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22 Jun

Lewiston, Maine is going to be constructing a new K1 through K8 School for a price of around $50 million dollars.`

Since, the new school is partly paid for by the Citizens of Lewiston, Maine it would greatly benefit the City to have local contractor, Sheet rocker, painter, Masonry brick layers, electrical, Fabrication Metal worker (ducts), excavators, and steel rod buster be from Lewiston, Maine. And, be from either Lewiston or the State of Maine where possible.

Lewiston, Maine, has the highest poverty levels for a one mile area radius; in all of New England.

Maine has one of the fastest, aging population in the United States of America with an average age of 43. Therefore, Lewiston, Maine with its new immigrants work force (woman + men) is one of the youngest cities in the State of Maine. And, maybe only second to Portland, Maine.

It would be beneficial for the State of Maine and Lewiston, Maine to look carefully to who the contractor will be in advance and attempt to secure the new labor force workers from it pool of manpower. Even, at the cost of subsidizing through their General Assistance Workforce by providing a period of payment to the companies up to 1/3 of what it cost the city now to house the Cities General Assistance recipients.

It, is my thought process that this would be beneficial to the recipient of General Assistance and others Lewiston people (1/3 of what is now paid out by the city of Lewiston through General Assistance would be used to gain full employment status.), the City of Lewiston, Maine, the State of Maine and the Contractor’s of the New K1-K8 school.

I am not all knowing and any assistance from the Maine Business World and peoples of Maine are welcome.

THE RED SCARE=Senator Joseph McCarthy Hearings (1950’s) R=2 The Senate Intelligence Hearings. * * * * * * * * * * * * The media of the United States of America has become as a rabid “DOG” biting on the leg of lady Liberty; to, a creation of destruction. Click, on anything red.

11 Jun

The Jewish controlled media of this nation have become as a rabid “DOG” ankle bitter; biting, and holding on to the leg of lady Liberty !

I turned 64 years old in March 2017.

I am hearing and seeing large crowds of liberal protesters gathering at town hall meeting for Media coverage and in front of government buildings asking government employees (Comey) to aid them in regards to their agenda and subvert the will of democracy.

In other words they want to use your paid government or ex employees employees (Comey) against us.  They want to take the democracy out of the peoples hand what was legal won through lie and through media pressure.

They want to take away your liberties to pursue their agenda, dreams and live their lives over you.  And, then want to enslave you the taxpayer’s of the United States of America to provide free medical care, open boarder migration, free college education to illegals and allow illegals to vote in our elections.

They also want to force people to pay what ever salary that they demand with no regards to the effect on the infirm and elderly of this nation.

They have no regards to justice; condemn the police as guilty without trial; and, while demanding justice for themselves when they need it.

They love to call out, “hate speech”; calling anyone who disagrees with them as bigot (s) or homophobic; just, for speaking to a legitimate issue which the media places under a microscope looking for any direction to bastardize the issue (s).

I would also wish to mention; that, most of these liberal groups are financed by your dollars and radical right wing groups.  An, this is accomplished by your government tax dollars through government grands and your donation to other particular organization not-for-profit which than redirects your donation to another cause.

Their diversionary liberal power (s) come from dividing the America truly democratic population of the United States with the media coverage and staging events to gain Media attention while peaceful opposing view individuals abide by the laws of this country and oppose a position by ballot box.

They are spoiled; over educated, manipulative in mature children that do not appreciate the suffering of the generation that came before them or the sacrifices made by the previous generation and who fought for this counties successes.

Foot note:

All U need 2 be happy; is, a safe place to sleep; a meal a day; and, your health to be happy.  For, all else is extra.


17 Mar

So, you want to know how tough it is for the new legal immigrants in Maine ?

Well, put on your winter clothing (do not forget Long johns.); and move to African tropical climates with that clothing on your back.

Now, remember though you are legally here you do not speak; know the language, know the area, customs, money exchange, have a place to go home to; or,  know the streets.

You know few people; of the area and have never lived in a tropical climate temperatures that reaches 120 degrees by noon.

Where would you go; who would you complain to the police, government officials who would you trust you are an outsider.

And, just suppose your official documentation is incomplete by over site after you have liquidated your assets.

I bet you feel great !   Oh, you don’t.  Sorry, you are there.


The new immigrants come to a 4 seasonal year; with Winters that get to minus  -10 degrees; which is 105 degrees cooler than they are use to.

And, are not accustom to the art of three (3) layer dressing in the Winter or long johns.

They must learn to keep a monetary budget so they do not get evicted in the winter, shovel out the driveway snow before going to work and learn to keep an auto from freezing in Winter or over heating in Summer, change tires, drive in Snow after they learn how to drive and become accustom to keeping a hourly job.

Then or if their auto breaks down they must rely on strangers to help for they can not call on family or friends as their friend no little about autos and can not help if they miscalculate on the monthly budget and can not pay the rent.

They also are reluctant to call police officer or government officials or landlords from fear of retaliation or causing problems.  This includes; not knowing how to operate stoves, thermostats in their apartments, change lighting bulb or where to place the trash.

