WORD SALAD; for 14 October 2016.

12 Oct
  1.  Have voted in Lewiston, Maine absentee ballot straight ticket: ” Republican “; and, on Question’s    1. no  2. no,  3.  yes,  4. no,   5. no,  6. no.

  2.  Thank you Governor of Maine; for, 7 percent increase in Maine Tourism this year; and, procuring added revenues for the Citizens of Maine tax relief from an outside source.

  3.  “Trump” said, ” Beware of voter fraud. ” and the American Media scorned him; well, if their is no voter fraud; then, what about the “Hanging Chad’s of Florida and Gore.

  4.   1 in 757 people will be robbed in America this year.

  5. In Switzerland a Neutral Country gun sales are up and could this be do to the in flux of Immigrants to the Economic Union (EU) ?

  6. Washington District of Columbia; at this point the Earth rotates at 800 miles and hour and at the Equator 1000.

  7.  The water on Earth was placed here by comets and asteroids depositing water molecules from frozen H2O on them.  (Reminds me of how the morning dew is created. )

  8.   The moon was created by a meteor hitting the Earth; when the Earth was in a heated magma state and the moon is the splash result.  (1969 moon rocks proved this. )

  9.   The Moon is getting further away from the Earth by 1 centimeter a year and was closer to the Earth; 4.56 billion years ago on birth.

  10.   Governor Maine receives highest marks on Fiscal Report Card; from, Cato Institute for 2016.  ” WELL DONE ! “

  11.     Ten governor’s received an “F” from the CATO Institute.  Like Jerry Brown from Ca., Dan Malloy from Ct. and Kate Brown of Oregon.

One Response to “WORD SALAD; for 14 October 2016.”

  1. Reblogged this on soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal and commented:

    Is the Sun setting on the United States of America as a result of the last years; of, the Democratic Party Foreign Policies.

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