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I would like to thank the Individual private citizen that has placed an outside camera that is filming with audio the corner of Pierce and Pine Street, Lewiston, Maine.

6 May

I also have audio of the King Pin threatening me with bodily harm.   An this because I did not use this full name.   But, that was a warning !   And, if he / they keep it up I will use their full names.

Looking, for Military persons as I am.   Too come out and aid me in my efforts.

Go,to this web site and in search engine at top.  Type in, ” I have been given a title”  contact me.


There, is no expectation of privacy in a public way.   As, it is not expected if you are in view of the entire public.

Safety is a concern in Lewiston, Maine as they once pistol wiped a store owner.

Welcome views from;  China,  Vietnam,  European Union and Germany.


TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT “Stop” ALL “MARIJUANA” SALES IN THE UNITED STATES. Maine, Governor “Veto” pot as a recreational path to harder drug’s.

5 Jan

To make money by selling Drug’s just to have sales that pay taxes; at the expense of our young adults!     Should and could start Vigilante groups.

Then, there is the fact that this could lead to increase cost to Medicare or Maine Care (expansion ?) due to drugged out society.

So, Mr. Jeff Session, Attorney General of the United States get your finger’s out of your face and enforce FEDERAL Law over state law.


If the country wants recreational drug make it a Constitutional state vote.

Like the “Volstead Act”.  Which, established, Prohibition Act and 18th Amendment.

Let, the Nation decide and not just a few States for tax purposes.  Like, Maine, Colorado and 7 other states with the District of Columbia.


4 Jan

Ms. Kelly Richie .  Date of Death, 29 December 2017.  Hope you find the “Peace” in death that you did not find in “Life”.     Reared, in drug family culture.

Side Bar:

Welcome, new viewer from Saudi Arabia .



Update: LEWISTON, MAINE’S “HIV, Hep B, C” EPIDEMIC ( these statics are from 2014 and are sorrowfully lagging.

3 Aug

Do, to the past and on going lack of policing in the 24 hour cycle in the “RED ZONE”; as police state that this is being handled by the Western Maine Task Force of the Drug Enforcement Agency and have been asked to ease from enforcement of Federal and States laws regarding drug running position and implements (needles, glass stems and other items associated with drugs.) Thus, “HIV” epidemic is an ever growing problem in the Lewiston , Maine area.

As, ladies of the night are allow to gather and perform their duty wright in front of the police officers.

How, ever it may be that some older officer are not getting involved do to; same old; same old. While, younger officer are not as aware as to who the prostitutes are like the older more officers and have not been schooled to the facts to known.

White the highly acclaimed Community Base Policing headed by one highly acclaimed Officer Joseph Philippon of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department. One, would suspect that byknow they would know all participating “Ladie of the Night and where they are Getting their durgs.

It, lead me to thing that the Lewiston, Maine Police Department is involved in the Drug Trade.

Remember, there has been a vast number of gun firing at persons and building in Loosestown, Maine in just the last 3 months.


In another issue, the Lewiston, Maine Police; “NO” longer have to report “Child Endangerment” to the Official State of Maine Agency handling on any contact with children being in danger. As, stated in my interview at the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.

Meeting, 2 B held on the issues at Lewiston, Maine City Hall; 7 PM, 15 August 2017. All, angencies involved are welcome to attend and give comment.