And, what if your official documentation is not incorrect by over site after selling all you own ?

ARE, YOU GETTING HOT UNDER YOU COLLAR !  Well, remember you are legally in the African tropical climate of 120 degrees by noon and dressed in Winter clothing and you don’t even have a place to live in; yet.

” IT IS ONLY THE DEMOCRATS; THAT CALL ME RACIST ! ” But, then again; I am a “Republican”.

14 Feb

To, the new immigrant population in Lewiston, Maine; from the African countries of the Republic of Congo and the Portuguese colonies country of Angola; I am call “papa” (out of respect …

Source: ” IT IS ONLY THE DEMOCRATS; THAT CALL ME RACIST ! ” But, then again; I am a “Republican”.


6 Feb

I fell in love with you; even, before you were born.

And, even before your little toes, hands and little smile.

Then; when, your little smile appeared; I, was hooked for good for you were mine and your mother’s creation of love.

” THE WISHING TREE. ” of 2016.

23 Dec

Separated by words; but, not deeds.

I have been hanging out on occasion at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine for more year than I care to mention.  For that fact; I, have become one of the oldest members of the Church.

Well, I regress and will get back on point now.

Their are two organizations operating out of the Trinity Episcopal Church.  One, is the on your knees prayer church and the other is the Trinity Jubilee Center soup bowl lunch program.

The two programs were created do; to, Federal limitations placed on the church as to financing.

Since, the community needing services are a mix of social, ethic, financial and religious backgrounds we were troubled as to whether we should put up a Christmas Tree.

Pondering the question; and, wanting people to take part in the spirit of the Season.  I, fronted the idea that we should call the tree a “Wishing Tree” so that people could take part in the spirit of the meaning of the season; without, offending any ones religion or customs.

So, I asked; the, assorted community by association to bring in a decoration or item that they could hang from the “Wishing Tree” and that they could make a wish for a better “New Year” on hanging the item.

The start was slow;  we, did not think that the idea would catch on.  But, after a week or so the tree is overflowing with the unified wishes of a social, ethic, financial and religious community.

FOOTNOTE: It was pleasant to see individuals from the Republic of the Congo, Somali, American’s , Chad, Angola, Djibouti and other African Nations having their picture taken in front of the “Wishing Tree”.

Thanks for asking.  The decorations were colored bows, bells,  garland, little dolls, homemade candy canes made of aluminum wrapping,  real candy canes and all one colored white lighting.

SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS TO:  Director Erin, Associate Director Scott and a Special  “Chef” Head Cook and friend “Eddie”.  (Who, just had a baby girl.)

” IT IS ONLY THE DEMOCRATS; THAT CALL ME RACIST ! ” But, then again; I am a “Republican”.

5 Aug

To, the new immigrant population in Lewiston, Maine; from the African countries of the Republic of Congo and the Portuguese colonies country of Angola; I am call “papa” out of respect as I am 64 years old and I speak a little French and Spanish; which, is similar to Portuguese as it is part of my composition of makeup. The Somalian children; chant my name “magacaygu waa Chuck” – “magacaygu waa Chuck” as they sit looking at me from across the street; and, this fills my heart with joy.

Other children call me their STREET GRANDFATHER and once again ; I am Humbled.

The reason they do this is; that I attempting to speaking their language and am showing respect for their culture. As well as my aiding them in police issues, aiding them with clothing, changing their light bulbs, showing them to use a stove, blown fuse changing, giving them shoes and aiding in issues that they do not fully comprehend. As I live among them.

And, for most of the children of the immigrants, I represent the people of America; and, one that is not taking out all issues upon them; for, what you sow; you shall reap.   For, if this is hate or belittlement towards them; they, shall return the hate toward the United States of America and it’s peoples.

I am quite amused when I ask they name in their Immigrant languages; and, thank them in the native tongues.  Usually just the look on their faces is much of astonishment.  And, they ask me in English how i know their language and having fun with them is reply, “I am a white Somalian and they reply no your not.  To this I reply; why not are you not a Somali –  Portuguese American or an Angolan American.

I have eaten at their neighborhood functions being the only Caucasian; attended their soccer games and played street hockey with my, good neighbors children.

So, if this makes me a racist; what are you ?

It is easy to call yourself a friend of the Community of Immigrants and then go home to your racially balanced home; because you are paid to service  them or receive federal monies as pay to care for them; and, totally another to live as a minority in an ever growing community of migrants for my services are free.

But, I am a sower or good seeds; and, these new immigrants protect me as I walk among them.

Remember, they are living in extreme poverty with no furnishings; Beds, tables, chairs and the basic.

And, then again starting over in a country with foreign way and snow.


Lewiston, Maine does not dislike the immigrants nor is it racial.  However, the cost incurred to the elderly, 1200 property owners and businesses taxes go up as a result of new schools, new language teacher and federal subsidization of rents that dislocate other less financially able is another question.