not me.” He, he, he